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Roadhouse Cafe: A Must Try Destination For A Delicious Experience in G.K.

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Greater Kailash in South Delhi has been a true home to many foodies. With many outlets in its credit, whenEver one is in or around Greater Kailash, one would never run of options for a quick bite or a lavish lunch/dinner. However the crux of the foodie affair always remains the same i.e how good the food is.

There might have been multiple locations in Greater Kailash that claim to serve the best food, but unfortunately most of them can live up to the promised words. Most of the food outlets have lost their magic of presenting food with extraordinary attention to ambiance, presentation or the serving of Hookah and alcohol.


But it is indeed a pleasure to find amidst such overhyped food outlets, a true foodie joint that has actually won the hearts of its visitors with the simplicity of tastes. A visit to the Roadhouse Case in G.K M Block market changed my opinion about the regular food joints we come across this overcrowded destination.


The Roadhouse Café in Thamel, Kathmandu has already been a favorite of many tourists and localites when it’s a matter of tasting great food in Kathmandu. And now Delhi can too boast of the extraordinary flavors of some Nepalese cuisine along with some pinches of continental and Italian.

Three Reasons For Which You Must Pay A Visit to Roadhouse Café

While I compliment this restaurant about its great food, it does not mean that it falls short of other parameters. In fact RoadHouse stands to be in a nutshell a culmination of all factors that make it a great destination for all foodies.


Roadhouse celebrates a spacious setting with soothing and sober décor. The terrace seating arrangement is an addition to its appeal as you can enjoy a superb view of the entire G.K area while you sip your favorite drink or take a bite at those beautifully cooked delicacies.


Any food joint despite its excellence in terms of food or ambiance may fail if it lacks proper hospitality. The courteous hospitality of the staff, the proper serving of food, the “ready at your service” attitude everything club up to offer a great experience. And fortunately Roadhouse fits in to all the aforementioned criteria without an iota of doubt. While we were having our lunch, the courteous staff approached us more than thrice only to confirm whether we were comfortable or not. These small gestures added to the magic of the lunch. Hope every other outlet captures this beautiful hospitality spirit so that we do not need to change our choices everytime we venture out for a lunch or dinner or a quick snacking session.

The open kitchen concept adds to the transparency factors in terms of hygiene and freshness.



The crux of Roadhouse’s appeal is definitely its food. Without any sort of inordinate themes or added presentation tactics, the tastes of each of their specialities is indeed awesome. When you are in the lookout for a complete innovative food journey with the best of tastes and no added thematic or presentation embellishments, Roadhouse Café indeed fits into the list.

Check out What You Shouldn’t Miss When You Are at the Roadhouse Café

Smoked Chicken Sandheko

A Nepalese dish with juicy chicken pieces smoked and served with a combination of onions, bell peppers, cilantro and garlic with the tangy taste of lemon is something that would make you fall for this café at once. Undoubtedly it is one of the signature dishes you must try when you are at Roadhouse.


The Popeye Pizza

You must be wondering how can a connection be established between Popeye and a pizza, then let me tell you it is the magic of the spinach that binds the two. With a combination of spinach, sun dried tomatoes and black olives, this pizza is a vegetarian’s heaven indeed.


Triangoli Paasta

This is another signature dish which you should offer a try as soon as you are in Roadhouse Café. With veggies like zucchini, bell peppers, mushroom etc. along with basil pesto, it is a treat for all veggie lovers.

Knuckle Crushed Baby Potatoes

A healthy, vegetarian dish with deep fried baby potatoes along with no-fat yoghurt makes you have a healthy yet a delicious treat.



Well, Roadhouse Delhi serves some of the best desserts in the city and most of them come along with their inhouse icecream. It is difficult to choose and specify one as the best signature dessert since all deserve a must try.


And Good News For The Summers IS:

Roadhouse Café has designed an exclusive summer menu to beat the scorching heat of Delhi and go about with a health-friendly, refreshing menu.

Take a look at their varities.

Summer Menu page4Summer Menu page3Summer Menu page5pic crecits: Zomato

So when are you heading towards Roadhouse Café?

