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Noida Bar Exchange: Noida’s Latest Food Destination To Be Checked Out

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Delhi is quite fond of bars and the pub culture is highly in vogue in this ever busy city. However in the din and bustle of these new bars mushrooming every other day, very few remain to steal the attention. One of them that I recently came across and that has really impressed me with all its parameters, is the Noida Bar Exchange.


This gem is situated in SMAASH, Noida, Delhi NCR’s favoritoe destination for cool games and some amazingly interesting cricket sessions. Let me share how this much spoken about bar has left me quite impressed.


As I shared it’s location adds to its primary popularity. Placed just opposite to the cricket pitch of SMAASH Noida, one can easily grab a drink, enjoy a match or just hang out while they are spectating a match.

Spacious and elaborate, you have a huge screen for all the match screenings. In fact it’s indeed a hub for spending your weekends.


As the name says, this is a bar designed in the form of a stock exchange concept. Hence you don’t have a menu for drinks and the list of drinks flash on the several screens displaying the prices.

The Culinary Guide

Well there are a number of things we tried but amongst them a few are definitely the must try ones in your list.

Galouti Kebabs

With its origins from the lands of Lucknow these kebabs are even a critic’s favorite. And Noida Bar Exchange’s cooked to perfection techniques make it an amazing experience indeed. Soft, semi spiced aromatic kebabs were indeed mouth melting.

Crispy Onion Rings

Believe me I never held an idea that onion rings can be such delicious. Hot, crispy, fitters were so crunchy that every bite was a pleasure.

SMAASH Special 🍕 Pizza

I never have vegetarian pizzas. In fact they seem to me quite boring. But Noida Bar Exchange proved me wrong with its incredibly juicy pizza with a crazy cheese base and loaded with onions and capscicum slices.

Last but not at all the Least

The Sinful Waffles

Making the perfect waffles is an art to master. While some make them too soggy, some keep them excess of crispy. But the Chef here knew his job well. Waffles were made with an absolutely fine mix of crisp and softness. Topped with powdered sugar and served with rich chocolate sauce, whipped cream and honey, this deadly dessert is something you must definitely give a try.

And yes, definitely this is a great zone for excellent drinks that come in economic to premium ranges.


So my dear folks, next time you drop into DLF Mall of India, don’t forget to visit this creative hub if excellent food and drinks, right at SMAASH.

Try Grill Kitchen Gourmet For A “Gourmet” Experience Today

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Gourmet food always appeals to your tastes and leaves an impact on your tastebuds. The Grill Kitchen Gourmet is too an outlet that has the power to leave great tastes and definitely is a must try for all residents in South Delhi. As its name speaks, the kitchen is indeed a gourmet one that would surely leave behind a great experience.

DSC_0177 - CopyIf you are wondering why am I so overwhelmed by it, here is a list of reasons that would surely make you opt for this delivery outlet.

Things I would recommend this out For

Amazing Packaging

Every delivery outlet requires a great packaging to satisfy it’s customers and this outlet knows this very well. Sealed boxes with microwave friendly features make it a must try delivery outlet.

DSC_0178 - Copy

Punctual Services

One of the basic things every foodie expects from a delivery outlet is completely punctual services. On time delivery is something that many delivery outlets fail to offer and here lies the irony that even if the food is good enough, impunctual services are a great turn off. But Grill Kitchen Gourmet would never dissappoint you in this area. Absolutely sharp on time, you don’t need to check your watch repeatedly for getting those lip-smacking delicacies on your plate.

Appetizing Tastes

DSC_0184DSC_0183DSC_0182After all food is the ultimate mantra of being a hit survivor in the food industry. The Grill Kitchen Gourmet thus celebrates the variety of cuisines with both Chinese and Indian cuisines. And wait there’s also some Thai varieties too to try for.

Final Words of Appreciation

I went with their Indian cuisine and yes, I was absolutely happy and satisfied with each and every dish. Among the 4 dishes I tried the Kerala Pomfret fry turned out the best one for me.

Even the daal makhani was incredible enough to give their outlet a second try.

DSC_0184So go ahead and give this hidden gem and a try. Believe me you won’t be disappointed at all.