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Satiate Your Love For Traditional Lost Recipes with The Mitti Ki Khushboo Festival in Rennaissance Mumbai

We all nurture a hidden love for those age old recipes that have lost their presence in the worls of pizzas and paastas. And realizing that Renaissance Mumbai has curated an amazing festival for you .

Shaahi Gilaawat Kebab (1)

Fast or Foreign-food can sometimes be a winner when it comes to lunch or dinner in our fast-paced, on-the-move lives. But there is an inherent feeling of something that’s missing for your taste-buds and tummy.  And that’s nothing but the lip-smacking, authentic dish cooked traditionally by our great grandmother that brings moistness to our palate just by a mere mention. No matter how much we actually relish the lust of Italian, Continental or other such dishes, our heart still warms to that magic of traditional food. Renaissance Mumbai is all excited to host Mitti Ki Khushboo festival which revives the lost recipes through the secret of the soil at Nawab Saheb.

Chef Yunus Khan Ka Paneer (1)The menu has been constructed with dishes that are an indispensable part of most Indian thalis with their tasteful variations and peculiarities. The curated menu includes Mitti ka Tandoor dishes such as Gulberi Paneer Tikki, Kankwari Maas, Gokarna Lobster, Gharapur ki Machchli and  Balti ki bhatti preparations like Korari ki Seekh, Belekari ka Jheenga. Mitti Ka Tawa dishes like Jari Bazaar ki Tikki, Luni ki Machchi along with Khurja dishes Khurjewala Murgh, Dahi ki Taliyah and others are included.  Shirazi Kofte, Matke ki Dal, Yakhni Biryani, etc. are the Matka cooked dishes.

Deg preparations like Kaju Makhana ka Deg, Baradari Kaju Kadhai and many more. All this is accompanied by a variety of rice and Indian breads. To top it off, the appealing desserts will include Mishti Doi, Lacchedar Rabri, Matkewali Basundi and other traditional items.

Khoya Awadh (1)Come explore all that our ancient food traditions have to offer and eat as our ancestors ate, delicious food made in clay pots and pans, forever carrying the scent of the soil with them.

 What: Mitti Ki Khushboo

When: 16th to 25th March ‘18

Where: Nawab Saheb, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

Time: 07.00 pm – 11.30 pm

Taste the secrets buried deep under the earth during the Mitti Ki Khushboo festival at Nawab Saheb

Sanadige:Relish the Coast in The Capital City

Sanadige Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Who says Delhi remains deprived of coastal flavours? If you chance to encounter a tryst with Sana Di Ge, no wonder you have experienced the best of coastal aromas right in the embassy region of the Capital City, Chanakyapuri. Sana Di Ge, a name that transports you into the archaic Tulu language meaning “Lamp” is one of the instant reminders of sumptuous food chains located in the IT City of Bangalore. Delhi, being the trending hub of foodies is no longer deprived of the delectable coastal cuisines too.

With Sana Di Ge’s branch extending itself to be a part of the National Capital, Delhiwaalon it’s time to relish and savour the delicacies of the coast right in the North.





While Social Connoisseurs chanced to be a part of the gastronomic delights at Sana Di Ge, we shared quite a broad list of anticipations for the coastal tastes and no wonder Sanadige lived up to each and every one of them. As soon as you step into the joint, you earn the essence of a serene ambience that is much required in the bustling Capital. With a beautiful cluster of lamps welcoming you right at the entrance, SanaDiGe shares the power to infuse your moods with the perfect zeal of refreshment.


A four floored food joint where art and décor speak about the finest blends of coastal tradition and contemporary styling. Even if you are not a foodie, you are sure to hit this place for its tempting décor and keen eye on art. And when you have the company of a warm hostess and a classy elevator, you can definitely be in high spirits for a great food journey ahead.



sana........Well, to begin with you have an awesome drink to boost your appetites making you more curious about what is awaiting next in the kitchen.


The welcome drink Kokum Kadi, a dark pink coloured drink can be so tasty is beyond a thought. The love for food has made me explore many a things and this was indeed one of them. Being Mangolerean in origin the drink had the spice of the coasts and the sour yet tangy tastes of the South.


And then the list goes endless


Roasted Ghee Paneer

The flavour of roasted ghee mixed with minced paneer will just make you fall in love with food, food and food.

roasted ghee paneer

Tawa Fish

Fish fillets cooked over tawa offers you the aromas of the coast with the dash of spice and fry.


Yetti Suka

Well if the name sounds unfamiliar, the dish is definitely not. It’s a revamped version of the popular Prawn and coconut curry, the difference being it’s sweet tastes giving you a creamy essence in every bite. Whether you lick, sip or chew it, believe me the creamy tastes are never going to leave you behind.


Jenji (Butter Pepper Garlic Flavours)

Jenji that is the crab is itself a sumptuous delicacy and a tossed blend of butter, pepper as well as garlic is sure to amplify the taste to the heights.

prawn curry

Apart from these tempting delectable dishes you have the Mamsa Da Sukka mutton delicacy), Chicken Chettinad, mushroom delicacies and the menu seems never to pause.


Worth mentioning apart from the main course gravies are definitely the

Neer Dosai

Thin, delicate three-folded dosas that melt in your mouth as soon as you chew them will redefine your concepts of coastal food.



As the name suggests, this particular drink involves mango as its base material and neither shares a complete sugary taste but is a good option for your sweet drinks cravings.


Along with all these, you have almost six kinds of curated chutneys served in authentic chai glasses and then the famous Papadam.




When you visit SanaDiGe, you cannot afford to miss these two desserts at all

Elaneer Payasam

A payasam cooked with coconut cream as well as the tender coconut flavour can make you forget about your diet goals. The tastes are sheer pleasures you just can’t resist from.



Goan in origin, this dessert loaded with eggs with a taste that is neither too sugary nor too salty, has the perfect efficiency to complete your meal. Resembling a chunk of a cake in appearance, this dessert is a must try for your SanaDiGe visit.


Sana Di Ge Surprise

I won’t reveal what the surprise is but it definitely deserves a try for its sumptuous treat.

Fried Icecream at Sana Di ge


My blog review would indeed be incomplete without a mention of the presentation patterns. Served in authentic brass ‘thalis’, coated with banana leaf SanaDiGe transports you to the Kerala homely feelings. The Elaneer Payasam presentation makes the food joint earn extra brownie points. With a tender coconut shaped container filled with payasam, the authenticity of the coasts is further aggravated.



SanaDiGe also has a beautiful seating out area too open during the evenings with beautifully lit lamps all over the place and fishermen statues making your gastronomic journeys perfect from every nook and corner.

This place shares a magic that keeps it irresistible and deserves a visit at least every week.