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5 Most “Out of The Box” Economic Ideas To Make This Valentine’s Day Really Special

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we all are hustling around every gift store to turn out this day a unique and memorable one. But Valentine’s Day is not only limited to gifts and Archies and Hallmark cards. With your unique ways and some innovative efforts, creating a perfect Valentine’s Day Plan is completely in your hand.

Cook something different

Cooking something different for your partner can set the indoor scene much better. Surely, it takes a lot of effort and it can be messed up but its really special. Making some great desserts or the cuisine of his choice is a simpler but memorable version of celebrating Valentine’s Day.


Go Camping

Switch off your phone. Do not check your twitter, Instagram or Facebook and spend time with each other. Being an internet addict i know its scary but its fun. Go to a place near your home set a tent and spend the valentine’s day under the stars. Sounds utopian? Believe me it’s not, since setting up a camp can also be done in a park or playground. Ultimately your motto is to spend time with each other.


Paint each other

Even if you suck at painting , painting each other is fun. It can come out ultimately as a complete mess but this is an absolute crazy idea. Play with colours this valentine’s day for a colorful celebration.


Make a DIY gift

Scout around a personalised gift your partner is not expecting. may be write a poem, do a scrap book with pictures of you two some love quotes and memories, or do a video with all your couple pictures and your favourite song as the background music.


Do nothing and Spend Quality Time

Just stay back at home with Netflix and lots of food. Lie on your bed together and binge your  watch your favourite tv show with your favourite food. Do nothing and just procrastinate. Believe me there is everything in this “Nothing”ness.

Five Signs That You May Be Suffering From Depression

Depression may be a very common ailment and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we fall a prey to it. In fact the saddest part of the story is that most of us fail to identify that we are suffering from depression.

In case you are in two minds about whether you are afflicted  with depression or not, check out the symptoms before it’s too late.

Change in Appetite

every person has a definite and particular eating pattern and if there is a significant change in that pattern it could be a sign of depression. depressed people may respond in one or two ways ,some people tend to suffer from a complete loss of appetite and may need to be pushed to eat. some people with depression try to counteract the dull and low feeling by over eating and leads to an unexplained weight gain.


Change in sleep pattern

Depressed people complains of severe sleep disturbance. they toss and turn through the night and sleep for only couple of hours. worse they find themselves to a renewed sense of hopelessness every morning, dreading the arrival of another day to get through. on the other side some depressed people find themselves sleeping much more than usual as if seeking oblivion in sleep.


Loss of interest

If you are recently noticing that you find interest in things you formerly used to feel in, then you surely need to check out. Depressed people find no interest in performing daily activities, sometimes they may also attribute this to a sense of emotionally drained and fatigued status. Whether its pursuing a hobby, watching TV, socializing or even sex, a person who is depressed feels incapable or uninterested in doing the things which they previously enjoyed.


Other Behavioral Patterns

Anger, irritation or reckless behavior – feeling agitated, distress or even violent, the tolerance level is low you may need to approach a medication. They may engage themselves in an escapist behavior such as substance abus, compulsive gambling, reckless driving or dangerous sports.


Health Problems

The immunity of a depressed person is always low. tends to be sick all the time. an increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles and stomachache.


Depression if not treated in the early stage may lead to serious complications. It’s very natural to be depressed but if you do not desire to involve in major problems, treatment at the early stage is essential.

5 Life Lessons Dangal Leaves Us Inspired With

Dangal has been one of the most impactful movies of the year 2016. While 2016 began with a note of  Bollywood’s reinforced determination with masterpieces like AirLift and Neerja, it ended on a superb lead too with Dangal.

But Dangal is indeed a hidden gem in disguise. It has layers to offer and each unpeeling leaves you behind with a new surprise. It is much more than the story-telling of Geeta Phogat or enriched acting skills of Aamir Khan.

Dangal is a reel life narration inspiring real life and here are the 5 best ways Dangal has left solid imprints on our memory.

  • Set your goals and be focused towards it – If you have set your goals you should work hard hard until you achieve it. You should not get carried away by something or be impatient while you fail. You have to be mentally strong enough to accept failure and come out of it and work even harder to achieve it.
  • danga1
  • SOURCE:Men’s XP
  • Old Basic Techniques are Always the Root Foundations – Old is always gold and one cannot deny that there are few basic techniques that you have to follow throughout.  The new age rules may help you to reach near your goal but will not help you in the long run and that is what Geeta Phogat’s tutorial sessions take us through.