The Navratra Menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant will Surely Make You Celebrate Navratras with an Appetizing Smile

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
The Navratras have already started and everyone of you might be extremely in eager anticipation to get a break from the fasting regimes followed during this period.  Fasting during Navratri, curtailing your diet with necessary measures for 9 days may seem to be extremely tiring as well as equally challenging, in case you are a foodie. However Delhi, the land of foodies never disappoint you even during the period of Navratri and Lodi: The Garden Restaurant is a true testimony to the fact.


Lodi-The Garden Restaurant has recently curated a menu especially for the Navratras to satisfy your appetites to the core. Lodi usually has to its credit the Lebanese, Mediterranean as well as European cuisine niches. However Navratra at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant does not fall into your routined Navratra dining or luncheon sessions. It’s time to taste something out of the monotonous Sabudana khichdi or Kuttu Ka Dhosa this Navratri right at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant.

Lodi The Garden Restaurant

The Restaurant with its cosy, lavish garden as well as indoor seating arrangements would definitely set a refreshing Navratra ambiance in its company.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Navratra Menu at Lodi, The Garden Restaurant mirrors the art of culinary creativity

Lodi NAVARATRI Menu_March 2017

It is indeed difficult to go beyond the conventional niches of Navratra delicacies and fusing them with the Lebanese or Mediterranean touches is indeed more challenging. However the Chef at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant with his great creative genius managed to amalgamate health, Continental tastes and Navratri flavours right on a single plate.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden RestaurantTo begin with there are refreshing plates of Salads which speak about Chef Elam Singh’s culinary expertise.

Fresh farm greens, avocado, sprouts & walnut with wild honey & lime dressing is something that would definitely make you crave for more food even during the fasting hours of Navratri.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant.

Roasted sweet potato, fresh coriander, lime & rock salt was the salad that proves that even the simplest of recipes can be a reason for your appetite’s satisfaction.

Navratri Menu at Lodi

On my Starter Plate, the Raw zucchini & cumin hummus with crispy lavaash was a masterpiece that reinstated that even Navratras can be enjoyable when you have such recipes on your plate.

Navaratri menu Lodi The Garden Restaurant

Both the steamed couscous with fresh roasted vegetables and unpolished brown rice risotto with fresh farm peas, mint & pine nuts, perfumed with truffle oil dessert were healthy combinations of freshness, innovation a higher degree of gastronomic execution.

navratri menu

The desserts even were manifestations of fresh and healthy ingredients with two variations in its credit: fresh seasonal fruit bowl and fresh strawberry, mint & lime sorbet.

So if you are fasting during this Navratri, make sure that you surely visit Lodi:The Garden Restaurant for an appetizing Navratri meal.

Moon of Taj: A Perfect Dessert Brand For All Your Occassion Cravings

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Sweets are one of the indispensable items in any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other anniversary occasion, the magic and aroma that sweets weave into a moment of celebration is acknowledged by one and all. And therefore when kit is a matter of celebrating those exclusive moments of love and affection this Valentine’s Day, you cannot afford to miss out the super sumptuous sweets.


Taking the sweet tooth into consideration for the sweet moments, we have chosen a master home of delicacies that can help you to satiate both your and your partner’s cravings without an inch of adulteration. Welcome to Moon of Taj, an abode of some charming, classy sweets that will add the pinch of sweetness to your romance this valentine’s day.

Why Moon of Taj?

Well, Moon of Taj holds to its credit some of the most appreciable exclusivities that set them apart as a choice.

Unconventional and A Fine Break From The Usual Dessert Delicacies

The Best part of Moon of Taj is that you can savour the taste of desserts with a fine touch of unconventionality. Being a provider of Taiwanese dessert delicacies, their areas of exclusivities are Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart and Moon of Taj Nougat.

Moon of Taj offers a Healthy and Hygienic solution for all celebrations.

Well, manufactured with proper hugiene conscious methods, this is one of the best brands to trust on for safe and healthy sweets. Taking into consideration these factors, it also uses limited amount of sugar syrup and pure butter, spices and hand-picked dry fruits, making the confection a perfect balance of health and taste.

