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A Peep Into The Barbeque Nation Kitchen: One of the Best Gastronomic Journeys

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Barbeque Nation Faridabad Proves Why BBQ Nation is the Most Reliable Ooutlet to Have The Best Barbecues

Residents of Faridabad had been long deprived of some great barbeque cuisines. And Barbeque Nation came as a boon to us. Though I had been to this food joint a couple of times in Faridabad, this time when we made our food tour with a blogging bent of mind, Barbeque Nation surprised us with a series of unknown facts.

Carrying its origin from the parent brand of Barbeque Nation, no wonder they were the most wanted members for all Barbeque lovers in Faridabad. In fact, when I came to know about this food joint, I was also super excited. Who likes to travel down to Connaught Place or Saket just to have a luncheon or a dinner? And BBQ Nation, Faridabad has rightfully lived up to all our anticipations.


No wonder Barbeque Nation can bag the appreciation for its wonderful décor and its loyalty to the BBQ Nation family reputation. With lovely chandeliers and a mix and match of two seaters, four-seaters as well as eight-seater tables, this food joint knows all the ways to make you feel relaxed.



This section makes me give them the extra brownie points. In fact their extremely cordial behaviour, end-to-end assistance, multiple queries on our tastes and a special careful eye for our comfort made us feel pampered. Without any exaggeration, each and every token of their behaviour conveyed how dedicated they were to impress their customers and improve their services.


In fact as far as we could recall we were inquired about the taste almost thrice that communicated how careful they are in maintaining a healthy client relationship.



Though this never turns out to be a segment of a restaurant review however we decided to pen it down for the impeccable cleanliness we came across. While as a food blogger we have come across many restaurants or food joints that refuse to take you immediately to their kitchen, Barbeque Nation surprised us on the contrary. Without any second thought, they escorted us to their kitchen and we were again surprised by their extra careful steps to assure hygiene.

13518254_10206569989663650_1180768825_o (1)

We learnt from BBQ Nation Faridabad that every member of the Barbeque Nation family engages itself in strict maintenance of separate Barbeque sections for the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian.

Even the Barbeque steaks are given distinct identities so that there is no room for confusion. I believe this is a great piece of good news for our vegetarian Barbeque Nation foodies.

13509700_10206569989183638_2125511008_o (1)

With three absolutely distinct segments for Barbeques, main courses as well as desserts, they leave no stones unturned to offer you the best food on your platter.


Even the dishes undergo three rigorous stages of cleaning before they hit your luncheon or dinner tables.

Great! Isn’t it?


Well, now coming to the food scenario, BBQ Nation Faridabad Sector 35, has a limited number of options compared to other BBQ counterparts. It’s understandable, as the outlet witnessed its birth only in the month of September, 2015. Not even a year old right?

However their limited varieties never let down your appetites as the kebabs and Tandooris are loaded with supreme tastes. For the Veg Starter section, you can enjoy the Honey Chilli Grilled Veg, Sabnam Ke Moti (an authentic delicacy of corn), Chinnikom Pineapple, Marwadi Paneer Tikka, Marrakesh Role and Cajun Spiced Potato.

Cajun Potato

Recommended: – As my personal favourites, I would recommend Shabnam ke Moti and Cajun Spiced Potato.

For the non-veg starter, you can experience the Tambura Prawn, Fish Adraki Tikki, Zulu Coriander Chicken, Angara Tangdi, Mutton Gilafi Stick etc.

13493368_10206570015104286_1032743562_o (1)

The main course dinners are usually of the same range alike the other Barbeque Nation members so I would not mention more about them.

Coming to desserts Barbeque Nation held a plethora of items and indeed every person is bound to fall in love with the dessert scenario. Gulkand Phirni, Hot Gulab Jamun, Bread and Nuts Kheer, Almond Brownie, Zebra Pastry, Orange Cheese Cake, Fresh Cut Fruits and the list goes endless.

13493564_10206569988543622_876659633_o (1)

Recommended: To experience an off-beat taste, you can readily opt for Gulkand Phirni and Hot Gulab Jamun.

To sum it up, Barbeque Nation Faridabad, just like its fellow outlets have survived all the expectations of a gastronomic journey. So Faridabadwalon fasten your seat belts and get ready for the Bon apetite.