Source: Big Boss 10

There is no shortcut to success – You have to go through a whole process, training, education and work very hard to be successful. Shortcut ways may lead to some extent but at the end you will fall.


source: Indiatoday

You cannot overlook your parents – Parents have more life experience than us. So when they counter your decisions or restrain us from doing something we should consider it. Otherwise the consequences are quite evident.


source: BollywoodHungama

Set a strategy and plan – You always need a mentor who will guide you in the right direction. You cannot just go with the flow and reach your goal. So in the beginning you have to make a good strategy and be calm so that when the opponent makes a mistake you can take the advantage. You have to make different strategies for every game just like Geeta Phogat was directed by her father for each and every different points.

Author:Shaunak Bhattacharya

Edited by:Moumita Sen

A Carnival Cherishing Childhood: Delhi’s KRACKERJACK CARNIVAL


Delhi never runs out of events and the best part of the city is that as winter sets in, you can start feeling the presence of the Capital’s basking in the glory of carnivals. One such carnival that Delhi recently witnessed was the KrackerJack Carnival: A potpourri of festivities, activities and fun-enriched event. Though the target group of the carnival was mainly limited to children, but as you know fun and frolic are contagious and thus it turned out to be a gala celebration for both the adults as well as the children.


The Exclusive Episodes of the Krackerjack Carnival

The 10th edition of the Krackerjack Karnival in Delhi caters to the children and their needs. Set in the elaborate background of JLN Stadium, the event unfurled several episodes of amusement and gambol.  It turned out as a great success for both parents and children through overdoses of fun activities and encouraging healthier life styles. After all what can be more exciting than a real life interaction with the popular characters from Dholakpur? Yes, we are talking of Chotta Bheem aOne of the most anticipated events of the day was the ‘Jungle Book Se Aage’- a theatre performance directed by Bubbles Sabharwal and Lushin Dubey. With the incoming of theatre arrived a musical evening- MOZARTSY, initiated by wonderfully talented Sonam. It aims to bring joys to lives with music in ears zones. The musical sessions were followed by cosplay actions with genius, philanthropist and millionaire Ironman and dance all you can Zumba session.

The Master Brains Behind The Extravagant Carnival

Ms. Chandrika Behl, the director and founder of KrackerJack Carnival, Exhibitions India Group was interviewed and she expressed her happiness and excitement over the response that this event received. In fact the first day of the event witnessed such an overwhelming reach and success that Ms. Chandrika was eagerly in anticipation for the second day of the carnival to unfurl.


Some other parents while asked about their experience in the event gave such ebcouraging answers that clearly underline the success parameters of the Krackerjack Carnival. One of the parents also shared how she as well as her little one was both active e enthusiasts in this fun-filled carnival and is looking forward for the next season to unfurl soon.


Divya Bhalla, parent of three and a housemaker said, “Krackerjack Karnival is one of the most awaited events in our calendar as a place to go together with family. Having attended the previous two editions as well, I can vouch for the fact that it is an amazing show that offers an experience unlike something we have ever seen before. Krackerjack Karnival not only provides holistic and wholesome entertainment for kids and family, it also offers us a one stop shop for important products, services and information ranging from maintaining kids health to assistance during the approaching admissions season all under one roof.”




Krackerjack Karnival has given an interesting touch to the value of family that has been losing price in the modern times.  This occasion has all the right reasons to be celebrated to the fullest in a time where people have just few hours to count upon in the life of 24 hours in a day.


In fact Delhi, Dilwalon Ka Sheher is in need of these kinds of carnivals more frequently which address children’s quality engagement and gives an opportunity for the families to spend time together as Jon Wooden puts together that “The most important thing in the world is family and love”. Krackerjack Carnival was a perfect platform to celebrate the joys of childhood with grandeur, fun and learning simultaneously.

Winter Skin Care At Its Best with Belcam Bath Therapy From Komplete Kare

It’s winter time and skin care becomes one of the most essential requirements during the season. The dry skin along with itchy scalp is one of the most complained issue of the season. Providing proper nutrition and nourishment to the skin as well as hair becomes an impossible issue. The reasons for the same are mainly due to two causes:

Lack of time – Though it’s winter and our skin needs an extra touch of care, however that does not allow time to stop moving. We need to accommodate essential skin care as well as our daily work regimes within the same time frame. Therefore providing adequate care and nourishment towards skin and hair becomes almost an impossible problem.