Exclusive Tastes

The quintessential part of Moon of Taj is that you can enjoy them with an exclusive touch of taste. All of them have been crafted with the superb ideas and hands of Taiwanese chefs. It is their mastery and classy tastes which have contributed to their popularity. All of the sweets oblige by the Indian FSSAI standards and Taiwanese food safety regulations.


Attractive Packages

Moon of Taj is indeed quite a colossal brand for gifting because of the attractive packaging factors. The sophisticated and graceful cases that they are available in make them super appealing as gifts.

What Can Be Your Top Choices As Gifts From Moon of Taj?

Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart

Baked with the finest quality of butter, a variety of Indian pineapples and almonds imported from California, the Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart charms everyone with its exquisite taste. Originated during the 2nd century in the Far East, these tarts are presented as auspicious offerings in various ceremonies in Taiwan, thus making it a unique and distinguished gift with a rich legacy. Every bite of Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart leaves a sweet lingering after taste,while also being lighter on the belly because of its low sugar content. Laying a special emphasis on the packaging of the product, these scrumptious tarts are enclosed in elegant cases, ensuring safety and quality in every bite and lending it an attractive look at the same time.


Moon of Taj Nougat

Contrived by the Arabians in the 10th century, this delightful confect is much lighter on consumption as compared to the traditional Indian sweets. Over the years, nougats have traversed boundaries and have evolved as they’re adapted to local tastes. In Taiwan, nougats have become one of the most loved desserts with a whole museum dedicated to it. The Moon of Taj Nougat has also been tailored to suit the Indian palate while making sure to preserve its Taiwanese heritage. The Moon of Taj Nougat is made with the best quality skimmed milk powder, desi ghee and hand-picked almonds from California, giving it a soft, tender and chewy crunch. The nougat gets its smoky fragrance and burnished gloss, by going through varying degrees of heat apropos. The making of each Moon of Taj Nougat is carried through a meticulous routine by ascertaining the confection from time to time and paying close attention to every single detail. While the taste of the nougat has mesmerised everyone, the beautiful packaging has also caught everyone’s eyes. Each nougat is wrapped in a gold film to ensure safety and longevity and finally the box in which the nougats are packed impart a very special and sophisticated finish.

Office Canteen Bar: The Recent Co-Working Show-Stealer Gastronomic Kitchen

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Delhi never fails to amaze you with its superb array of restaurants. Especially when it comes to Connaught Place, you are left to be spoilt for choices with an array of food joints to choose for. One of the ideal and latest entrants in this food hub is surely the Office Canteen Bar or the one popularly gaining momentum as OCB. This cozy, co-working space is a perfect amalgamation of superb quirky interiors, out of the box cocktails and some amazing delicacies to barge into during the chilling winters of Delhi.

ocb0000To start my foodie experience here, Office Canteen Bar is exceptionally worth mentioning for its superb designed interiors. With a feel of an office space in every nook and corner, this food joint really dos not distance you from your formal office surroundings. Well, but this office space definitely comes with a pinch of twist. You have an amazing terrace space and some of the best innovative food and beverages to pamper your taste buds. When office comes with so many fine options to indulge in, one does not feel like skipping work, isn’t it?

ocb00000Amazing Cocktails To Fall For

Food blogging indeed remains to be an unfinished job unless you mention closely about the food and beverage part and in this regard OCB does not fail to surprise you. Office Canteen Bar celebrates an exhausting range of some amazing cocktails, curated with an eye of innovation and perfection. Some of them are named so uniquely that you will never fail to divert your attention to any other specialities. In fact who can imagine a cocktail named MBA or a preparation presentation in a gas cylinder miniature?


With all these credits to its bag, it also shares a superb menu, except the only problem being there is not much innovation in the area of food. I loved the dessert “Brownie Rasmalai” that contained chunks of dipped in smooth, creamy Rasmalai.

This Foodie space indeed deserves a must visit when you share an appetite for exclusive cocktails.

The Christmas Capital Brunch at ITC Welcome Hotel Dwarka: An Afternoon to Remember

Pavilion 75 - WelcomHotel Dwarka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Delhi, the land of all foodies never leaves an opportunity behind to bask in the glory of festivities and the most extravagant food varieties. And the winter season extends more rooms to indulge in the plethora of tastes with the most amazing cuisines and culinary extravaganzas. Winter in Delhi witnessed a number of extraordinary introductions in the area of food and several Five Star properties organized winter brunches in recognition of the festive spirit.


