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A Cooking Session To Remember in The Company Of Chef Mirvaan & Sadaf with Le Creuset

Good cooking is like good painting; You can only taste it but cannot explain it.

When it comes to cooking, one definitely needs to cater to certain parameters for the best of tastes. Well, the flavors of a true dish can only be felt through the amalgamation of the chef’s choice of ingredients, mastery in cooking and the art of presentation. A dish’s majority of the tastes and appeal lie in the way it is cooked and also the manner it’s presented. But often in the business of cooking, we tend to ignore the utensils used for the purpose. To offer you a refined range of cooking experience, Le Creuset offers you the most premium, curated collection of cookware that gives you an ideally satisfying culinary experience.


We got a chance to witness this amazing showcase of Le Creuset Cookware in the company of Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain of Masterchef India Season 5 fame at the Le Creuset outlet in Ambience Mall. This live cooking session was organized keeping in mind the celebrations of Mother’s Day and some amazingly curated unique recipes for our dear mom.

Things We Chanced To Witness Through This Live Demonstration

The Live Cooking Session was not only an extremely entertaining one for the spectators but also quite informative. Well if you are a cooking fanatic and love to explore your culinary skills through some creative delicacies, then this session had the perfect dose of data for you.

  • Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain tried to strike a sync between traditional ingredients and contemporary flavors. We had innovative items like the Kathal Biryani Burrito, that sounds a bit offbeat but was definitely a yummilicious dish prepared by the duo.le8
  • For Non-Vegetarians, Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf had the outstanding combination of Sesame Crusted Salmon with Pea Puree, Black Rice and Salsa. We all are aware of these two experienced Chefs’ skills but a live tasting ceremony introduced us to their supreme culinary abilities. They had the perfect combination of ingredients and proportionate amounts of spices that made us look forward to the upcoming dishes in eager anticipation.le5
  • No cooking affair is complete without the touch of desserts and this live cooking session had in store for us the Cardamom flavored Giant Cookie dessert. Both Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf used the most basic, easily available ingredients to create this masterpiece.le3
  • The spectators also had in store for us Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto. So whether your mom is in love with the traditional spices or the modern zests, This Cooking session had everything on the platter to keep her super satisfied.

Masterchef Cooking Tips That Made Our Day

  1. Apart from the several dishes, there were basic cooking tips that we also got to learn through this exclusive cooking demonstration.le6
  2. The process of marinating was explained more elaborately in terms of the Salmon fish.le7
  3. Caramelising sugar has always been an art which very few people can master. Tips were shared in regards to this too for achieving the perfect caramelized sugar.le10
  4. However the entire cooking demonstration would not have turned out so incredible without the presence of the Le Creuset Premium Cookware. In fact they were the backstage heroes of the entire session.

Le Creuset: The Showstealer

Le Creuset has some incredible cookware collections to look forward to. Colours of Spice is one of the most appealing collections that will definitely amp up the presentation of your dishes. When it comes to cooking, the first impression matters the most and Le Creuset definitely would catalyze the art of your dishes with the perfect looks.

le1This French cookware brand has been the favorite choice of many masterchefs of global repute owing to its durability and extremely gorgeous looks.

Features of The Le Creuset Cookware

Offers A Premium Range of enameled Cast Iron, Hardy, durable stainless steel stonewares.


Has a huge variety of cookware to explore apart from storage, cutlery and wine accessories.


Stylish and easy to handle along with sharp egronomic features make it an user-friendly presence in all kitchens.


Most of the cookware is available in high temperature resistant range which makes it a favourite among all users.

So next time when you head to buy your cookware, be sure Le Creuset tops your priority list.


Celebrate the Joys of Motherhood With The Story of an Iconic Inspiring Working Mom

Today is Mother’s Day and the entire social media, press is going crazy about spreading the beautiful, heart touching wishes and messages for our dear moms. But a single day is never enough to celebrate the endless love, contribution and sacrifices of a mother. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate the spirit of all those mothers who have inspired and is still motivating thousands of mothers as a constant source of encouragement. We were lucky to come across Dr.Harinder Arya (Mrs.Seema Arya) who has not only established herself as a successful foundress of one of the hugest Cosmetics Institute but also is a great mother to two brilliant children, inspiring and motivating them in all walks of life.

dr.harinder arya

Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech, the brainchild of Dr.Harinder Arya and her husband Mr.Shyam Arya is one of the leading Institutes in Cosmetics Training. Since 1995, this Institute has not only been a source of training multiple minds but also an enhancing source of employment for several deprived yet deserving women. Managing the responsibilities of such a colossal institute as well as addressing the needs of her children must not have been an easy task and yet she still remains a confident, strong-hearted woman with a shining smile on her face that becomes a motivating factor for all working mothers like us. Here is a snippet of an interaction with this beautiful, hardworking woman and we can vouch that her journey will inspire thousands of mothers.