Less Amount of Energy and More Amount of lethargy: Well, as winter knocks the door, we often feel a prominent dropout in energy. Sitting cuddled and wrapped under a blanket seems to be a more lucrative option. Thus skin care becomes a distant dream and the blanket seems to be more appealing. Applying a separate shampoo for hair wash, body wash or a bubble bath seems to be quite a heavy task during the chilly winter mornings.


Then what if we suggest you a unique and innovative solution for the same?

A few days back, I came across this unique 3-in-1 solution from the house of Komplete Kare. This Belcam Bath Therapy product is perhaps the most suitable solution for your winter days. And we will tell you the reasons why:


A 3-in-1 solution: Well, the exclusivity of this product is that it takes care of your bubble-bath, body wash and shampooing needs at one go. A single product to moisturize your hair and free it from irritating scalp issues and provide your body the perfect moisturisation needs is now possible with the Belcam Bath Therapy Product from Komplete Kare.


A long lasting fragrance: I preferred to go for the Pistachios and Cream flavor and believe me my bathroom gets filled with a superb fragrance whenever I use the product. The fragrance is so long lasting that even after a night you have used it, the refreshing aroma lingers to your body. In that scenario, I think it has a deodorizing impact too. During winters, if you decide to bunk a shower on certain days, using this product will definitely help you to maintain the desired refreshing feeling.


A soothing moisturizer: Winter skin care products are always in need of a calming, aromatic moisturizer. Taking a shower with this Komplete Kare product will definitely help you to achieve the same with its superb moisturizing effects.

Paraben and Gluten-free: The best part is despite being loaded with so many benefits, this great bath product comes with no traces of paraben or gluten, which makes it a safe and reliable product to trust on for usage. In fact they also have a series of kids’ range of bathing products which too are based on the same Gluten as well as Paraben-free constitution.

Enriched with the goodness of appealing ingredients: Well, unlike most of the beauty care products, Belcam Bath Therapy comes along with appealing flavors like pistachios, pomegranate, seasalt and caramel, blueberry and lavender and the list goes on. With such appealing flavors, taking a shower is not such a lethargic task during winters, isn’t it?


In fact the product just like its parent origin lives up to its name as it is indeed a Komplete Kare solution for your skin and hair simultaneously.

6 Common Problems That All Working Moms Face

Well becoming a mother is one of the best milestones achieved in life. The first cry of your baby and his first call out to you as “Maa” are episodes which will be etched in your memory lane. But, as Spiderman rightly quoted, “With great power comes great responsibility” when you become a mom, you are indeed expected to role-play several characters simultaneously. But despite giving your best and trying to reach out to your children in the maximum of capacities, often we as mothers face a host of unwanted situations.

None But The Daycare

aquaFinding a shelter behind for your child in your absence is the most difficult problem every mother encounters. Since you are a working mom and if you happen to inhabit a nuclear family, the difficulty aggravates and yes we don’t have a solution left for that. Apart from relying on the daycares or the guardianship of your maids, do working moms really have an option? We all are indeed at the mercy of these two shelters whose sudden leaves can rob our sleep away.

The Struggle Between Dream and Duties


Well when you are a working mom, you will undoubtedly a victim of the tug-of-war between your dreams and duties. While your dreams and career ask to move ahead, your child’s happy, smiling face will pull you behind. Feeding him at regular intervals, devoting him proper attention and managing your work simultaneously will tear you apart. You desire to see your little one happy and all attended to but at the same time your work is there to deviate you astray.

The Constant Monitoring By Relatives and Friends


If you happen to be a working mom and even if he is at the best of his health and moods, friends and families will always come along with weird flaws(that they are only capable of detecting). Though your doctor tells you that your son/daughter has an unperturbed health, but unfortunately your so-called well wishers won’t agree to the same. Don’t we come across those common expressing everyday”Arrey bachcha patla ho gaya hai na?” “Yaar, tumhari beti underweight hai kya?” and the solution they would offer “Job chod do na yaar, bache ka dhyan rakho pehle”. But who understands the unspoken words of a mother’s heart?

Guilt Pangs Become Your Companion


Even if you put in the best of efforts to rear up your child, a hidden guilt pang would constantly sting. Whether you are on the right track, is your child getting enough attention, are you really a good mom, have your child really put down weight are some of the constant questions will keep on haunting even in your sleep.


Time:Can you stop?


