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Explore The Amazon Jungle, The Mysterious World of Mummies, The Underwater Titanic & Many More Right at Delhi NCR

Hello People! How have you been enjoying your holidays? Well, the winters might be sharp and prickly but that should not stop you from planning your getaway destinations. For people in Delhi NCR, I have come across with a brilliant option for the perfect Sunday celebration. Well, what if I told you, you can experience the World of Amazon Forest, The Mysterious World of Tutankhamen’s Mummy and the Historical Underwater world of the Titanic right at one place and that too in Delhi NCR? Sounds like an exciting plan? Well then get ready for a perfect Family One Day Getaway To The Oh! Max Wonderland.



Oh! Max Wonderland is the first of its kind indoor theme Park located in Omaxe Connaught Place, a mall designed on the lines of Delhi’s favorite Connaught Place, situated in Pari Chowk, Greater Noida. For all Noida and Greater Noida residents, this is one of the most promising options to visit with your family for uninterrupted fun and entertainment.

For those residing in other parts of Delhi NCR, this might be an hour drive from your place, but considering, the chain of activities inside this educational amusement hub, the drive is worthwhile.

What Makes It So Different From Other Theme Parks of Delhi NCR?

Delhi NCR, considering its huge variety of crowds is a home to a number of theme parks. But Oh! Max Wonderland is something that would surely offer you a lifetime experience that makes it so exclusive and different from the existing theme parks.




It is not only the first indoor theme park situated in a Mall but its versatile adventure zones would not only educate you but provide you with the perfect flavors of entertainment with a pinch of variety. Let’s explore what this so talked about Theme Park has in store for you.

Head To The Exciting World of Amazon Jungle

Well, if your kid is an ardent fan of the roaring lions and howling tigers, then this is the perfect area for him/her. Created on the lines of the Amazon Forest, this area of Oh! Max Wonderland has everything to remind you of the adventurous forest vibes.


With tribal figures, dark jungles, and a number of animal figures like elephant, tiger, lion etc. it would let you experience the thrilling World of Amazon Forest.

Let’s Explore The World of The Unsinkable Titanic

Who isn’t aware of the colossal Titanic that witnessed a tragic accident deep down the Atlantic Ocean? While we all have heard stories about this legendary incident, Oh! Max Wonderland gives you a chance to explore and experience the different areas of The Titanic through an innovative creation.

Captain John Smith escorts you to the incredible world of Titanic 12,000 deep down into the Atlantic Ocean. You can witness a real life tour through the different classes of the Titanic, view the different lifestyles of the different sections of the legendary ship and finally end your tour with your entry into the World’s finest dining area that was present in the Titanic.

The static world of the legendary Titanic is brought into life with lively performances by the people who role play as the passengers of the massive ship. Indeed a pleasure to experience for a lifetime!

Satiate Your TasteBuds With a Tour To The Chocolate Factory

No human has ever said that he/she is not fond of chocolates. And if you are a chocolate addict absolutely like me, this area lies to be an indispensable part from your Oh! Max Wonderland Tour.

Guided to the Chocolate Factory by Mr. Pudu Cherry and his wife and explained through a beautiful story telling how chocolates are made, this definitely happens to be every kiddo’s one of the favorites.

At the end of the tour, you are also gifted some amazing chocolates that work as a cherry on the cake for the chocolate Factory tour.

Be A Living Witness TO The Historical Love Story of ShahJahan and Mumtaz

Are you an admirer of the colossal Taj Mahal that was built as a testimony to the immortal love of Shahjahan for Mumtaz?

Well, Oh! Max, The Indoor Wonderland also lets you witness a glimpse of it with its mesmerizing roleplay of the beautiful love story along with a mini reincarnation of the magnanimous Taj.

With entertaining courtiers, Shahjahan and Mumtaz walking past the beautiful frontal lake of Taj and amazing dance performance next to the Taj, you are transported to another world of entertainment.

And then you are guided into the 6D theater where you are shown a theatrical visual explaining the historical construction of this incredible Wonder of the World. Not to forget, the seats in this theater are designed to give you the utmost feeling of royalty.

What’s the best part of Oh! Max Wonderland that keeps you glued to the property is that just when you think that your list of entertainment is about to exhaust, it comes with another surprise. Just as the 6d visual finishes off, you are escorted through the secret chambers to that area of Taj where the souls of Shahjahan and Mumtaz are still considered to reside.

The royalty, hospitality and beauty with which you would be pampered would surely make you ask for a repeat visit to this property. The virtual portraits of Shahjahan and Mumtaz have been created with such perfection that you would for sure consider them for real at least for once.

Get Ready To Be Baffled In The World of Mirrors

Fun and excitement never seem to pause at Oh! Max Wonderland. The mirror maze world created at this property makes you go puzzled discovering the routes.

The perfect trick to make your way through this tricky space is to be highly alert and keep moving.

