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Celebrate the Joys of Motherhood With The Story of an Iconic Inspiring Working Mom

Today is Mother’s Day and the entire social media, press is going crazy about spreading the beautiful, heart touching wishes and messages for our dear moms. But a single day is never enough to celebrate the endless love, contribution and sacrifices of a mother. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the spirit of all those mothers who have inspired and is still motivating thousands of mothers as a constant source of encouragement. We were lucky to come across Dr.Harinder Arya (Mrs.Seema Arya) who has not only established herself as a successful foundress of one of the hugest Cosmetics Institute but also is a great mother to two brilliant children, inspiring and motivating them in all walks of life.

dr.harinder arya

Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech, the brainchild of Dr.Harinder Arya and her husband Mr.Shyam Arya is one of the leading Institutes in Cosmetics Training. Since 1995, this Institute has not only been a source of training multiple minds but also an enhancing source of employment for several deprived yet deserving women. Managing the responsibilities of such a colossal institute as well as addressing the needs of her children must not have been an easy task and yet she still remains a confident, strong-hearted woman with a shining smile on her face that becomes a motivating factor for all working mothers like us. Here is a snippet of an interaction with this beautiful, hardworking woman and we can vouch that her journey will inspire thousands of mothers.

Social Connoisseurs: What Made You Initially Think of Starting An Institute Dedicated To Training of Cosmetics?

Dr.Arya: We have been receiving constant queries on the making of cosmetics and there have been quite limited sources who actually could give hands on training in this sphere. Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech had been created as a platform to cater to those individuals who had enough talent but lacked proper guidance and mentorship to venture into an entrepreneurial journey.

Social Connoisseurs: How did The Institute cater to the common people?

Dr. Arya: Several people who walked in from remote areas did not have a training partner who could channelize them to the correct path of opening up their independent businesses. The Institute reached out to these people as the true hands of a mentor and made their ways from zero to inspiring paths of upliftment. When the Factory was opened up at Shoghi,  Shimla, maximum number of women were recruited who had gone through the tough phases of life. The Institute and the Factory reached out to them as a new mode of hope for living their life once again.

dr,harinder arya 1

Social Connoisseurs: Wasn’t it difficult to manage two kids and such a huge responsibility simultaneously?

Dr. Arya: It definitely was! I often used to get late from work and devote less time to household chores. But I could execute my journey successfully and patiently only because of the presence of some beautiful people in my life. Beginning from my husband, my mother-in-law as well as my kids everyone can be credited for paving my way towards success.

Social Connoisseurs: As A Mother and a Woman, who has been Your Role Model?

Dr. Arya: My mother-in-law has been the role model in my life. Despite being an arthritis patient and a sufferer of several physical disturbances, her spirits did not bow down ever in her life. Her patience, constant hard-working nature have been truly inspiring and things that I can look upto throughout my life. Indeed she was always full of life that shaped my confidence and spirit in a huge way.


My husband has also equally been the pillar of support without whom strategizing a venture like this would have been an impossible dream.

Social Connoisseurs: What was the role of your sons in shaping your career? Wasn’t it a difficult task to take care of twins as well as manage a huge entrepreneurial task?

Dr. Arya: My sons have been extremely co-operative in my ongoing journey of motherhood. Ever since the age of 6 months, when children hardly realize anything, they were quite patient and understanding. They realized their own responsibilities and are extremely respectful towards their mother’s career. As a result, they took care of their studies by themselves and also became extremely self-sufficient. At an age when children rely on their mothers for everything, they learnt how to serve their own food and manage their day to day needs. Without their co-operation I wouldn’t have been able to continue my dream.


Social Connoisseurs: This Mother’s Day What is Your Message Towards All Mothers?

