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Three Best Hair Serums To Keep Your Hair At Bay During The Winters


The winters in India have started knocking  and with the onset of the chilling winds,  comes a set of hair-woes about dry and frizzy hair. Hand-in-hand with increasing pollution level of our country, especially in Delhi NCR, the problems definitely seem to elevate. Moreover, in our busy lifestyles, need to look office-perfect every day, makes us take help of different electronic hair styling products, leaving our hair dry, frizzy and damaged. Well, in a nutshell, damaged rough hair is a problem that every girl complains of necessarily.

In such a tough situation, hair serums come as a boon to us. They are the best readymade solutions  that help our hair look smooth, manageable and perfect most amazingly making our hair nourished and healthy. For a bit more help to find best hair products, in this article, we are listing top three hair serums to have a super smooth hair in the stressful summer climate of India. Hope this will help you fight all your hair-woes.

  1. The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

The serum containing Grape Seed extract and Sesame Seed oil is a perfect remedy for dull and frizzy hair. It gives an extra shine to your hair through proper nourishment. It does not have a sticky effect and can be washed off easily; rather the oils help properly moisturize the hair.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Oil Serum ReviewThis hair serum is extremely light and it also leaves the hair with a mild fragrance that is quite pleasant and energetic. It helps to nourish the hair from the roots thus giving it a lustrous texture. The only negative point for this product can be its price, that is, Rs. 995 for 75 ml. but it does not cause a big hole in the pocket as it is used in a very small amount and can be used for 3 to 4 months.

2.L’oreal Liss Ultimate Serum

If your hair is chemically treated rather more specifically colored or straightened, this is a custom-made serum for you.

l'oreal liss serum

It comes in a 125 ml bottle with a pump dispenser for Rs. 650. It gives the hair a glossy and lustrous effect by locking the moisture in. It can keep very dry hair hydrated for maximum two days. All over India, hairstylists recommend this product for the treatment of damaged and frizzy hair.

  1. Matrix Biolage Smooth Hair Serum

Among the most high-end hair products, this is the best choice where budget meets the quality. It comes in a 100 ml travel friendly bottle for Rs. 275. It easily spreads through the hair giving it the required shine and nourishment. The ingredients of the product include a mixture of Avocado and Grape seed oils that moisturizes the hair without giving it a greasy effect. It helps detangle the hair easily by giving it a smooth and perfect look. It gives the hair a kind of glossy effect that often stays for two or more days.





Here we tried to list some of the best hair serums available in India that helps you fight all your hair problems everyday giving a ‘magical’ look to your hair. Wish your everyday be a good hair day, folks!

5 Simple Hacks to Avoid Your Kajal Smudge This Summer

5 Simple Hacks to Avoid Your Kajal Smudge This Summer

If you are a Kajal freak and cannot get off your home without a fine dark stroke under your eye, summer is definitely not your season. With the arrival of sultry summer, came in the terror of maintaining your make-up. Kajal and eyeliners have been a compulsory cosmetic to enhance your eyes. But summer promises to ruin the eye make-up. Aren’t you jealous of those who manage to have stunning lustrous eyes? Are you wondering how to save your kajal from smudging ?

KajalTo keep your “dark black finished kajal” intact, here are some easy tips:

Cleanse your face to remove oil and sweat:

Make sure that the areas around your eyes are free from oil. Even the slightest presence of oil or sweat can smudge the whole kajal. Take some cotton or ear buds and pat around the area just to soak all the unnecessary oil and sweat. When it is fully dry,draw your eyes. It will remain in shape for a long time. To avoid the further growth of sweat, you can always dab some compact around your eyes. Just be sure it’s not too white in appearance. Maintaining a complete uniformity with your make up tone, you can easily go for a great look without a smudge.

applying compact under eye


Perfect choice of Kajal

This is a controversial gimmick. Many brands have come up with various “no-smudge” formula kajals. Even the kajals promising to last for ” 12 hours” will render a prefect smudge free look to your eyes. You can also go for water resistant kajals. They tend to last long. So before you make your pick for your kajal, make sure it is a smudge-resistant one.

Eye- makeup

Even the slightest of eye makeups can save your kajal from smudging. Your favourite eye liner can help you to enhance your eyes. Initially ,draw your eyes with a kajal pencil. Then trace the pattern of the kajal and apply your liner. Applying some mascara will also help. And to protect all these ingredients from turning out into a massacre, apply some fine strokes of concealer. There you go bright sparkling eyes without any risk.


Avoid drawing curves and wings

Experimenting with eyes is quite a fun. But drawing extended tips is not preferable in the summers. It will easily get smudged due to the dripping sweat and oil naturally extracted from the skin due to the heat. Going simple is the safest method.


Do not Interfere With Your Eyes

Well, though it is a common tendency to rub our eyes frequently for the incoming irritants, but when you have those sharp black drawn eyes, fidgeting with them often is not a cool idea. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes and use a tissue to clean the sticky particles that keep disturbing your vision.

Eye rubbing