History, Adventure and Thrill At Its Best in The Treasure of Tut

Remember our history books in school where we used to read about the Egyptian mummies whose bodies were preserved for ages? Well, get ready to welcome yourself into the finest world of adventure in the Treasure of Tut.

You are invited to experience the land of Pharaoh who have been under the effect of slumber since 3500 years. The expert roleplaying, the sudden arrival of the guardian keeper and the abrupt chain of incidents occuring at these adventurous chambers would surely make your heart leap with horror for once.

The glittery world of gold and the impenetrable darkness adds to the adventurous factor of this space. Before your visit ends, you are taken to the 5d theatre once again to relish one more adventurous visual, adding to the experience.

Are Dinosaurs Really Extinct?

Well, Oh! Max Wonderland would never make you feel so! Right at your entry into the mall, you are welcomed by two towering species of dinosaurs.

These almost real life species in the DINO Park of Oh! Max Wonderland take you to a World that existed before human race. With dino rides and moving figures, you are never distanced from the truest sense of thrill and adventure.

Excite Your Adventure Buds with Some Real Life Adventure in The World of Adventure Park

The Adventure park spread over three levels of The Mall lets both your kid and you try out the finest adventures like conquering the obstacle course, rock climbing, trampoline park etc.

As promised you are never denied of adventure in this colossal adventure park.

The Lights, Camera, Go Area

If you are a film buff, this place is soon going to have an area where you can experience the entire journey of filmmaking with pepped up action like Dhoom bike ride etc.

The place is under construction but despite that it still has some stunts by a professional stuntman who would not fail to amaze you by his skilled dexterity.


Well, if you are wondering such a lavish treat would turn out to be an extremely expensive affair, it’s time to rethink. In fact the tickets are so affordably priced that you don’t need to consider your budgets even for once.


Well, a few things to be kept in mind before you plan your trip at this Amazing Wonderland is

⛔⛔Most of the times videography is prohibited in the activity areas.

⛔⛔If your kid is less than 10 years, The Treasure of Tut should be avoided as the tender minds might not be able to bear the sudden chain of activities.

You can always leave behind your little one as the small part of the Adventure park where they can enjoy their kind of fun.

⛔⛔Don’t carry lunch or breakfast. It’s always advisable to travel light and when you have an amazing cafetaria situated in this Theme Park, carrying breakfast or lunch would indeed be an extra burden.

The lavish buffet spread tasting absolutely like homemade food along with an appetizing breakfast would definitely make you fall in love with it.

So next rime you are planning of a pocket-friendly destination to visit with your kid, let Oh! Max Wonderland become your first priority.

Broadway Kebab Festival: A culinary festival you cannot afford to miss

Broadway - Radisson Blu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Faridabad finally has that long anticipated north indian cuisine to its credit with the perfect flavours with the new Broadway Fine Dining Outlet at Radisson Blu Faridabad. We cannot agree more that in Faridabad the number of North Indian delight lovers is definitely on the higher side and Broadway comes as a great air of respite for them.

Broadway in Radisson Blu Faridabad has  brought about the North Indian delectables in its perfect tastes and now all Faridabad inhabitants have a reason to rejoice.

The Great Kebab Festival begins on 16th of June at Broadway Radisson Blu and is going to continue till the 25th of June. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t be missing this festival at any cost.

Summer Coolers

The wide range of Summer Coolers is a great addition to the drinks menu of Radisson Blu.

Drinks that you must definitely try:

Very Berry Kala Khatta

A tangy Kala Khatta drink that gives you a sweet spicy taste to look forward to.

Rose Mojito

This is another drink that you must definitely try. The cool, refreshing rose flavours with the mojito gives you a superb break during the scorching summers.

Now coming to the great Kebabs offered there are a number of options to try out for. Quite surprisingly there are a great number of vegetarian options for the veggie kebab lovers.

Subz Galouti

Minced vegetables Galouti that melts into the mouth with soft, crunchy tastes filled with sesame seeds.

Peshwari Paneer

As soon as you hear this name you would definitely be reminded of royal flavors. The tandoori paneers gives you a soft juicy taste with medium spices.

Tandoori Aloo

I am not quite a big fan of Potatoes but this dish has driven my love for the same. Potatoes smoked in medium spices give a great taste that you must not give amiss.

Amritsari Bhutta

We all are quite in love with Amritsari fish or chicken but for the vegetarians to relish the flavors, Amritsari bhutta is a great saviour. Baby corns marinated in Amritsari spices is a great kebab to binge on.

You have in store a range of other vegetarian kebab varities to try for.

Coming to the non vegetarian delicacies, you have the

Hariyali lamb chaap

Boney lamb chops marinated in spices and grilled to give a tangy, spicy taste.

Mutton Galouti

Takes you back to the streets of Lucknow with the royal, spicy tastes. Not greasy at all and mouth melting, these are the kebabs you cannot afford to miss.

Tali Machchi

Fried fish with optimum spices that comes in the form of true love for a bong.

The list goes endless and all I could say is you must pay a visit very soon to try out the various colors of kebabs.