The Extravagant Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75

One such brunch that we happened to witness is The ITC Welcome Hotel Dwarka’s Capital Brunch at its outlet Pavilion 75.  With a host of food options to gorge on, probably this was one of the best Sunday brunches the ‘Dilliwalon Ka Sheher’ happened to experience.


With exotic spreads from multiple cuisines, one never ceases to get appalled by the extraordinary varieties and indeed never runs short of options for a perfect luncheon.


From Indian to continental, sea food to the royal mughlai, everything was on the platter and undeniably one can never complain of falling short of options when it comes to the matter of experiencing some of the exquisite food at the comfort of their choices.


The most appealing part of this Capital brunch was that for every course they celebrated versatility. Whether it was a matter of salads, starters, main courses or even the desserts, Pavilion 75 at Welcome Hotel Dwarka did not leave behind any sort of dishes unexplored for.


Credits go to the chefs who could curate such exotic and elaborate spreads, keeping in mind the choices of a foodie.

Christmas Turned Out To Be More Delectable At Pavilion 75

The brunch celebrations reached its peak on the Christmas Eve where a Christmas family brunch was organized to cherish some good food in the company of your family members.


While the salad, seafood and Indian cuisines had already won the hearts of foodies with their impeccable preparations, on the Christmas Eve the show -stealer was definitely the spread of desserts. With cakes, tarts and pies of multiple choices and variety of plum cakes to indulge our desserts appetites in, it was indeed a great Christmas brunch to remember.

With live Christmas carols and jingles in the background by two outstanding performers and an Activity corner planned for kids, this Christmas was indeed different from the other conventional brunches of the Capital.

Pavilion 75 indeed is blessed to possess such outstanding culinary masterpieces and seamless execution of the festive spirits.

A Carnival Cherishing Childhood: Delhi’s KRACKERJACK CARNIVAL


Delhi never runs out of events and the best part of the city is that as winter sets in, you can start feeling the presence of the Capital’s basking in the glory of carnivals. One such carnival that Delhi recently witnessed was the KrackerJack Carnival: A potpourri of festivities, activities and fun-enriched event. Though the target group of the carnival was mainly limited to children, but as you know fun and frolic are contagious and thus it turned out to be a gala celebration for both the adults as well as the children.


The Exclusive Episodes of the Krackerjack Carnival

The 10th edition of the Krackerjack Karnival in Delhi caters to the children and their needs. Set in the elaborate background of JLN Stadium, the event unfurled several episodes of amusement and gambol.  It turned out as a great success for both parents and children through overdoses of fun activities and encouraging healthier life styles. After all what can be more exciting than a real life interaction with the popular characters from Dholakpur? Yes, we are talking of Chotta Bheem aOne of the most anticipated events of the day was the ‘Jungle Book Se Aage’- a theatre performance directed by Bubbles Sabharwal and Lushin Dubey. With the incoming of theatre arrived a musical evening- MOZARTSY, initiated by wonderfully talented Sonam. It aims to bring joys to lives with music in ears zones. The musical sessions were followed by cosplay actions with genius, philanthropist and millionaire Ironman and dance all you can Zumba session.

The Master Brains Behind The Extravagant Carnival

Ms. Chandrika Behl, the director and founder of KrackerJack Carnival, Exhibitions India Group was interviewed and she expressed her happiness and excitement over the response that this event received. In fact the first day of the event witnessed such an overwhelming reach and success that Ms. Chandrika was eagerly in anticipation for the second day of the carnival to unfurl.


Some other parents while asked about their experience in the event gave such ebcouraging answers that clearly underline the success parameters of the Krackerjack Carnival. One of the parents also shared how she as well as her little one was both active e enthusiasts in this fun-filled carnival and is looking forward for the next season to unfurl soon.