Meet Amrita Sengupta: The Lady Behind Those Wonderful Cakes

Meet Amrita Sengupta: A Versatile Baker in The Hub of Pune

After Social Connoisseurs’ attempts at the restaurants of the city of Joy, we now switch to a different mode of blogging and introduce to you Amrita Sengupta, a dessert specialist. To be more precise, Amrita is a cake specialist who holds in her hands the magic of gifting the most creative looks to her cakes and the outcome is indeed marvellous. We assure you just can’t take off your eyes when it comes to the bakery section of Amrita. Her bakery showcase flaunting the most appealing cakes is an instant booster to your dessert appetites. Forget the calories and just dive into the divine tastes with these yummilicious tokens of cakes.


Amrita hailing from Kolkata and at present a Pune inhabitant had always nurtured an impeccable desire for baking. It was after her marriage when she learnt about her husband’s sweet tooth; her baking skills received a prompt motivation. Thanks to the man behind her success. Her passion fuelled and there she was in her kitchen giving birth to some outstanding pieces of tempting cakes.

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Amrita’s baking skills are not only restricted to cakes but she is an equal connoisseur in breads and cookies to. When asked Amrita about her extraordinary skills, she was too humble and claimed that she is a novice in the field. But we all know Amrita your cakes are just out of the world.

Apart from being a great baker, she is also a teacher in one of the reputed schools in  Pune. When asked that whether she desires to pursue this passion as a profession, Amrita says “Why not”? And definitely we too agree the same Amrita, why not? We would earn such a great opportunity to taste such irresistible delicacies.

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Let’s take a look at Amrita’s versatile baking gallery.





13340451_912178178891245_2146731533_o (1)So now, after you have seen those appetizing cakes, you exactly know where to go to if you need the best birthday, anniversary, wedding or congratulatory cakes in Pune.

Thanks to this awesome baker in town

Amrita Sengupta

Barcelos Inaugurates A Cool Summer Season with Their Portuguese Cocktails and New Desserts

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When you could already cherish those crazy Molecular Drinks as well as the Sangria Boozy Shakes at Barcelos, now you have another exciting avenue to look forward to. The tempting Portuguese cocktail bar menu had a plethora of taste to explore for. You can satiate your drinking appetites with those exclusively Portuguese drinks like The Bermuda that involves a fine combination of Gin, Grenadine as well as Brandy that is punched with orange juice. You can also try out the Doce cocktail that included a fine blend of cinnamon, vanilla ice-cream, raspberry as well as some sprinkled chocolate powder. Tempting isn’t it? Social Connoisseurs really had a great time tasting this drink.


The Frothy Creamy Doce

Other parts of the Portuguese cocktail menu that you can offer a try is definitely Ola that included the fine blend of rose as well as beetle leaves along with rum as the base drink or the Portuguese in Love ( a quirky yet smart combination of pomegranate and brandy).




What made Social Connoisseurs fall in love with the cocktail menu is its fine handling of the Indian tastes. If you hold an Indian taste for cocktails, you can try out The Khatti Meethi Margarita which had a great punch of water-lemon, tequila with fresh mint leaves and a dash of lime. Theeki  Mirchi was another Indian cocktail, specially arranged keeping in mind the spicy appetites of the Indian tongue. This was a vodka-based drink punched with guava juice, lime juice and fresh lime chillies. Paan-Tini takes you to an exclusive Indian cocktail journey with the presence of tamarind, gulkaand, areca nut and vanilla ice-cream. This too was a vodka based drink. The freshness of flavours oozing out from each of the drinks make them leave a power packed taste behind.


Khatti Meethi Margarita

While the Portuguese cocktails start from a price of 325, the Indian ones begin from 300.

A good meal is incomplete without a memorable dessert and Barcelos seems to realize it to the core. In the dessert segment you have the Red Velvet Lava. When you are a health-freak, the perfect pick for you would be the Green Tea Lava. Both of them are served with a punch of natural Barcelos in-house ice-cream. Master Chefs, aren’t they?


Red Velvet Lava

For the traditional flavours you have the Golden chocolate cake with black forest flavoured vanilla icecream and the gulab jamun based cheesecake with peanut butter ice-creams.


Golden Chocolate Cake


Cheesecake with Peanut Butter

So when are you planning your visit into this authentic Portuguese outlet at Khan Market? Drop soon and experience a rendezvous with the best of cocktails and desserts. J

Stay tuned to Social Connoisseurs for More Updates.