Coming to the main courses, you again have these amazing dishes to give a shot:

Murgh biryani

Nargisi Kofta Curry

Lamb Beliram



To end the foodie affair with the perfect dash of mughlai flavours, you have an amazing dessert platter.



Hot jalebis

And yes, added to this you have the regular lavish buffet spread that you can choose to have apart from the appetizing kebabs.

What more do you need to engage in an appetizing session?

3 Pegs Down: A Paradise for Both Foodies and Alcohol Lovers

3 Pegs Down Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Three Pegs Down a name that instantly gives you a feeling of being a drunkard and offers you vibes of a completely drinking area is definitely not to be mistaken only as a drunkard’s hub. A recent visit to this outlet located in Saket, Southern Park Mall proved that 3 Pegs Down is not only a heaven to alcohol lovers but also a hidden gem discovered for foodies.
If you are a non-alcoholic person like me but is out for a part with ypur boozing friends then 3 Pegs Down is the perfect destination on your Check-in List.


Let me take you through a tour of my food journey at the outlet.

The Fattoush Style Combination and Spicy Chicken and Corn Salads were the first dishes on our lunch list. The healthy flavors balanced along with tastes made them quite a must dish to begin with and we were indeed looking forward to some more healthy retreats down the line.



3 Pegs Down boasts of an amazing versatile range of starters. The best part of the news is that both vegans and the non-vegans have a lot to look forward to with the starters. Being a hard core non-vegetarian, the non-vegetarian treats for an appetizing lunch was definitely the Mutton Seekh kebabs. Cooked in amazing spices and smoked in the perfect proportions, these are the must try starters whenever you are out for a lunch at 3 Pegs Down.


Another appetizer that deserves a must try for non-vegans is definitely the Murg Malai Tikkas. Juicy, spiced tikkas melting into the mouth will no longer make you think 3 Pegs Down Only a hub for alcohol lovers.


For vegetarians, the Safedtil Paneer tikka is an awesome appetizer to invest on for a relishing experience.


When it is a matter of main course, the Lahori Kadai Paneer and Butter Chicken will definitely give you authentic North Indian flavors for which every Delhite foodie craves passionately.


With an amazing set up that welcomes both clubbing and family occasions, 3 Pegs Down is indeed an awesome joint that should be on your checklist in Delhi.

Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: A Must Tick-Off in Your Wishlist This Weekend

We have already updated you about the Buddy Daddy Family Bash that is soon going to unfold this coming weekend, but however we did not reveal what are the things that are going to be in store for you.

Let’s offer you a complete encyclopedia about the series of happenings that are stored for you in this forthcoming family festival.

Bring Your Child and Their Admired Heroes Closer

You cannot afford your children to miss out the Fun Unrolling when they will meet their super heroes in real life. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016 is the bang on spot to give your little ones a lifetime opportunity to their role model superheroes. Disney’s Art Attack’s star Juyal(The Art Guy) and The Science Guy- Shaurya Rastogi (as seen on ZeeQ’s ‘Engineer This’) are all going to be there.



Stunt Groups Straight From New York To The Capital City

With two different stunt groups from New York- a BMX Biking group and a Rollerblading group, we promise you are in for a gala time. These groups will be performing gravity defying stunts, jumping off of ramps, doing 360 degree flips, racing from here to there  some adventure loaded activities. Witnessing and experiencing the thrill is undoubtedly a must.


An Extravaganza of Live Music, Adventure and An Exciting Mix of Great Food

So the Buddy Daddy Family Festival is a bonanza of everything. Whether you want to have a slice of Bollywood mash or some Adrenalin rush activities or some serious goal defining culinary journeys we are there to bring on this unique mix. Shop till you drop and eat till you are full, all for you right at Buddy Daddy Family Bash.


The Perfect Dose of Fun For A Family Outing

The best part of this entertainment overloaded Bash is that they are flavored with all the ingredients needed to spice up a family time. Everything you require to brighten up a dull mood or to gift a smile to your little one with only one ticket of 1000 INR for entry into Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016.

Sarita Bazaz’s Preview of The Food Affair’s New Festive Menu: A Show That Must Go On

Delhi has always been the land of foodies and perhaps there lies the reason why it is also the home to some of the iconic figures of the food and beverage industry. One such lady is definitely Mrs. Sarita Bazaz and her creative baby “The Food Affairs”. Beginning a journey from a single kitchen, with her culinary skills and her magnificent entrepreneurship abilities, Sarita Bazaz had established her profound catering networks to not only national but also to international destinations. And this time, this master professional presented an exclusive preview of her finely curated gastronomic menu for the upcoming festive and wedding season.


Sarita Bazaz’s name has always been synonymous to class and polished catering and The food extravaganza organized by The Food Affairs indeed turned out to be a reflection of the same. Veda Farms Luxury Wedding Destination, being an ideal venue for the preview was bespoke in not only the hues of celebrations but also versatile in the colours of grandeur. It seemed Sarita Bazaz has mastered the entire art of dinning the hearts of people through her exclusive choice of the flavors of grandeur.

