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Smartness With Safety, Introduce Your Kid To The Magic of Environchip

Hello my dear readers! Today as I am penning down this blog, I remember a phrase that my Father often used to quote “Science is both a boon and bane”. I never used to agree with him as to me science can never be a curse to anyone. Well, imagine in the present world signing off from scientific gifts like Wi-Fi, Laptops and especially Smartphone can turn our daily existence into nightmares. But unfortunately, in this daily “used to” committed relationship with science, we forget how it is gradually eroding our existence. And especially when you are a mum, you need to be super cautious about the pros and cons of every small item your child is close to. It is during this phase, I came to learn the dangerous threats every regular smart object poses to the human body.

Smart Gadgets: A Boon or Curse?


Backed by research and some readings, it has been established that prolonged exposure to smart phones and their radiations can cause similar harm to the human body as radioactive radiation. Wireless radiations can cause severe damage issues like altered brain performance, interrupted memory, prolonged headaches and sleep disturbances. Well, while the adult body can still resist the damage to a certain extent, the child’s health falls vulnerable to such damaging effects more promptly.


Don’t Compromise Your Child’s Safety At The Tempting Hands of Mobile Phones

My 4 year old kid is a almost addicted to mobile phones and I believe most of our kids are. Well, in this fast paced life, it often becomes difficult to give the little ones quality time and as parents to keep them engaged and make our lives easier, hand them over mobile phones. The dynamic world of YouTube, thrilling games and vibrant, colorful screens is a trap that most of the children can hardly deny. But barely do we realize it is the door to endless problems that we introduce them to.

Is There A  Solution To Combat The Damaging Smart Gadgets?

However in this daily marathon where our very existence is dependent on smart devices and we can neither isolate ourselves nor our kids from their vicious traps, a few days back, I came across an amazing solution. Environics, a brand dedicated to Radiation purification solutions can be the ultimate savior with their wide array of benefits.

environchip3Well, initially while the term radiation purification might seem to be a complicated terminology, however in simple words it is a shield to fight the extremely damaging radiations emitted by the everyday smart devices. Well, in a nutshell it is the perfect antidote to the difficult radiations that have become our daily companions.

Smart Snd Safe: The Magic of Environchip

Environchips are designed in a way that easily can be fit into any of your regular smart gadgets. It smartly neutralizes the extremely damaging effects of the radiations when used with your smart devices, thus reducing, almost eliminating the chances of side-effects caused by smartphones, Wi-Fi Routers, Laptops or tablets.

Backed By Quality Research

Well, many of you might be wondering how one can trust on its effectiveness or how beneficial it might be in the long run? Frankly speaking, these are some of the common doubts all of us as consumers face. Well, The Environchip radiation protection has undergone several tests and hence certified by prominent Indian and International organizations like Max Healthcare, India, DB Technology Lab, Cambridge, U.K., Singapore Green Building Council as well as CE certified. Also the results of its performance have been published in Journal of BioMedical Science & Engineering, USA and MIT’s Technology Review. Well, with so many certifications in its bag of honor, definitely its credibility can never be doubted.

5 Smart Reasons To Choose The Smart Environchip


Can be used with all major smart devices

Laptops, mobile phones, wi-fi routers or tablets are the most common smart gadgets we are exposed to and fortunately Environchip is available for one and all. Infact they have combo packs too that come as a comprehensive solution for all your smart gadgets at once.

Super Easy To Use

Well, the best part is it is extremely easy to use. No hassles involved and no interference with the style, presentation or features of your phone make it a truly smart product.

Does Not Interrupt The Network

The Environchip does not have any negative impact on the flow of network of your phone.

Pocket-Friendly Protector

Well, who does not like smart things to be available at smart, pocket-friendly prices? Well, Environics takes care of your pockets and the Environchip range affordably starts from around 599 INR, that indeed does not hurt your pockets.

Safety With Smartness

Well, the Environchip lets you enjoy your smart gadgets to its utmost without risking your safety? Undoubtedly, this makes it a must have presence in every household.

