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Shining Black Hair Even In Her Late Fifties: Thanks Indus Valley

The Amazing Hair Color That Colors With Care

Belonging to that group of individuals who happen to be sensitive enough to encounter a number of side effects and allergies due to the use of chemical hair colors, hair colouring had remained a distant dream in the times to come. I have often come across people who complain of several hair issues post their coloring sessions and thus it’s a disaster to take the correct decision for a great hair color.

natural color for hair

best natural hair color

With ‘Indus Valley Gel Black 1.0 hair Color’ becoming a popular name in the present times, I decided to give it a try, most importantly for my mom-in-law, because it was an organic hair color that is Chemical free. Since I have already tried a burgundy highlight on my hair, i thought of going for a trial with my mom-in-law’s hair.

Her hair had recently developed quite a number of grays and thus my concern was to get the perfect coverage through a healthy and yet safe color.

Let me share an honest feedback about this product.

Words fall short to express what a blessing this product has been, for this excellent herbal hair color is definitely much more than an ordinary herbal hair color. A plenty of Bio-Organic colors are available in the market that promises to color the strands in an absolutely natural manner, but where ‘Indus Valley Gel Black 1.0 hair Color’ leave their unique mark is that this amazing product also makes for a brilliant solution for a variety of hair and scalp related problems that comes under the name of ‘Indus Valley Gel Black 1.0 hair Color’.

Here I provide you with my personal review of this amazing hair color that has worked as a complete solution for her tresses apart from coloring them in the most natural manner.

‘Indus Valley Gel Black 1.0 hair Color’ Review:

This excellent natural hair color provides for a brilliant colouring experience with innumerable benefits that get attached under its name.


  • Ingredients:

Aloe Vera- Helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp and works as a completely natural conditioner.

aloevera powderAmla- Promotes hair growth and Amla being rich in Vitamin C provides for the required nourishment of the hairs that is needed for maintaining the proper health of the scalp and the hairs.

Jojoba Oil- Helps in hair re-growth and helps to control the excess of oil in the hairs and scalp.

Sunflower- Being rich in Minerals and Vitamins like, Vitamin A, B, C, E, Potassium, Calcium and Iron, sunflower is extremely beneficial for the proper hair growth and hair health. It also provides for UV protection in case of the tresses.

Henna- This imparts a natural color to the hairs while working as a brilliant conditioner that conditions the hair strands deeply right from their roots. It is a natural remedy for dandruff.

Basil: Repairs brittle hairs as basil is known to strengthen the hairs in an excellent manner. It improves blood circulation and helps to combat a number of scalp issues like itchy scalp etc.


The other ingredients include herbs and herbal extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in respect of hair care and this makes for the ideal solution for the tresses.

  • My Experience

To be honest, I never expected this natural hair color to be such an excellent product for hair care that comes under the tag of a hair color. My mom-in-law could color her tresses without the pungent smell of Ammonia that she often used to face for other hair colors.

Added to that  there is a beautiful orange aroma of the hair color that makes it a great user-experience.


This herbal hair color caused no damage unlike chemical hair colors. In addition, my tresses got the ultimate nourishing solution which is exactly what my sensitive hairs needed in the present times of pollution, stress and the number of hair care products that causes damage.

  • Availability:

You can opt for it online from Indus Valley’s website, or sites like Amazon, etc.


  • Price:

It costs 575 INR for the complete hair color kit.

  • PROS:
  1. 100% Chemical Free. NO PPD, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No heavy Metal, No Added Synthetics.
  2. 100% Herbal.
  3. 100% Safe and causes no allergies and has no side effects.
  4. 1st PHAB free technology hair color.
  5. Doctor recommended. Certified by Bio Naturals.
  6. Can be used for multiple applications.
  7. Comes in a complete hair care kit.
  8. Recommended for both men and women.
  9. Suitable for all hair kinds.
  10. 100% organic hair color that colors with care.


  • CONS:

I couldn’t find any cons for the matter.

  • Ratings: 5/5

Well, the color is available in 12 brilliant shades so you can make your pick as per your choice.


Considering their hair color to be so great, I have plans to try out their other products very soon.





My Experiment To Shine With Shades of Burgundy: BBLUNT Hair Color Review

Hello Social Family!

Hope you are doing well and is still in the festive spree of Rakhi. This had been a great weekend and to flaunt a peppy style, I decided to try on something new and trendy. Burgundy has always been a hidden favorite of mine and with the BBlunt hair color coming up with exciting shades along with some cool shine tonic, I was super excited to try this color.

DSC_0013And here goes an unbiased review of the hair color.

Easy to Use

I decided to call for a parlor professional for applying the hair color as this was my first encounter with hair color and I wasn’t sure of how to apply. But the process was extremely simple and the leaflet can come to the rescue of any amateur.

DSC_0018Okay unlike other hair colors, this has got an added benefit to it and that’s the power of the shine tonic. You have the powder, developer and finally the shine tonic, a mixture of three to give you a bright shine to your hair.

Application Procedure

All you need to do is to apply the color evenly through all your strands. To avoid color stains, you can always apply a petroleum jelly at the corners, on your ears as well as upper forehead.

bblunt reviewApply the mixture and allow it to rest on the hair for sometime around half an hour. I did rest it for 45 minutes. Now rinse off the mixture with a thorough wash. I advice you not to use a shampoo after hair coloring as most of the hair colors are infused with shampooing elements.


  • Easy to apply
  • Gives an instant color without hassles
  • The shine tonic adds an extra shining tinge to the hair
  • Affordable { Starts At A Price Range as Inexpensive as 89 INR}
  • Available in Exciting Professional Shades
  • Lasts upto 3 weeks even after multiple washes


The only issue I could find in the product did not contain expected quantity. Provided that I have short hair and I went for the small box, it could not give the absolute burgundy coverage I was seeking for.

Last Words

Worth buying for a quick, fashionable hair makeover

Words of Wisdom

Opt for the larger box always except if you have really short hair.

bblunt review1

Would I go For It Again?

Definitely Yes and with the larger box, since it’s been 3 weeks and there are still streaks of burgundy on my hair despite multiple no. of washes.