A Tour Through a Luxurious Evening

As you step into this luxurious venue, every nook and corner of it breathed the presence of royalty and unadulterated sophistication. With her enriched experience, Mrs. Bazaz knew that the backdrop plays an essential role during a dining session and thus it was ensured that the venue spoke of unabridged majesty and opulence.


However the beauty of The food extravaganza was not restricted to only the picturesque venue and the showcase of royalty. Indeed The food extravaganza justified its name to the core with versatile and almost ceaseless sessions of sumptuous food. The delectable and versatile range of almost 21 kitchens of India made sure that the guests of the evening enjoyed adequate chances to relish all the exotic flavours as per their taste buds and customised desires.

sb3Nevertheless none of the kitchens ran short of variety since all of them were equipped with a plethora of options to satiate your taste buds to the maximum. An added feature of this exquisite foodie fiesta was indeed the presence of street food variants cooked with absolute hygiene and the purest of ingredients.

The Punch of Health and Taste

The splendor of The food extravaganza is rooted in the fact that every delicacy was crafted with organic ingredients, keeping in mind the health parameters of the guests. A wedding or a festive season can witness guests irrespective of age barriers and thus it is quintessential to club taste and health on the same platter. Unhesitatingly Mrs. Bazaz had achieved the same.

From cuisines of the extreme coast to the delectable of Thaaro Padharo Rajasthan or the mesmerizing royal aromas of the Nawabs, The food extravaganza comprised of everything. Even international cuisines had their exclusive provisions with dimsums, sushis, lasagnes, ricotto and many more to the list. The Food Affairs ensured that there lies each and every access to the most versatile cuisines of the world.


Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Every memorable food affair is incomplete without the presence of delectable desserts and The food extravaganza boasted of as many as almost 21 variants of desserts. From jalebis to faloodas, rasmalai to gulab jamuns, the desserts list seemed to be never exhausting.


The glorious part of this “culinary magic in a new avtar” was definitely the tantalising array of delicacies that are perfectly eligible for any event of grandiose. Whether it’s a special engagement occasion or a destination wedding or even a festivity, The Food Affairs’ menu is impeccably perfect for execution.


A Journey From A Single Kitchen to A Connoisseur One

It is indeed inspiring and appreciable to see a woman who had sparked off her passion for cooking through hosting an office party of only 100 guests now leaves behind a legacy of finesse and royalty with some amazing curation of culinary delights. It is true that when personal touches of experience and passion infuse with the aromatic flavor’s of an art like cooking, the outcome is indeed extravagant and unparalleled. With meticulous detailing about every food, Raskriti, the baby of Mrs. Bazaz and Arti Kalra ensures that every Food Affair etches a mark of perfection in the minds of their guests. After all, “Atithi Devo Bhavah”.


The preview of the exclusive menu was accompanied by unlimited servings of drinks and beverages and ceaseless sessions of starters with live music made every visitor of the evening murmur in their minds “The Show Must Go on”.




BBQ Beach: The Mash of Great Barbeques with the Splash of Exciting Beaches

BBQ Beach Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
bbqbeach12Barbeques and beaches always top the favourite list of party animals. A cozy, serene beach and some hot, grilled, smokey barbeques, nothing better than these can better define your party nights. If Delhi and Delhites had always been in craze for the enthralling party swings at the beach sides, BBQ Beach, a new entrant in the city has made it possible. With colours of the blue waters and flavours of the exotic food trails, BBQ Beach is all set to make a mark in the hearts of the Delhites. So let’s hear some “beachy” gossip about the coolest, sassiest and trendiest foodie beach affair in town.


To begin with as soon as you move into this cool and trendy place, the urban chores and chaos of metropolitan life fade into the background. A peppy affair sparks off with the beautiful beach artefacts and props spread everywhere. The soothing blue seems to rule the ambience and take you through a session of overriding fun and frolic with some foot-tapping music and delicious barbeques served right on your plate.



Beachy Foodie Affairs

The food trail at BBQ Beach started with some soothing mocktails. The Nutty Balls mocktail punched with enriched ingredients like ripe bananas, peanut butter, milk as well as ice was undoubtedly an appetizing sight to the eye and definitely to our treasured foodie tongues. The fine and exquisite mix of the peanut butter and bananas made sure that we look forward to more such sumptuous mocktails from the chef.


My second choice went in favour of a sex and sassy one named “Bikini Oreo Swips”. The love of Oreo and the desire to view this exquisitely named drink made me agree to this and undoubtedly this too like its former one had lived beyond my expectations. Bikinis are not only visual delights, but treats to your taste buds too. 😉

The tryst with food turned out to be equally exhilarating. Starting with the White Grilled fish with Pok ckoy garlic soya and lemon butter prawns proved that the chef has mastered his Barbeque culinary skills to perfection.


