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The Five Most Affordable and Long Lasting Lipsticks of 2018

Lipsticks have been women’s best friend since a long time now. Be it a bold red shade for the date night or a nude shade for everyday office, lipsticks have always helped us to add an extra lustrous tint to our beauty. But nowadays for our everyday styling a lipstick that stays up to maximum 6-7 hours is becoming quite essential as it is quite a discomfort for women working in a nine-to-five office to touch up their lipsticks every hour. But not only long-lasting, the lipsticks should not create a hole in the pocket so the ‘oh-so-lipstick-obsessed’ women can fill up their make-up boxes with different shades of them—from bold red to everyday nudes.

Here we are listing five budget-friendly and long lasting lipsticks of 2018 that will help every woman enlighten their face a bit more:

  1. Lakme 9-to-5 Matte Lip Color

Lakme is the best cosmetic company offering different shades of matte lip color in an economic range. Lakme 9-to-5 matte lip color is a perfect choice for everyday office use. They can stay up to 4-5 hours at a stretch. Most importantly even being matte lipsticks they do not make the lips dry.

  • Good pigmented texture.
  • Gives smooth and good intensity color in the first coat.
  • Pocket friendly—available in different price range online.
  • Costs around Rs. 250-400 for 3.6 gm.

9 to 5 lipstick

  1. Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstck

This lipstick comes with a travel friendly safe packaging that costs Rs. 575 for 4.2 gm. It easily fits in any make up pouch. These ranges of lipsticks, being creamy matte, have a very velvety finish which moisturizes the lips for hours.

maybelline lipstick

  • The lipstick is available in 12 gorgeous shades—both nudes and dark colors.
  • Great color pigmented smooth texture.
  • Contains oils that give a sensuous tone to the lips.
  1. Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick

The Elle 18 Color Pops that range from Pinks to nudes to Lilacs are your best companion for a beach party or a romantic date night. It also comes in a highly affordable price of only Rs. 100 for 4.3 gm.


  • Available in wide color range.
  • They have a moisture core inside that helps to keep the lips moisture for minimum 4-5 hours.
  • More prone to breakage if not stored in a refrigerator.
  • It has a bubble-gum like smell.
  1. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipstick

Another pick from the Lakme cosmetic range, comes with a price tag of Rs. 750 for 3.7 gm. Though a bit to the high-end but it is a tailor-made one for everyday use.

  • Available in great color range.
  • Gives a gorgeous matte finish.
  • Long lasting.
  • High pigmented colors.


  1. Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick

A pocket friendly product that comes in Rs. 340 for 4.2 gm is offers a great range of moisturizing lip colors. Their packaging is really simple and travel friendly.

  • They come in 22 sophisticated shades.
  • Contains Herbal Aloe Vera and Jojoba extracts that gives the moisture a lock for hours.
  • Has a uniform pigment dispersion.


RichFeel Brahmi Pack: Your hair’s Best Friend For This Monsoon

The monsoons have arrived and finally there’s a sigh of respite from the scorching heat and the sultry weather. It’s time for some hot, crispy bhajiyas, and stay back at your home watching those spells of showers kissing your window panes.

Sounds too poetic, Isn’t it? Okay, so along with monsoon’s romanticism and those appealing dishes, comes a series of beauty woes. One of the most threatening woes of the monsoon season is damaged hair, split ends and hairfall. The moment you have a shower, your comb welcomes you with a series of hair strands on it. And being quite tired of these hair issues and desperately looking for a solution, I finally found a product to my rescue.


Despite trying a number of shampoos and conditioners, there wasn’t any prominent solution to my problem. And then RichFeel Brahmi Hair Pack arrived as a savior for me. I am usually a very lazy person when it comes to beauty issues. Applying a hair pack, keeping it for some time and then again washing it with shampoo and applying a conditioner is quite a tedious process.

DSC_0134However Probably RichFeel realized the problems of the lazy beauty freaks like me and their Brahmi hair pack comes as a one stop solution. So here goes the application process.

Take small quantity of Brahmi pack in a bowl.  Apply on dry hair, preferably non-sticky. In case you have just returned from outside and decide to give this pack a try on your dry hair, then definitely you can give it a thought.

Separate your hair strands taking a few strands at once and then apply it with a brush or hand.

Keep it on the hair for sometime and then rinse off the mask with water. No need to apply shampoo or conditioner.

giphy (1).gif

After Effects of Applying Brahmi Pack

  • Smooth, soft and silky hair without any sort of application of conditioner or shampoo
  • Gives manageable hair strands leaving behind a serum like Finish
  • Nourishes hair from within since my hairfall has reduced to a great extent right after one application


Richfeel Brahmi hair pack contains Amla, Powder, Kapoor Kachari Powder, Glycerine and of course Brahmic Powder.

DSC_0133Benefits You Have In Store With RichFeel Brahmi Pack

  1. Gives you the three dimensional benefits of shampoo, conditioner and serum
  2. Pocket-friendly enough with a big tub of 500 grams lasting for at least 12-15 applications.( However it is variable as per the length of hair)
  3. Shelf Life of around a year
  4. A Natural PRODUCT with a pleasant aroma
  5. Gives your hair the triple benefits of nourishing, conditioning and making your hair strong and tough.
  6. For a more detailed knowledge about the ingredients and application process, you need to have a glimpse of the video.

Final Words

After being introduced to this innovative brand I am in love with RichFeel and would definitely try their other range of products.

RichFeel has been a trusted name for haircare issues and you can go ahead for its purchase at https://www.richfeelproduct.com/

Stay tuned to the blog for other RichFeel Product updates. Till Then, Happy Monsoons.



The Perfect Face Wash For Your Summers is Here

So folks how is your weekend celebrations going on? It’s indeed a long weekend and you might have planned for some quick escapades for a perfect break from summers. During those travelling hours or even if you have decided to spend a peaceful weekend at your home itself, then let not allow your skincare regimes take a backseat. I know devoting time to skincare may sound hectic as well as lazy but when you have some amazing ‘All in One’ Products In Your Shelf, then skincare seems to be quite an easy process.


So here it is, presenting you a quick face care product packed with all essential goodness to give you a perfect pampering cleansing experience.

IMG_20170626_010124INatur Gold Face Wash is one such product that contains all the significant ingredients known for skincare like

  • Chrironji
  • Geranium
  • Jasmine
  • Lotus
  • Patchouli
  • Papaya


How To Use It: 3 Simple Steps To A Beautiful Face

IMG_20170626_010158 (1)Take a small amount on your palm. Rub it gradually on your face until the entire face is covered with the Face Wash. Rinse it off with running cold water.

17015726_1150103931765334_7307828876032685320_oWhat Does It Do

  • This is the best face cleanser if you are going out frequently.
  • It removes the excess dirt and oil from the skin.
  • Does not make the face dry like other usual foaming face washes.
  • Leaves behind a natural soft and supple face after wash.

The best part of the story is INatur Herbals Gold Face Wash gives your face a facial like glow.

Believe me there is no exaggeration to the story.

Things To Vote For

  • It’s pocket friendly price of 165 INR
  • A Lovely compact packaging
  • A non-foaming face wash that gives you the perfect long lasting glow we all desire.

The only thing that it should improvise in is that a box must be provided with the tube so that it does not get tampered while carrying somewhere.

IMG_20170527_162505In case you have had an amazing experience with INatur Herbals, you can try out their huge range of face washes as per the requirements of your skin.


IMG_20170527_162454INatur Herbals commonly pronounced as EeeNatur is thus trying to reach out to you with the best herbal essentials within a pocket-friendly amount.