With an array of benefits, The Environchip is thus a necessity, rather than a luxury for not only an adult but also for kids where smart gadgets hold an indispensable identity. Available at all leading E-commerce portals and their own official website, availing safety and protection is hassle-free.



This Akshay Tritiya, Upgrade Your Jewelry collections with These Classy Yet Affordable Designs

India is indeed a land of innumerable festivals and every occasion brings in a reason to update your wardrobe with a new collection of apparels and jewelry. With Akshay Tritiya knocking on the door, here is one more reason to upgrade your jewelry wardrobe. To deliver your jewelry shopping experience an affordable yet classy taste, here are some brands to gift you the most satisfying yet classy jewelery shopping experience.


CaratLane has always been one of my favorite brands when it comes to jewelry shopping. With their light, sober and elite designs, they are enough to make you the “Talk of The Town”.


As a brand that celebrates the choices and individuality of the women of today, for Akshaya Tritiya CaratLane has launched a new collection, Madhubani, inspired from a 2500 year old art form originating from Mithila in Bihar.

Crafted in 18kt yellow and rose gold with diamonds and gemstones, the collection comprises a whole new range of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. From everyday wear to statement making designs, this collection is a mix of rich cultural heritage and nature’s extravaganza, just like a Madhubani painting.


Prices start at Rs. 7,550/caratlane3

You can explore the awe-inspiring Madhubani collection even online in case you are an online shopaholic.

Well while Caratlane is more inclined towards daily wear jewelry, we have also curated a brand that offers you traditional artefacts this Akshay Tritiya.

4 finger ring

Narayan Jewellers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi from Vadodara is a brand that we all look up to for the most exquisite jewelry designs. A heritage brand with a lineage of 77 years, Narayan Jewellers is a name to reckon with in the bridal jewellery.

2 finger Ring

From styling the beautiful Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh for their wedding to Kishwer Merchant and Suyyash Rai, Narayan Jewellers have been the jewellers behind the weddings of top industrialist and royal families in India and abroad.

narayan jewellers

Their designs are bespoke and exquisite, perfect for today’s modern Indian bride. A regular at the red carpet, Narayan Jewellers jewellery has been sported by celebrities Bollywood celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Divya Khosla Kumar, Vidya Balan amongst others at the awards red carpet and Hollywood celebrites like Dylan Penn and Lucy Watson at the Oscars red carpet.

So with a cocktail of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs, this Akshay Tritiya get ready to glam up your jewelry wardrobe the perfect look.

Sandeep Atre’s Socialigence: A Boon For Realizing Non-Verbal Social Behaviour

There was once a time when academic qualifications were enough to be a part of and sustain in a social organization. However with changing times, it has become a crucial aspect to realize and understand the social behavior of fellow colleagues when you are eager to sustain in an organization. This is not only the scenario of a workplace but in fact every other social or personal space where you are in constant interaction with pople. It is quite easy to crack and realize spoken words and behavior but what happens when the code of behavior is only a set of reactions? Well, in these situations, it is indeed a difficult challenge.

However during one of my interviewing sessions, I chanced to come across Sandeep Atre, a psychologist who holds in his bag of wisdom the key to all social behavioral solutions. In fact, Socialigence, an online platform strives to reach out to people who are indeed interested to crack and understand every sort of unsaid social behavior.

Before I pen down the details about my one to one interaction with this genius, I would love to enlighten my readers a bit about Sandeep Atre. Apart from being a well-informed, experienced psychologist Mr. Atre is a PHD scholar and is also the founder and Director of Socialigence.

Socialigence is indeed a one of its kind platform that endeavors to provide a complete end to end online tutorial session for amateurs to experienced people helping to understand the several intricate patterns of social behavior. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a boss, a founder or an employee, Socialigence has the solution for one and all with their curated and researched content and video tutorials. As Mr. Atre confirmed that “All the courses have been designed in a very specific manner and thus can cater to several profiles.”

There are pre-recorded videos on the forum where there would be tutorials on the interpretations of different kinds of behavioral code, for example the movement of hands while speaking or the touch of hands when a person is trying to make a point. A person can have access to all these videos as many times for a year and his understanding and realization of the video shall also be judged on a sample test where an exercise of 10 questions will be provided.