The Masala Maggi Pizza and the assorted Sushi platter were irrestible treats for their curated presentation and devised innovation. To witness their expertise in the vegetarian niche, we had some dal tadka, naan and Paneer gravies and yes to our sheer surprise, BBQ Beach has mastered the Desi tastes too.


The spacious and party loaded “beachy” setting is undoubtedly a catalyst to any Barbeque beach freak.

Thanks to Monu Talwar for curating this BBQ masterpiece with the mash and splash of the beach setting.


Delhi Defines Its Nawabi Andaaz with Pride at Hotel Pride Plaza

Cafe Pride Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

cafe-prideA Royal Retreat to The Kitchens of the Nawabs with Chef Sartaj Qureshi of Café Pride

Delhi down the years of growth has welcomed several cuisines to live up to the tastes of its residents. However it is the Nawabi cuisines of the Capital City that has always been loved by all. Keeping in mind the enriched culinary kitchens of the Nawabs and preservation of the heritage, Hotel Pride Plaza is an ideal hub to pamper your Nawabi appetites with glory and perfection. Being invited for a blogger’s table to taste the well-curated menu by Chef Sartaj Qureshi, we chanced to witness some of the master perfections of the Nawabi kitchen.



The Showstopper: The Welcome Drink

It is indeed true the first impression always makes a solid mark on your heart and for Hotel Pride Plaza they were indeed the show stealers with a customized plate encrypted with your name with the welcome drink “Khus Ka Sherbet”


A curated, printed menu with the exquisite delicacies crafted by Executive Chef Shailendra Singh and Chef Sartaj Qureshi personalized with your name is indeed a warmly Hotel Pride Plaza proved that they know every inch of the guest’s heart by striking a splendid first impression.

A Royal Starter Session To Boast Of

The background score of Thumri added to the Nawabi appeal and thereafter followed the series of delicacies from the Nawabi kitchen. The journey commenced with some lovely veg delicacies like the Veg Platter which was stuffed with delectable veg assortments like Rajma Ki Galouti Kebab, Makai Moti Ki Seekh etc. to name a few.


Then followed the Paneer Lavanglata, another exquisite variety which boasted of magical flavors of Nawabi shades. This dish is an ideal delicacy to live the royal tastes with some punch of innovation.

Nawabi Andaz to The Core

The Nawabs have always been known for their awe-inspiring non vegetarian delicacies and Café Pride of Pride Plaza knew exactly to maintain the same with their non-vegetarian range of delicacies. The Narangi Pulao served in miniature pots were appealing to both the eye and the tastes.


A worth mentioning delicacy during this Nawabi journey was definitely the Moong Gosht, a delectable that had a lentil base with goshts in the curry. This is indeed an enticing fusion which will surely invite you to second your journey to this royal Hotel.


The Murgh-Koh-E-Awadh was a befitting accompaniment with its smooth gravy and melting in the mouth pieces of sumptuous chicken.



In the vegetarian stream we had the freshly chopped vegetables cooked into an ideal gravy thus proving that the Chef is a Jack of all trades, be it vegetarian or a non-veg one.

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye with Nawabi Style

An equally delectable dessert made the Food Fiesta more memorable. It was an innovative delicacy “Gulkand aur Cheney Ka Jugalbandi” which was the most befitting conclusion to this wonderful royal luncheon session. The gulkand sliced into half with the Chena based Rasmalai served with rose petals was an exotic accompaniment to cease this royal andaaz.

This lunch would have been incomplete and completely an injustice without a tour through the property. And yes indeed, Hotel Pride Plaza has managed to retain the Nawabi royal and aristocratic culture in every nook and corner. With artefacts and wall décors styled with the royal touches Hotel Pride Plaza has truly captured the pride of India: its culture and heritage.



City Of Joy: A Must Visit Joint For Authentic Bengali Tastes in Delhi NCR

City of Joy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Delhi, the national Capital is bustling with a number of food joints and thematic restaurants. However during our foodie journeys in this rich and vibrant city, we failed to locate a promising joint that captures the Bong culture of food. Being a Bong has always inspired my appetites to reinvent my home food somewhere in the city and unfortunately not even a singular Bong themed restaurant in Delhi could deliver the homely Bengali essence. And then we came across the City of Joy, a sweet simple restaurant located in Alakananda. The name itself was enough to rekindle my Bong foodie spirits and give them a try and fortunately we were not disappointed this time.


Hands Behind this Brilliant Culinary Masterpiece

City of Joy, a food joint that started its journey 6 years back from the brains of a Chartered Accountant Debojyoti Roy has gifted all Delhites a chance to relish their favourite Bengali dishes right in Delhi. Designed in the lines of a Bengali theme, this food joint is powerful enough to take you to a nostalgia ride through the streets of Kolkata and the versatile cultures of Bengal.


An Ambience that Takes You To A ride To The Bengal Cultures

You have snapshots of Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Uttam Suchitra, Sabyasachi, terracotta statues and last but not the least, a beautiful wall décor of Maa Durga inviting you  relish every shade of nostalgia associated with Bengal.


