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The Perfect Partying Destination with Affordable Great Food Is Finally Here in Gurgaon

Gurgaon Pub Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
All of you might be thinking of where to move in for the best party celebrations as the New Year has just set forth. Well, in case you are a resident of Gurgaon, then we have got an amazing suggestion for you to kick up the party spirits along with some solid dose of fun and entertainment. Well, all of you might be aware of the activity freaking zone in Cyber Hub Gurgaon, SMAAASH. And just like the Noida SMAArASH, the Gurgaon one has also extended its arms to all party souls with the Gurgaon Pub Exchange Bar. For those of you who follow my blog regularly, might have known deets about the Noida Pub Exchange.

Designed in the format of a stock Exchange, this place is almost a replica of the NOIDA Bar Exchange. The prices of the drinks along with the highest and the lowest ranges are displayed on the several LCD units scattered in different parts of the bar. Moreover the most essential part is that it is extremely spacious clubbed with fun activities.

So here are the reasons why you must pay a visit to this happening place for all your party cravings:

The Space and The Location are Highly Inviting

Situated along with Gurgaon’s No.1 entertainment zone, SMAAASH, this place definitely deserves a visit in case you are going to hang out with your friends, colleagues or even family. Moreover the Space calls to action as unlike the Noida Bar Exchange, this has a huge area where you can organize office parties, group reunions etc. Overall, its location and provisions do not leave any rooms for you to complain.

Let’s Do Some Foot Tapping With The Most Amazing Beats

I believe in giving immense credits to the DJ who took meticulous efforts of the tracks played. The mixes were prompting enough not to make your foot tap even if you are not a music lover.

Hospitality & Service

One of the main issues that often happens in bars or pubs is you miss the welcoming behavior of the staff. But Gurgaon Pub Exchange would never for a moment allow you to feel so. The entire staff is extremely welcoming, taking care of your needs meticulously,

Coming to the list of Delicacies, there’s a host of items you must give a try.

Dahi kebabs

Outstanding in tastes and super soft in texture, the dahi kebabs are drooling enough for a try.

Tangdi kebabs

With a perfect balance of spices and extremely well roasted tangdi kebabs are one of the specialities of the pub.

Onion Rings

Onion rings had become one of my favorites after I first tasted them at Noida Pub Exchange and Gurgaon too lives up to the same degree of amazing tastes.

Bull’s Eye

This is like the heaven for all chocoholics with a pool of molten chocolate with a splash of vanilla. Again it must be on your bucket list when you have a soft corner for the sinful chocolate.

Pan Ice cream

Seems to be an ordinary flavored Icecream right? Well, for Gurgaon Pub Exchange, the story is a bit different. Taste it for yourself to discover the mystery.

In a nutshell, an affordable spacious party place with great appetizing food and some truly foot tapping music! Give it a try for sure to satiate the party animal in you.

Big Wong XL Noida: A Truly Pan-Asian Experience To The Core

Big Wong XL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Pan Asian food in Delhi has taken a change of storm. While Delhi previously had only its share of Mughlai cuisines, now the entire culinary scenario has indeed witnessed a tumultuous change and definitely a change for the better. During one of my culinary journeys, when I had set forth to experience a Pan Asian cuisine, Big Wong XL situated at DLF Mall of India indeed turned out to be an extremely memorable one. And I will tell you the reasons why.


To begin with when you walk into this outlet of Big Wong, the hosts and the staff will steal all the attention by their smiles and hospitality. The ambience is equally soothing without any unnecessary add ons or extra inch of décor.

My foodie experience at Big Wong truly proved to be big enough. The reasons are great food and amazing hospitality. It is true that DLF Mall of India is crowded with some noteworthy food joints and Big Wong is indeed befits the location.
The entire culinary journey started off with an amazing mocktail :the cumin kokkum. I loved the combination of tangy and spicy flavours.

Next were the dimsums, the original chicken and Prawn chives dimsums with thai herbs were just out of the world. Soft and stuffed with ingredients they are the ‘not to be missed’ delicacies at Big Wong.

The know suey and thai curry were equally awesome.

Lastly I would come to the sushis that were the show stealers. We went fr the Nilgiri platter consisting of tuna, Salmon, crab and ebi varities. Each of them had a distinct taste that would keep lingering even hours after you leave the place.

Guys if you happen to hit the DLF Mall of India,Noida this is a must visit. In fact my second visit is up on the sleeves very soon.