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This Winter Keep Your Heels Super Happy With Himalaya

Winters are in full swing and fashion seems to be a constant concern during this chilling season. While the special delicacies of winter are loved by all, the skincare issues that occur during this time are equally perturbing. Hence we need to pay special attention to all our skin requirements. It might be still easy to go through the other regular skincare regimes, but taking care of your feet is indeed a difficult problem. The most intriguing issues are itchy feet, flaky skin coming out from the heels etc. Applying creams and butters is one of the most usual routines we tend to resort to, but we do have a brilliant solution as well.

himalaya1Here is a medicated answer to all our cracked heel queries. Recently I have come across the Himalaya Foot Cream which is undoubtedly a savior during your winters. Here are few things that makes me give it a sure thumbs up for the perfect footcare during winters.

The Packaging:

himalaya2Himalaya Footcare Cream comes in a simple packaging that makes it easy to carry and a great fit in your purse. Imagine you are travelling and you need something really compact yet effective to give a complete protection to your heels? Well, Himalays understands these issues and probably that’s the reason they offer you an amazingly friendly packaging.

Fragrance & Content

The cream has a light, mild fragrance and the texture is not greasy at all that makes it an absolutely comfortable absorption.

himalayaWhat I Loved?

  • Comes in A Beautiful flavor of turmeric that keeps it completely natural and easy to use.
  • Absolutely non-greasy that does not leave behind any slippery after effects post application.
  • Absorbs very easily into the skin and makes the skin soft, supple and truly crack-free.


  • CAN BE USED FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. {I use it for my little kiddo aged 4 years}
  • Very economic as the 20g tube comes only at a price of 50 INR.

Ultimately, it’s a must presence in your winter care kit to keep your heels soft and beautiful even during the harshest winters.



TBC By Nature: A master Caretaker For Winter

We all are in love with winters, aren’t we? But the cool winds and pleasant climates are not the only features associated with the winter season. Along with these soothing weather phenomenon, comes a series of skin issues, cracked heels, chapped lips and definitely rough and dry skin.Taking care of these issues individually requires time and definitely a lot of investment on cosmetic products. But what if you come across a product that can take care of all the multiple skin issues at once and guarantees you a soft and glowing skin without investing much of your time?


drytbcDuring one of my searches for such a product, I chanced to come across this awesome lotion from TBC By Nature. While we often need to hunt and switch over from one product to another to find an answer for our winter beauty essentials. TBC By Nature has an extensive host of options for winter care, however the product that came to my rescue was the 24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Smoothening & Whitening Face & Body Nourishing Cream.

Why Would I Recommend 24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Smoothening & Whitening Face & Body Nourishing Cream AS a Master Winter Product?


Natural Ingredients

While most of us are the victims of chemically loaded cosmetics, this lotion has the enriched goodness of almonds and honey. Honey as an ingredient adds to its benefits by making the skin soft and supple.

Paraben Free

Unfortunately, in the present age,  where every product poses to be a threat for its paraben constitution, this lotion indeed gives a sigh of relief. Being 100% Natural it assures to be a paraben free product, thus safe and useful.

Multiple Uses

I have used this lotion not only for treating my rough skin but also for application on my cracked heels and chapped lips and I must tell, the lotion has not disappointed me.

Easy on Pocket

Absolutely easy on pocket available within a range of as low as 125 INR.



There is only a single drawback that I found in the lotion. The fragrance of the product is not quite long-lasting, however that does not reduce its effectiveness.

In a Nutshell

24ct Gold, Honey & Almond Smoothening & Whitening Face & Body Nourishing Cream is combined beautifully with other natural extracts and cosmetics. Honey provides health and nourishment to skin and help improve skin texture. Presence of Almond helps sustain natural moisture balance in skin and instill a new energy and brightness in skin texture. The cream is ideally designed for winter care with Aloe Vera Extract, Almond Oil, Honey, Cocoa butter, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E to keep away skin dryness and itching.

So next time you are in search of an economic and great winter care product, this is a perfect lotion to entrust on.