Social Connoisseurs: What Made You Initially Think of Starting An Institute Dedicated To Training of Cosmetics?

Dr.Arya: We have been receiving constant queries on the making of cosmetics and there have been quite limited sources who actually could give hands on training in this sphere. Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech had been created as a platform to cater to those individuals who had enough talent but lacked proper guidance and mentorship to venture into an entrepreneurial journey.

Social Connoisseurs: How did The Institute cater to the common people?

Dr. Arya: Several people who walked in from remote areas did not have a training partner who could channelize them to the correct path of opening up their independent businesses. The Institute reached out to these people as the true hands of a mentor and made their ways from zero to inspiring paths of upliftment. When the Factory was opened up at Shoghi,  Shimla, maximum number of women were recruited who had gone through the tough phases of life. The Institute and the Factory reached out to them as a new mode of hope for living their life once again.

dr,harinder arya 1

Social Connoisseurs: Wasn’t it difficult to manage two kids and such a huge responsibility simultaneously?

Dr. Arya: It definitely was! I often used to get late from work and devote less time to household chores. But I could execute my journey successfully and patiently only because of the presence of some beautiful people in my life. Beginning from my husband, my mother-in-law as well as my kids everyone can be credited for paving my way towards success.

Social Connoisseurs: As A Mother and a Woman, who has been Your Role Model?

Dr. Arya: My mother-in-law has been the role model in my life. Despite being an arthritis patient and a sufferer of several physical disturbances, her spirits did not bow down ever in her life. Her patience, constant hard-working nature have been truly inspiring and things that I can look upto throughout my life. Indeed she was always full of life that shaped my confidence and spirit in a huge way.


My husband has also equally been the pillar of support without whom strategizing a venture like this would have been an impossible dream.

Social Connoisseurs: What was the role of your sons in shaping your career? Wasn’t it a difficult task to take care of twins as well as manage a huge entrepreneurial task?

Dr. Arya: My sons have been extremely co-operative in my ongoing journey of motherhood. Ever since the age of 6 months, when children hardly realize anything, they were quite patient and understanding. They realized their own responsibilities and are extremely respectful towards their mother’s career. As a result, they took care of their studies by themselves and also became extremely self-sufficient. At an age when children rely on their mothers for everything, they learnt how to serve their own food and manage their day to day needs. Without their co-operation I wouldn’t have been able to continue my dream.


Social Connoisseurs: This Mother’s Day What is Your Message Towards All Mothers?

Dr. Arya: The first thing that I would like to remark is that Don’t treat your children as toys. If you allow them to swim, they can And they will learn to swim through their own difficulties. Don’t keep yourselves constricted to the role of shaping only your childrens’ future as nowhere it is written that a mother does not have the right to live her own dreams. You may not be the only sufferer of problems, in fact when you step out into the broader world, you would find there are people with more challenging difficulties. The world of your existence gets broader and your problems becomes smaller as compared to others. Uplift yourselves in the process of uplifting your children.

When we have such motivating mothers like Dr. Harinder Arya and such a great supportive family like hers, undoubtedly conquering our dreams is no longer a distant dream but a possible mission. Moreover a mother’s love may come in many forms. The role of Dr. Arya’s motherhood is not only limited to her children but also to hundreds of women and trainees who have discovered their paths of life through her mentorship. Thank you Dr. Arya for being the limelight of thousands of mothers.

Nothing Can Beat The Role Of A Working Mother And This Video Proves It So

Recently there was a controversy saying that Working Women treat their children like Puppies. But is it really the fact? A sneak peek into the day of the life of a working mother proves that it is not quite an easy job to manage worklife as well as domestic responsibilities at the same time. A recent commercial established the point without an iota of doubt. The small clip begins with  the lines quoted by Mira Rajput that working mothers do not treat their children as puppies, rather they are superwomen trying to strike a balance between work as well  homely duties and responsibilities.

The clip shows the mother waking up right at 6 p.m. and then her day moves along with hectic activities one after the other. She hardly has time to dress up as needs to take care of her children, make them ready for school and also think about the entire other homely responsibilities before she leaves for her workplace.

Another beautiful emotion that the video captures is that how the mother feels guilty as well as helpless just because she is going to leave her son at the daycare. She needs to go through a dozen of hazards and hardships, huge traffic, metro crowds and then she finally reaches office.

The younger daughter of this confident lady has already become self-sufficient and independent, returning from school and then unlocking the door herself. Even the little boy who is usually left at daycare seems to complain his mom that why is she doing this to her.

However after 15 years, when the children have grown up to be immensely successful, the mother acknowledges that all these hurdles and struggles were only for the sake of her children.

With all our plans fixed for the special Mother’s day, it also needs to be told that a single day is not enough to realise our mom her exclusiveness in our lives. However let’s pay the deserving respect to working moms this mother’s day.