Divya Bhalla, parent of three and a housemaker said, “Krackerjack Karnival is one of the most awaited events in our calendar as a place to go together with family. Having attended the previous two editions as well, I can vouch for the fact that it is an amazing show that offers an experience unlike something we have ever seen before. Krackerjack Karnival not only provides holistic and wholesome entertainment for kids and family, it also offers us a one stop shop for important products, services and information ranging from maintaining kids health to assistance during the approaching admissions season all under one roof.”




Krackerjack Karnival has given an interesting touch to the value of family that has been losing price in the modern times.  This occasion has all the right reasons to be celebrated to the fullest in a time where people have just few hours to count upon in the life of 24 hours in a day.


In fact Delhi, Dilwalon Ka Sheher is in need of these kinds of carnivals more frequently which address children’s quality engagement and gives an opportunity for the families to spend time together as Jon Wooden puts together that “The most important thing in the world is family and love”. Krackerjack Carnival was a perfect platform to celebrate the joys of childhood with grandeur, fun and learning simultaneously.

Monkey Bar: The Latest Foodie Destination in Kolkata

Monkey Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Coverage By: Pratik Sensarma

The chain of Monkey Bars has received a overwhelming response in India. While Delhi chucked out to have the best of sumptuous experiences, Kolkata also did not lie far behind. In fact this recently launched bar in Kolkata is giving all foodies a perfect goal to relish their taste buds.

Interiors To Fall For:


Monkey bar is one of the most modern attractions in the heart of Kolkata, having a breathtaking view from the 9th floor of the fort Knox building.

m5 The interior of the place is the chief magnetism mainly the huge windows screening the skyline of Kolkata.


While the sitting area styled in the form of British pub, this place also provides good music.

Delicacies That Escort You To A Foodie Treat

Now coming to the extravagant meal- a variety of drinks starting from the Whisky, Manga, Copper Monkey, Hipster Smash and the starters being the Butterfly Chicken and the Tikki of joy proved to be superb treats for us, foodies.



The Butterfly Chicken is certainly worth a try. Then in the main course comes the Tiger Beef is so delicious that one plate will not be enough.

A must try for the beef lovers. One must give a five star rating in terms of its taste. Then arrives the Kerala red rice, a very new type of salad. One must have it with black chilli cones or else will not get that twist in the taste.

Desserts: Treats That Never Desire To Be Finished

Now ending up with the mouth watering desserts, one must try the Gondhoraj lemon Tart which is just mind blowing.

m13 And lastly the Old Monkey Signature Chocolate Cake tastes just out of the world.


This place is a must visit for experiencing its ambience and also having the essence of a pub backed by excellent food and service.

Kolkata, The City of Joy has always been redefining the tastes of foodies and Monkey Bar is a recent addition to the group. If you are still unsure where to celebrate your Christmas, New Year or any other festive celebrations, don’t forget to give Monkey Bar a sure try.

Legend’s : A Must Visit Food Joint For An Authentic Indian Winter Treat

Legend's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Gurgaon has become the recent trendsetter in food. Whether it’s drinks, food or nightlife, th culinary journeys have been quite pumped up. And then suddenly amidst all these you happen to discover an outlet celebrating tastes with the authenticity of Indian touches: rare discovery but worth appreciable. Well we are speaking of The Legend’s, a food joint located in Baani Square Sector 50.


Sticking to their authenticity of the Indian tastes, this food joint has tried to imbibe and preserve every Indian flavor in their dishes. Beginning from starters to the desserts, Legend’s never tends to disappoint you when it comes to matters of finger-licking Indian food and tastes.

Starters with Simplicity of Presentation, Excellence in Tastes

To begin with I would insist their starters which are definitely a worth try. The Dahi Ke kebab and Malai Murg Tikka are worth recommending, the reason definitely being the softness with which they melt in the mouth. Dahi ke Sholey is something which not every food joint can excel to make on but credits to the Legend’s team who could fill our plates with tempting platters of these soft, yummilicious dahi ke kebabs.


Main Courses with Unadulterated North Indian Touches

When it comes to the main courses, Legend’s has a power to overwhelm you with superb tastes. The absolutely properly cooked rice coupled with the completely Indian dal makhani and butter chickens are treats that every hungry Indian foodie would crave for. In fact these are some of the winter treats that keep Delhi’s winters worth enduring. What is worth appreciable in all these dishes were they had the exact touch of spices that made them resemble homemade food. When “Baahar Ka Khana” is equally tasty as the home one, you cannot thank enough.