Starters To Fall In Love With

To begin with, the Bhetki Fish fries are the most recommended dishes of this Bong favourite restaurant. Fresh Bhetki fried in batter will surely make you recall the foodie journeys in Kolkta’s Mitra Café or Bhojohori Manna. Tastes are indeed unparalleled.


For your starter appetites you can always try Fish Chop or the Veg Chop too for your starter sessions during an evening snacking hour or lunch hour. The Fish Kabiraji, Golden Fried Paneer, Topse Fry are all indeed exceptional starters to fulfill your Bong craze for Bengali cuisine.

Main Courses Designed To Pamper The Bengali In You

Coming to main courses, COJ, City Of Joy has a large variety to explore. In fact the menu gets updated regularly keeping in mind the appetites of a Hungry Bengali. Each of the dishes are curated with the genius of Debojyiti Roy and implemented by the Chefs right from Orissa.

The main course is indeed an extravagant ride for all foodies like us. From hilsa to rohu and from mutton to chicken, every item on the platter is indeed a handsome treat for all of us. You have the best of the dishes like Parse Sorshe, Ilish Matha Die Pui Shaak, Doi Rui, Rosun Sorse Rui Jhaal, Muru Ghonto or the Prawn Malai , Prawn Paturi or the enriched with spices Mutton Kosha are enough to keep this food joint as a top favourite in your foodie list.

Clubbing them up with steamed rice or Pulao or the hot Phulko luchis is a lovely idea for a lunch or dinner.

The Amshotto Khejur Chutney is a brilliant accompaniment for the lovely platter.


The best part was that the entire staff was brilliantly hospitable and hygiene was a top priority for them.

No wonder they have bagged so many awards in their culinary journeys. They also have a website http://cityofjoydelhi.com/ where the menu is updated everyday to keep your taste buds satiated with authentic Bengali food.

A must visit for Bengalis and even the Non-Bongs when they want to try some good food with a punch of variety and delicious tastes.

Jamie’s Italian New Menu: A Gourmet Passport to the Best of Italian Delicacies

Jamie's Italian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Well what if suddenly you come to know that Jamie Oliver has arrived in your very own Delhi? No wonder the news is not only an exceptionally elated one, but indeed a sumptuous one too. Jamie’s Italian with its Vasant Kunj branch in Ambience Mall has been loyally catering to the gastronomical delights of Delhites gifting them authentic delicacies of Italy. Well, if this outlet has already gathered acknowledging applauses from its numerous foodie visitors, the recent menu launch is another piece of achievement for its gastronomical visitors. With it a new addition of menu, Jamie’s is now all set to gift you a complete culinary retreat to the lands of Italy.


This foodie joint situated in the Level 3 section of Ambience Mall has stolen hundreds of hearts for bringing the unadulterated tastes of Italy right in the Capital City. Boasting of wide and spacious ambience with quite a well-equipped bar, this is an ideal location for parties, hang-outs apart from luncheon and dinner sessions.

A Crunchy Bread Affair

 Coming to the new menu, to begin with we had the ultimate garlic bread which truly lives up to its name with authentic flavours of garlic oozing out from each and every bite. This unique combination of herby garlic butter and warm artisan buns as well as vegetarian Parmesan and rosemary will make you fall in love with Jamie’s Italian all over again. Jamie’s Italian has always been famous for its olive delicacies and World’s Best Olives on Ice was the new figure on the menu. Undoubtedly this delicacy, like all the others from the kitchen of Jamie’s had its exclusive authentic Italian tastes to offer. Apart from the new menu you should also try a hand at the Italian Nachos which has its unique tastes of smoked mozzarella. Writing about it makes me hungry again.

Bruschetta and Antipasti You Would Fall in Love With

 The essence of Italian food is incomplete unless you enjoy the Bruschetta and Antipasti delicacies. This time Jamie’s Italian had to its three new additions: Primavera Bruschetta to satiate all your Bruschetta cravings and Mushroom Fritti and Flash-Fried Prawns for your Antipasti hunger pangs. The flash fried prawns are must a try when you are a foodie with an appetite for seafood.

Healthy Salads For A Health Culinary delight

 Well, whatever cuisine you may prefer, salads are always integral parts of our foodie journeys. Keeping in mind your salad cravings, Jamie’s Italian had its own share of innovative salads to offer this time. The Rocket salad and Buttery Potatoes & Green Beans were the healthiest and creative desserts that this gastronomical kitchen introduced.

The Panorama of Pizza and Paasta


While Jamie’s Italian had always been a personal favourite of ours for its extremely scrumptious pizzas and paastas, the recent additions multiplied my love for them. Now you have the Sunny Margherita [basically a Sun-Dried Tomato Margherita that has a perfect mixture of bocconcini, crushed tomatoes, roasted herby mushrooms along with basil and sun-dried tomato paste. You can also experience the Fiorentina or the Summer Garden as well as the Roasted Pepper Calzone. The latest one is definitely a spicy, peppy combination to spark off your gastronomical affairs.