Moreover in case of any sort of interruption or glitch that an user faces during the video, he is free to contact or reach out Socialigence or contact personally Mr. Atre via mail for the clearance of doubts. Well such an interactive platform in the field of social behavioral learning is indeed one of its kind till date.


Coming back to Mr. Sandeep Atre, this had been indeed one of the best of interviews conducted by me. The reason is the in depth informative session that we happened to come across. The interaction undoubtedly established that he is a man of extreme genius when it comes to the judgment of social behavior.

When I asked him that What Interested him to Get Into Socialigence, his answer was simple but enlightening. It was during his Researching, he found Social Intellligence can be broadly intersected into Inter-personal and non-verbal communication. The field of non-verbal communication is indeed huge. For example, Body can show only the emotional state and face shows the exact emotion. In both anger and love, both will look at the person with the same intensity, so it is indeed a difficult task to judge the kind of EMOTIONAL STATE. And Socialigence’s tutorials help you to realize or judge the positive or the negative vibes conveyed by the emotional state. Since “word express thoughts and body express emotions” as conveyed by Mr. Atre, it is in fact a challenging task to interpret the latter one.

When asked about whether Socialigence helps to interpret social media behavior, well yes, Mr. Atre had an answer to that too. As per Mr. Atre there are certain codes of smiles and gestures that are decoded in the tutorials provided by Socialigence.

For example when both the muscles are exercised in a smile, we know the whole smile is a whole-hearted and true one. But when you come across Deuschen smile or a smile where only a single muscle is exercised, it is in fact a fake one. According to Mr. Atre, “When one needs to create a contact, it is only the exchange of factual information. But when one focuses to establish a connect, there is a necessity of exchange of an emotional information”. And thus Socialigence guides you to interpret this emotional information.

The role of Socialigence is also quite crucial for parents of today. Teenagers are children who are glued to social media and often adopt lies and fake stories for justifying themselves, can only be understood and analyzed if they are emotionally comprehensible. And yes, Mr. Atre’s specific designing of courses looks after that too.

Some Notable Achievements of Mr. Atre are:

Sandeep Atre has taken upon himself to venture into spreading knowledge and awareness about the impact of psychologist on people through CH EdgeMakers – a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ organisation of central India for close to two decades, as a team of close to 100 people.

He has trained more than 100 thousand students for ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Entrance & Recruitment Preparation’. He is also a Promoter-Director of EduBirds – a venture in commerce education.

He  also carries in his bag of authorship: “Understanding Emotions Logically – A layman’s guide to the foundations of Social Intelligence” and “Observing Nonverbal Behaviour – An exhaustive guide to the essential skill of Social Intelligence”.

He has featured as a ‘Management & Motivational Speaker’ at various prestigious platforms like IIM, IIT, RRCAT, Rotary International, Lions International, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), State’s Teachers’ Training Program, Academic Staff College DAVV, Police Training Academy and more than 100 institutions.

A noted blogger and an author of various articles, columns and research papers published in reputable magazines, compendiums and journals; he has served on various editorial and advisory boards, and has also been an ‘Executive Committee’ member of Indore Management Association and Associate Editor of its publications.

Thank you Mr. Atre for such an enlightening session. Interacting with you had been one of the most informative sessions for Social Connoisseurs.

8 Lesser Known Food Apps That You Must Have in your Phone Today




If Zomato, Food Panda and Swiggy are the only known apps to you for your food searches, let’s unveil some more options for you. After all A ‘bhookha pet’ is quite dangerous.

Are you a foodie who loves to pamper his/her taste with the finest of delicacies? Do you get often tempted by food photographs and cannot help but to search for that piece of delicacy frantically? Zomato and Food Panda are quite popular apps to most of us. But did you ever know that there are a number of other food apps now, which are accessible in India. So, this one is for the foodies hidden behind your diet-charts. It would be a sure shame if you don’t give these a try.


