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Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: The Next Big Bash for All Delhites

The festive season has just passed by leaving behind great memories and anticipation in high spirits. If you are upset thinking of the bygone festivities, Delhites wait! You have one more reason to be happy and we bet the reason is indeed a strong enough. BuddyDaddy Family Bash is once again nearing up and get ready to be glued to unlimited entertainment and fun for three days on a repeat mode. We bet you would no longer regret about the festivals.


Now if you are wondering why BuddyDaddy Family Bash is so amazing Social Connoisseurs decides to unveil the ongoing of this fest slowly and steadily. Let the suspense unfold with much enthusiasm and surprise.


BuddyDaddy Family Bash is a one of its kind event that is completely crated for family participation. Whether it’s your little kid or your aging mom, everybody irrespective of age and gender can be a participant in this Festival and enjoy to the brim.

The next reason is definitely that Buddy Daddy Family Bash is indeed a collage of celebrations. From shopping to live music to science and art music shows, you have everything up the sleeves to look forward to. And there are lots more but as you know we would love to make the suspense building.


The best part of this festival is you need only a single ticket to have access to all the proceedings. Be it a dance show or a musical performance or anything else, a singular ticket allows you to be a part of every show of the festival.

If you are still wondering what can be in store for you, take a look at what all took place in last year’s celebrations.


The fun is all set to unravel and get ready to book your tickets right now from www.buddydaddy.com

Stay tuned to Social Connoisseurs and keep following the Facebook page of  www.facebook.com/buddydaddyfamilybash for more updates and proceedings about the greatest Family Festival of the year.


Howrah Express: Pamper Yourself with A Great Bengali Cuisine

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Howrah Express: Pamper Yourself with A Great Bengali Cuisine

Innovation and extraordinary ideas have always contributed to the birth of something exclusive and out-of-the-box. One such instance that has recently hit the streets of Faridabad is the Bengali cuisine food joint in Sector 31. The City of Joy has always been the hub of extraordinary delicacies and finger-licking tastes and unfortunately Faridabad remained long deprived of this magic. Amit Pradhan, an inhabitant of Faridabad was empathetic enough to realize these areas and soon he decided to work out something and here we have Howrah Express.


Whether you are a Bong or not, the relishing factor of a Bengali cuisine lies uncontroversial. Faridabad despite being blessed with a huge chain of restaurants flooding with Mughlai and Chinese flavours never had a Bengali joint to look forward to. And Howrah Express is indeed an innovation in the genre. Boasting in its menu, a plethora of items to taste for, it can take you back right to the streets of Kolkata without a miss. Amit Pradhan, the owner of this venture, when asked about why did he choose to embark on such a proposal, he had a very frank answer to offer.  He was in search for his own flavours in the city and that sparked off the decision.



Howrah Express is brimming with Bong tastes from every niche. Whether it’s the famous Maacher Jhol( Fish Curry), or the Chicken Chaap( a spicy Chicken marinated gravy) or those crispy, munching Cutlet and Kabirajis, it is the one-stop destination to all such delicacies. In fact it’s equipped with all the ingredients that are required to bring in the sparks into your monotonous menu.

dilkhusha cabin

Chicken Cutlet with Kashundi ( Mustard Sauce)


Chicken Lollypop

Delivery Networks

Though Howrah Express started its journey with its delivery networks confined to Faridabad only, gradually it has extended itself to other parts of the National Capital too. It accepts pre-delivery orders from Gurgaon as well as Delhi too. So if you have a bulk order to please your guests with a Bengali tinge of style, all you need to do is to give them a call a day before and authentic Bengali food is right on your way.


Egg Devil


Arsalan Special Biryani

The best part of their menu is it will directly transport you to the City of Joy with their names. Amit Pradhan chooses to name each dish after a popular food joint in Kolkata that replenishes the genuine flavours. So whether it is the “Arsalan Biryani” or the  , every item is catered to without a miss.

So when you desire to pamper those hidden Bengali taste buds in you, Howrah Express is just a call away.