You may be an extreme early riser but that does not help you at all if you are a working mom. Time does not seem to wait even if you have designed the best of schematic schedules. If you have happened to plan to finish everything by 9 and start off by 10 for office, well wait! A sudden puke by your little one or an uncalled for rush to the toilet would definitely toss off all your plans for the day. Added to it you have to manage the feeding tantrums, storytelling sessions…wait can i buy sometime for myself? Wished so!


Being the Supermom


When Spiderman quoted the words, probably he envisioned a mom. Yes, the main struggle is to keep a sharp and seamless balance between your work and motherhood. While your work may demand some extra hours put to use, motherhood would ask for some surplus moments to be spent with your child. Stress seeps in but you cannot afford to give up. Dark circles appear but you can’t force yourself that much of energy to apply a cream. At the end of the day you are a tired soul lying on the bed preparing to begin another rushed journey of life next day.


Working moms take a bow; you are indeed no less than a paladin, a champion, a vanquisher (sorry, the dictionary falls short). You are indeed the Numero Uno as we all are aware of Margaret Culkin’s words “She Never Quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn’t take them along”.










Dear Zindagi: Tête-à-Tête with the Bygone Chapters of Life

Dear Zindagi,

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

Well as I begin my letter addressing to you, my dear life, a bundle of thoughts keep crowding my mind. You know you haven’t been an easy ride for me. With physical as well as emotional turbulence, financial and professional upheavals, you have been sometimes really rude and cruel to me. But believe me dear life, I have no grudge against you. Neither do I want to slam you nor do I want to rant about you for the past chapters, since I Know that you move on.(Life moves on). Today as I pen down this letter to you, let me tell you how thankful I am.


Life, you know the tears I have shed when my mom used to leave me behind alone at home, locked in a room for her office. No, she wasn’t cruel, it was her helplessness and circumstances that compelled her to do. Zindagi, believe me or not , I thank you now for those past episodes. While sitting by the window and waiting for my parents to return home, I did understand the gifts of waiting. When I was shifted to my grandparents’ place for the sake of a promising convent education, I learnt how to spend the most crucial moments of life without parents. And zindagi you made me tougher and determined enough to combat more hassling situations in life.


You have sometimes been extremely kind to me. Remember, when I came to know about my little brother who was soon going to be born? Well, how excited I was at that point of time. I knew it how you are going to treat me with a sibling who will be my partner in crime. Though, fortunately I gained much more than I expected.

You carved the best out of me. It was at a tender age of 11 years I almost developed all motherly qualities by looking after my brother. Yes Zindagi you have been a teacher at every point in life. In fact when in standard 8 I came across those lines of Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage/ And all the men and women are merely players”, these lines really didn’t synchronize into my mind, but as I grew older I learnt how fantastically Shakespeare could predict things.

I am aged 29 now Zindagi, as you know and these 29 years of life have indeed been a journey tossing and swaying in the fluctuating waves of life. I had discovered love in my life a couple of times, but Zindagi you, like a true teacher made me realize that every romantic affair is not destined to be an outcome of true love.



I have gone through a series of stoop downs, heartbreaks and pangs of frustration. But I don’t complain Zindagi and you know the reason why. You have gifted me the complete colors of life now. As I got married, I realized that how important it was for me to go through those heartbreaks just in order to understand the depth of true love. A loving partner, a cute little child and a promising career in what my passion lies, writing are undoubtedly things very few can look forward to.


I thank you Zindagi for being beside me, in my times of trauma, letting me be my own best friend. Beautiful Zindagi, I have learnt to discover happiness in the small moments of life, my child’s smile, a happy client’s appreciating nod, a stranger’s word of thanks and my loving partner’s hug are the things you gift me almost every day. A small sacrifice, an inch of compromise just to lighten up a gloomy mind are the pleasures that have their own moments of joy. And thus I totally agree with the visual clips portrayed by Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film “Dear Zindagi”.


Zindagi, now I stand with you, happy and satisfied and waiting for the upcoming years of life to be equally worth cherishing. Till then, Sayonara and I end my letter with these lines from Ella Wheeler Willcox’s “As You Go Through Life”

Don’t look for the flaws as you go through life;
And even when you find them,
It is wise and kind to be somewhat blind
And look for the virtue behind them.
For the cloudiest night has a hint of light
Somewhere in its shadows hiding;
It is better by far to hunt for a star,
Than the spots on the sun abiding.




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