Coming to desserts, the food affair ended with hot, soft gulabjamuns, served fresh on our plates.

Legend’s may not be an iconic joint as compared to other colossal outlets in Gurgaon, but definitely it is worth a try during your winters for a warm Indian treat.

oh yes, i did forget to mention, they have a beautiful seat out area that can be the perfect location for your dating or candle light sessions.

8 Lesser Known Food Apps That You Must Have in your Phone Today




If Zomato, Food Panda and Swiggy are the only known apps to you for your food searches, let’s unveil some more options for you. After all A ‘bhookha pet’ is quite dangerous.

Are you a foodie who loves to pamper his/her taste with the finest of delicacies? Do you get often tempted by food photographs and cannot help but to search for that piece of delicacy frantically? Zomato and Food Panda are quite popular apps to most of us. But did you ever know that there are a number of other food apps now, which are accessible in India. So, this one is for the foodies hidden behind your diet-charts. It would be a sure shame if you don’t give these a try.


Travel Khana

To a great degree helpful application and an unquestionable requirement have for all youngsters who go via train. Since this application records eateries along mainstream train courses. You arrange sustenance and it gets conveyed at a specific railroad station on your course. How imaginative is that? No more prepare sustenance for the clients.

Just Eat

Serves people living in and around the metros of the country and other big cities. While this may not list the same number of eateries as the biggies, it is extremely well known among clients.


The world’s biggest travel site, TripAdvisor is an incredible application to be utilized at whatever point going by any new place. It gives all of you the data you need and makes it simpler for you to scan for eateries, inns and some more.

Tasty Khana

Generally new in the nourishment conveyance space, Tasty Khana has risen quick and risen rapidly. It offers arrangements of more than 7000 eateries over all the significant urban communities in India. Has the office to spare profile data and numerous instalment techniques.

Food Talk India

An application that initially began as a little gathering on Facebook, Food Talk India has now turned into a tremendous stage for each foodie to share stories and encounters with respect to various eateries.

Times City

Times city is the business repository for all the event things in your city which incorporates diversion and film. It likewise gives an extensive rundown of eateries in your city, alongside audits and evaluations where accessible.


Relatively old in the nourishment conveyance space, Burrp! additionally gives a genuinely expansive rundown of eateries in many urban communities of the nation and records menus, and so forth. What’s more, and like Times City it keeps you educated about what are the most incident things in your city.


This is a platform for food that even the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has joined. Foursquare offers every one of its client’s awesome arrangements at verging on each other outlet or eatery they could go to.

So when are you downloading these apps t satiate the foodies in you?

Picture Credits: http://www.threebearstheory.com/

Hyatt Place’s 2nd Anniversary Celebrated with an Extravagant Sunday Brunch @Gallery Cafe

hya20Gallery Café - Hyatt Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Anniversaries are always memorable, whether it’s the first or the twenty-fifth one. An anniversary marks the completion of a year of unperturbed success, conquered achievements, meeting new facets of life and many more. And Hyatt Place, Udyog Vihar completed its second anniversary with pomp and glory a few days back. These 2 years of success were indeed a notable journey for the entire fraternity of Hyatt Family Udyog Vihar and thus a Sunday brunch was organized to celebrate the 2nd birthday.


Crazemag and Saadi Dilli, two renowned online publications associated with the event assured that every invited guest is welcomed with absolute hospitality. Countless interactions with peer bloggers, with cordial welcome from the Hyatt fraternity are things that made the Sunday brunch indeed one of the most cherished ones.


With prominent guests from the food and beverage industry, including food bloggers and photographers, this brunch shared a unique appeal. With a lavish seating arrangement at Gallery Café and a widespread food showcase, Hyatt Place once again proved that they are synonymous to precision and perfection. In fact Hyatt Place has always been responsibly associated with superb food and top-notch hospitality and this time too they did not disappoint us. The Presentation along with the variety and tastes went hand in hand making sure that Gallery Café lives up to its promised expectations.