For Paasta delicacies, you can surely trust on Pappardelle Pesto Genovese that includes potatoes, fresh basil pesto, green beans and some lemon zest too. The Spaghetti Carbonara and Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli were also new faces in the menu.

All the Paastas and Pizzas are in-house adding more credibility to their food.



Innovative Mains For The Perfect Foodie

This veteran kitchen has introduced the Flash Steak and Frieds, Pork steaks comprising of prime pork steak with a tangy, zesty herby tomato salsa and spiced fries as accompaniments. Chicken Melanese was already there on the menu and this is a must try whenever you plan a visit to this Italian hub.


Desserts to Die For



Of every gastronomical journey, my favourite part has always been the desserts. Jamie’s Italian had always topped my lists when it comes to the tasting of Italian food with a punch of great desserts. The new menu probably understood the emotions of dessert freaks like me and thus they have the Ultimate Dessert Plank that contains the 5 best assortments of desserts from this Italian kitchen. While the Epic Brownie had been the closest to my dessert cravings, this new member in the menu has loyally substituted it. The Seasonal Pavlova was also a newbie in the menu.

So after a vivid and detailed narration of this gastronomical affair, when are you planning to make your visit at Jamie’s Kitchen?








FriendShip Day Celebrations Receive A New Identity With Barcelos

Barcelos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Friendship Day observed on the First Sunday of August undoubtedly gifts you a moment to voice out your feelings for your friends, strike a bond of reunion and celebrate those good old days of friendship with solemn memories. However what happens to those kids who never got a chance to meet their parents and their friendship bonds have been limited to the four walls of the home or orphanage? Their friendship day celebrations do not end up in posh cafes or urban parties. Keeping in mind the conditions of these kids, this year Barcelos Hauz Khas decided to add a touch of exclusivity to their lives on the eve of Friendship Day. 21 kids from the Samparn Home were invited to Barcelos for a gala lunch to ensure that their friendship day turns out to be a special memory for each of them.


The kids had an interactive lunch with all of us and everyone of them indeed experienced a perfect time. Their friendly natures, diverse knowledge about almost everything made us amazed. Burgers,fries,ice-creams and what not, everything was served on their platter to make sure that their friendship Day celebrations could turn out to be the best.


To add to their entertainment there was the famous dancer Anubhav Sharma. He ensured that every child and blogger made a dancing move with the foot-tapping tunes of Kaala Chashma.


The experience turned out to be an incredibly memorable one witnessing so many smiles on the faces of innocent little kids.


If Barcelos had won my heart before for their super delicious Portuguese cuisines, this time with this humanitarian approach of theirs, they stood out to be really exceptional.

Friendhip Day had never been so memorable in my life.

Why You Should Not Waste Your Time on Mohenjodaro?

Mohenjo Daro Review

Though this comes  very late , but I could write a review only after I have seen the movie. I had heard rumors that it did not perform quite well on the screens, but voicing out a negative opinion first requires enough verification. And here comes an honest unbiased review of Mohenjodaro.

When a filmmaker like Ashutosh Gowariker thinks to make a movie on one of the most important settlement of the Indus valley civilization- Mohenjo Daro, one would definitely expect it to be historically correct and yet keep his worth as a storyteller.

However, as the movie states, he has failed to retain both the accounts.


mohenjodaro1Mohenjo Daro is basically a fantasy movie and has nothing to do with the exact historical background. It has nothing new to offer and it is the same old brew of jealousy, love served in a packet full of drama with no proper and convincing proportions.

Moreover with the historic diversions and the surplus reinterpreted scenes, Mohenjodaro definitely does not live up to the built expectations of the eagerly awaiting audiences.

mj 4

Ashutosh has made the first half a bit comical than historical or rather it was a historical comedy in its own way. We understand Ashutosh had been very much inspired by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, but that does not imply that he will recreate his own historical occurrences.

And what about cinematography and fashion? I must say as far as history states the fashion of Mohenjodaro was definitely not as provoking as it appears to be on the screens of Mohenjodaro by Ashutosh Gowariker.


The acting department also failed to achieve the level of success. Even at some part you may find it quite amateur. The history lovers will find the movie amusing as they won’t be able to relate the film with the actual plot. Serious movie lovers may think it’s the same old, tedious and boring.

Mohenjo Daro had a clash with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom. Even after all this people are watching this movie just due to their love for Hrithik Roshan. But if you really want to make out something from the movie, please keep the history books miles away.

This movie is solely for Hrithik lovers as here he has flaunted his abs, his great dance moves as well. Pooja Hedge is a beautiful lady who limp expressions makes her an appealing heroine. It’s a one time watch though you will like the historic set but don’t expect much from the movie. Well! Even after Hrithik’s earnest performance, it is not enough to take us to the cinema hall to watch Mohenjo Daro.

Super Easy Unique Independence Day Themed Recipes For Raksha Bandhan Celebrations

So Independence Day celebrations are just over but the hangover is still not gone. The hangover of a sudden holiday after a Sunday, the pride filled hearts as after-effects of the flag flying high and finally some delicious treats to binge on during the long weekend.

