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This Property In Nehru Place is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Destination

Love is in the air and you can feel it everywhere! Well, Valentine’s Day is knocking the door and you might be still in two minds about where to drop in for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner or lunch. If you are a resident of The Capital City, then there is this plush property that can be the perfect location for chalking out your best Valentine’s Day celebration. And well, if your beloved is a core foodie, this is indeed the best destination to hunt in.

I am talking about none other than the Eros Hotel at Nehru Place!

Love knows no boundaries, so do the chefs at Eros Hotel Nehru Place!


Let’s See What’s In Store For You At This Exotic Property

Take your beloved on a romantic date and spend a perfect evening over an elaborate buffet dinner, premium beverages with live entertainment at Blooms restaurant. Or head straight to Empress of China restaurant where a specially curated menu of soulful food with premium beverages and live entertainment awaits you and your loved ones.


No Valentine’s day is complete without desserts! So let’s add sweetness to this special day by relishing or gifting delightful desserts to your loved ones from Sweet n Crusty at Eros Hotel. Tiramisu, Red Velvet Cup, Berry Cheese Cake, Heart Shape Mould Chocolate, Pink Forest Cake, Apple Berry Crumble among many irresistible varieties of desserts are crafted to give a perfect flavour to this beautiful day.


Come, celebrate the warmth of togetherness and rejoice this special day only at Eros Hotel, Nehru Place.


Venue: Eros Hotel, Nehru Place

Details of Your Valentine’s Day Plans 

Blooms –

Blooms Coffee ShopDate: 14th Feb

Timings: 7pm to 11pm

Price per person: 2999 + taxes

 Empress of China –

empresshotelDate: 14th Feb

Timings: 7pm to 11pm

Price per person: 2495 + taxes


Sweet n Crusty

Timings: 8am to 8pm

Valid from 12th – 16th Feb

For details or bookings, please contact 011 41223344

So get your Valentine’s Day plans set with this exclusive property located in the heart of Delhi NCR.

5 Most “Out of The Box” Economic Ideas To Make This Valentine’s Day Really Special

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we all are hustling around every gift store to turn out this day a unique and memorable one. But Valentine’s Day is not only limited to gifts and Archies and Hallmark cards. With your unique ways and some innovative efforts, creating a perfect Valentine’s Day Plan is completely in your hand.

Cook something different

Cooking something different for your partner can set the indoor scene much better. Surely, it takes a lot of effort and it can be messed up but its really special. Making some great desserts or the cuisine of his choice is a simpler but memorable version of celebrating Valentine’s Day.


Go Camping

Switch off your phone. Do not check your twitter, Instagram or Facebook and spend time with each other. Being an internet addict i know its scary but its fun. Go to a place near your home set a tent and spend the valentine’s day under the stars. Sounds utopian? Believe me it’s not, since setting up a camp can also be done in a park or playground. Ultimately your motto is to spend time with each other.


Paint each other

Even if you suck at painting , painting each other is fun. It can come out ultimately as a complete mess but this is an absolute crazy idea. Play with colours this valentine’s day for a colorful celebration.


Make a DIY gift

Scout around a personalised gift your partner is not expecting. may be write a poem, do a scrap book with pictures of you two some love quotes and memories, or do a video with all your couple pictures and your favourite song as the background music.


Do nothing and Spend Quality Time

Just stay back at home with Netflix and lots of food. Lie on your bed together and binge your  watch your favourite tv show with your favourite food. Do nothing and just procrastinate. Believe me there is everything in this “Nothing”ness.