Dr. Arya: The first thing that I would like to remark is that Don’t treat your children as toys. If you allow them to swim, they can And they will learn to swim through their own difficulties. Don’t keep yourselves constricted to the role of shaping only your childrens’ future as nowhere it is written that a mother does not have the right to live her own dreams. You may not be the only sufferer of problems, in fact when you step out into the broader world, you would find there are people with more challenging difficulties. The world of your existence gets broader and your problems becomes smaller as compared to others. Uplift yourselves in the process of uplifting your children.

When we have such motivating mothers like Dr. Harinder Arya and such a great supportive family like hers, undoubtedly conquering our dreams is no longer a distant dream but a possible mission. Moreover a mother’s love may come in many forms. The role of Dr. Arya’s motherhood is not only limited to her children but also to hundreds of women and trainees who have discovered their paths of life through her mentorship. Thank you Dr. Arya for being the limelight of thousands of mothers.

6 Common Problems That All Working Moms Face

Well becoming a mother is one of the best milestones achieved in life. The first cry of your baby and his first call out to you as “Maa” are episodes which will be etched in your memory lane. But, as Spiderman rightly quoted, “With great power comes great responsibility” when you become a mom, you are indeed expected to role-play several characters simultaneously. But despite giving your best and trying to reach out to your children in the maximum of capacities, often we as mothers face a host of unwanted situations.

None But The Daycare

aquaFinding a shelter behind for your child in your absence is the most difficult problem every mother encounters. Since you are a working mom and if you happen to inhabit a nuclear family, the difficulty aggravates and yes we don’t have a solution left for that. Apart from relying on the daycares or the guardianship of your maids, do working moms really have an option? We all are indeed at the mercy of these two shelters whose sudden leaves can rob our sleep away.

The Struggle Between Dream and Duties


Well when you are a working mom, you will undoubtedly a victim of the tug-of-war between your dreams and duties. While your dreams and career ask to move ahead, your child’s happy, smiling face will pull you behind. Feeding him at regular intervals, devoting him proper attention and managing your work simultaneously will tear you apart. You desire to see your little one happy and all attended to but at the same time your work is there to deviate you astray.

The Constant Monitoring By Relatives and Friends


If you happen to be a working mom and even if he is at the best of his health and moods, friends and families will always come along with weird flaws(that they are only capable of detecting). Though your doctor tells you that your son/daughter has an unperturbed health, but unfortunately your so-called well wishers won’t agree to the same. Don’t we come across those common expressing everyday”Arrey bachcha patla ho gaya hai na?” “Yaar, tumhari beti underweight hai kya?” and the solution they would offer “Job chod do na yaar, bache ka dhyan rakho pehle”. But who understands the unspoken words of a mother’s heart?

Guilt Pangs Become Your Companion


Even if you put in the best of efforts to rear up your child, a hidden guilt pang would constantly sting. Whether you are on the right track, is your child getting enough attention, are you really a good mom, have your child really put down weight are some of the constant questions will keep on haunting even in your sleep.


Time:Can you stop?


You may be an extreme early riser but that does not help you at all if you are a working mom. Time does not seem to wait even if you have designed the best of schematic schedules. If you have happened to plan to finish everything by 9 and start off by 10 for office, well wait! A sudden puke by your little one or an uncalled for rush to the toilet would definitely toss off all your plans for the day. Added to it you have to manage the feeding tantrums, storytelling sessions…wait can i buy sometime for myself? Wished so!


Being the Supermom


When Spiderman quoted the words, probably he envisioned a mom. Yes, the main struggle is to keep a sharp and seamless balance between your work and motherhood. While your work may demand some extra hours put to use, motherhood would ask for some surplus moments to be spent with your child. Stress seeps in but you cannot afford to give up. Dark circles appear but you can’t force yourself that much of energy to apply a cream. At the end of the day you are a tired soul lying on the bed preparing to begin another rushed journey of life next day.


Working moms take a bow; you are indeed no less than a paladin, a champion, a vanquisher (sorry, the dictionary falls short). You are indeed the Numero Uno as we all are aware of Margaret Culkin’s words “She Never Quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along”.