The Sunday brunch welcomed almost a variety of cuisines ranging from the typical Mughlai to the spicy and healthy continentals. A plethora of salads along with some assorted flavors of pickles,, all of the delicacies offered the invitees a huge range of options to explore and indulge into. Credits definitely go to the chefs who have exploited their innovative culinary skills to bring out the best of the best cuisines on the plate.

Coming to the main courses or the starters, Hyatt Place did not leave any room for disappointments. Authentic tastes on the plate delivered by some exquisite Indian preparations of chicken and Biryani would leave your taste buds lingering for more. In fact every person present in the event were so engrossed with the delicacies, we bet Sunday brunch was Gallery Café truly made a mark in their tasting sessions.

Well, all of the appetizers and main courses fall short when they are not complemented by desserts. After all we all have a sweet tooth craving. Apart from the loaves and chocolate assortments, there were the mousse cake, tarts and a host of other smashing desserts to soothe your dessert appetites to the core.


hya8hya12hya19Lofty background score by a live performing band and the cake cutting ceremony by the Hyatt fraternity added colors to the afternoon.


Hyatt Place Udyog Vihar Gurgaon, Social Connoisseurs wishes you a very happy 2nd anniversary. May you witness many such years of accomplishment down the years to come.


Hudson ChopSticks: A Take Away Service Always Welcomed On Your Plates


Hudson Chopsticks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Take Away service restaurants are often underestimated for their lack of lunch or dining spaces. In fact the “Take-away” feature is also considered to be a limitation for the quality of food too. However if you happen to across GTB Nagar’s Hudson Chopsticks, we bet your idea is surely up for a change. This is the first time I am sharing a review of a take away outlet since it deserves all the kudos for such great food.


Anybody who would come across their food would definitely agree that they are the bset in what they do. Absolutely finger-licking tastes along with superb freshness of ingredients.

The dishes that I had ordered are:
Rice:non veg burnt garlic fried rice: the essence of garlic and the finely cooked fried rice will surely make you ask for a second one.

Non veg chinese choupsey: no detailed description required. Just awesome.
Prawns tempura: Deliciously fried with a fine coating.
Sliced lamb schezwan:soft and mouth-melting
Pounded chicken with chilli garlic sauce:minimum spices and a succulent gravy

Non veg red thai curry: This deserves a recommendation. The grave was thick and filled with chicken in ample quantity.

Portion size:The portion size is indeed good with sufficient quantities.
Chinese and thai food available in such great prices is indeed a dream come true.
Deserves a bang on 5 if i had to rate it on a scale of 5.

Big Wong XL Noida: A Truly Pan-Asian Experience To The Core

Big Wong XL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Pan Asian food in Delhi has taken a change of storm. While Delhi previously had only its share of Mughlai cuisines, now the entire culinary scenario has indeed witnessed a tumultuous change and definitely a change for the better. During one of my culinary journeys, when I had set forth to experience a Pan Asian cuisine, Big Wong XL situated at DLF Mall of India indeed turned out to be an extremely memorable one. And I will tell you the reasons why.


To begin with when you walk into this outlet of Big Wong, the hosts and the staff will steal all the attention by their smiles and hospitality. The ambience is equally soothing without any unnecessary add ons or extra inch of décor.

My foodie experience at Big Wong truly proved to be big enough. The reasons are great food and amazing hospitality. It is true that DLF Mall of India is crowded with some noteworthy food joints and Big Wong is indeed befits the location.
The entire culinary journey started off with an amazing mocktail :the cumin kokkum. I loved the combination of tangy and spicy flavours.

Next were the dimsums, the original chicken and Prawn chives dimsums with thai herbs were just out of the world. Soft and stuffed with ingredients they are the ‘not to be missed’ delicacies at Big Wong.

The know suey and thai curry were equally awesome.

Lastly I would come to the sushis that were the show stealers. We went fr the Nilgiri platter consisting of tuna, Salmon, crab and ebi varities. Each of them had a distinct taste that would keep lingering even hours after you leave the place.

Guys if you happen to hit the DLF Mall of India,Noida this is a must visit. In fact my second visit is up on the sleeves very soon.

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