Since the hangover is still on and Raksha Bandhan is today, we have streamlined a few simple recipes that are not only easy,quirky but are highly memoirs of the independence day flavours. Thanks to Dr. Oetker FunFoods who brought out these innovative recipes from their innovative minds.

Thank us later.

Tiranga Pilaf

Tiranga Veg Pilav

Tiranga Veg Pilaf


Attributed to: Chef Gaurav Chadha, Dr. Oetker FunFoods, Creative Kitchen

Servings: 2


300 g Rice, boiled

100 g Broccoli, chopped and boiled

30 g (2 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Mint Mayonnaise

1 small Potato, boiled and chopped

1 Green Chilli, chopped

30 g (2 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Veg Mayonnaise

1 medium Carrot, chopped and boiled

3-4 Mint Leaves, chopped

30 g (2 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Tandoori Mayonnaise

1 small Onion, chopped


  1. For Green Layer: In a bowl add 100 g rice, broccoli and Mint Mayonnaise. Mix well and keep aside.
  2. For white Layer: In a bowl add 100 g rice, potatoes, green chili and Veg Mayonnaise. Mix well and keep aside.
  3. For Orange Layer: In a bowl add remaining rice, carrot, mint leaves, onion and Tandoori Mayonnaise. Mix well and keep aside.
  4. For Assembling: In a glass bowl place green layer rice at the bottom, white layer in the middle and orange layer on the top. Microwave the rice for 30 seconds, garnish it with caramelized onion and serve warm.

Level: Beginner

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Tricolor Pasta Salad

Tri Color Pasta Salad


Tri Color Pasta Salad

Attributed to: Chef Gaurav Chadha, Dr. Oetker FunFoods, Creative Kitchen

Servings: 2


1 tbsp Dr. Oetker FunFoods Pesto Verde Pasta Sauce

1 tbsp Dr. Oetker FunFoods Veg Mayonnaise

1 tbsp Dr. Oetker FunFoods Pesto Rosso Pasta Sauce

120 g Penne Pasta, boiled



  1. Take three 3 bowls, add Pesto Verde in one, Veg Mayonnaise in second and Pesto Rosso in third bowl. Add pasta in all the three bowls and mix well.
  2. For Serving: Place Pesto Verde pasta, followed by Veg Mayonnaise pasta and Pesto Rosso pasta in a plate. Garnish with parsley and serve.

Level: Beginner

Preparation time: 5 Minute

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Tiranga Sandwich

Tiranga Sandwich





Tiranga Sandwich

Attributed to: Chef Gaurav Chadha, Dr. Oetker FunFoods, Creative Kitchen

Servings: 4


  • 45g (3 tbsp) Dr. Oetker Funfoods Tandoori Mayonnaise
  • 1 medium Carrot, peeled and grated
  • 1 medium Green Capsicum, deseeded and chopped
  • 45g (3 tbsp) Dr. Oetker Funfoods Mint Mayonnaise
  • 1 medium Cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 1 medium Onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 medium Tomato, chopped
  • 45g (3 tbsp) Dr. Oetker Funfoods Veg Mayonnaise
  • 6 White Bread SlicesDirections:
  1. In a bowl, add mint Mayonnaise, cucumber, capsicum and onion. Spread the mixture on a bread slice and cover with second slice
  2. Spread 1 tbsp. Veg. Mayonnaise on top of second slice and cover with another layer of bread.
  3. In another bowl, add Tandoori Mayonnaise, cucumber, onion, tomato and spread the mixture on top of third bread slice. Place one more slice of bread on top.
  4. Cut the sides and sandwich into 3 fingers. Your Tiranga Sandwich is ready. Serve cold.
  5. Level: Beginner
  6. Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Idli Mayo Chaat

Idli Mayo Chaat



Idli Mayo Chaat

Attributed to: Chef Raveer Brar, Dr. Oetker FunFoods, Creative Kitchen


Servings: 4


100 ml Vegetable Oil

4 Idlis, cut into four

1 small Onion, chopped

1 small Tomato, chopped

2 tbsp Pomegranate, seeds

4-5 Coriander Leaves, chopped

Black salt

1 tsp Chaat Masala

1 tbsp Mint Chutney

30 g (2 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Mint Mayonnaise

30 g (2 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Tandoori Mayonnaise

2 Wooden skewers

½ tsp Sev


1.Heat oil and fry idlis till golden brown in colour and keep aside to cool.

2.In a bowl add onions, tomatoes, pomegranate, coriander, black salt, chaat masala and mint chutney. Mix well and keep aside.

3.Take 2 bowls add Mint Mayonnaise in one and Tandoori Mayonnaise in another. Add idlis in both bowls and mix well.

4.Insert idlis in skewers. Place skewers on a plate and top it up with above chaat mixture. Garnish it with sev and serve.


Level: Beginner

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes












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