Travel Khana

To a great degree helpful application and an unquestionable requirement have for all youngsters who go via train. Since this application records eateries along mainstream train courses. You arrange sustenance and it gets conveyed at a specific railroad station on your course. How imaginative is that? No more prepare sustenance for the clients.

Just Eat

Serves people living in and around the metros of the country and other big cities. While this may not list the same number of eateries as the biggies, it is extremely well known among clients.


The world’s biggest travel site, TripAdvisor is an incredible application to be utilized at whatever point going by any new place. It gives all of you the data you need and makes it simpler for you to scan for eateries, inns and some more.

Tasty Khana

Generally new in the nourishment conveyance space, Tasty Khana has risen quick and risen rapidly. It offers arrangements of more than 7000 eateries over all the significant urban communities in India. Has the office to spare profile data and numerous instalment techniques.

Food Talk India

An application that initially began as a little gathering on Facebook, Food Talk India has now turned into a tremendous stage for each foodie to share stories and encounters with respect to various eateries.

Times City

Times city is the business repository for all the event things in your city which incorporates diversion and film. It likewise gives an extensive rundown of eateries in your city, alongside audits and evaluations where accessible.


Relatively old in the nourishment conveyance space, Burrp! additionally gives a genuinely expansive rundown of eateries in many urban communities of the nation and records menus, and so forth. What’s more, and like Times City it keeps you educated about what are the most incident things in your city.


This is a platform for food that even the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has joined. Foursquare offers every one of its client’s awesome arrangements at verging on each other outlet or eatery they could go to.

So when are you downloading these apps t satiate the foodies in you?

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Puratos Customer Innovation Day in New Delhi: Know the Hands Behind Those Unbeatable Tastes of Your Cakes and Breads

Puratos Customer Innovation Day in New Delhi: Know the Hands Behind Those Unbeatable Tastes of Your Cakes and Breads

The name of Puratos is not an unfamiliar nomenclature in the genre of food industries. Their innovations that have outreached the bakeries, patisserie as well as the chocolatiers industries have gave birth to revolutionary products, thus providing the customer sheer joys of great, unadulterated taste. And 28th June, Delhi witnessed another addition to the list with its vivid range of products demonstration for the master chefs at bakeries and patisserie outlets. The Customer Innovation Day undoubtedly established a range of innovative products which ensured baking would now not only be delicious but also health-friendly.



The Customer Innovation day saw the presence of different figures mainly from the bakery, patisserie and the chocolatier industry. Apart from professional bakers and bakery owners, home bakers were also present. To cover this entire event media personnel in the form of different food bloggers equally flaunted their appearance.


The Puratos Range of Innovative Products

Puratos had always been a renowned name for the delivery of quality products and this time in its innovation bucket it contained a series of products to explore for.

O-Tentic Durum: An innovation Breathed Into the Food Industry

To make your breads and patisseries attain the peak of taste and shelf life, this dough base works as a miracle. Apart from delivering the crispy taste, it is also known for making the baking modus operandi a quick and baker-friendly process.


Satin Cake Mixes: Dessets Delivered the Edge of Perfection

Innovation at Puratos has always been an ongoing process. And the Satin cake mixes are true testimonies to the fact. With their authentic tastes and easy ready to mix purposes, they know exactly how to mash up your dessert bites. Vanilla, Orange Velvet, Masala Tea Premixes are some of the children of these innovative journeys.



Event Proceedings

The grand gastronomy journey sparked off with live demonstration classes from several culinary connoisseurs.

Chef Martin

This chef is indeed a master in his genre. With the use of the O-Tentic Durum, he reached out to us several delicacies. His explanations and demonstrations went hand in hand and indeed were eye openers for several bakery managers or newbies involved in the art of baking.


Chef Vidhu

Another connoisseur from the Puratos family led the crowd to follow the pattern of ‘Play with The Batter” and the output was some super delicious, rich chocolatey cakes coming out from the oven.


Break Session

After those sumptuous live demonstration sessions, it was essential to give a chance to the taste buds and thus a break was followed after. The break was attended by all participants who collaborated in the tasting session of the freshly baked cakes and breads.


Needless to say, we were taken aback by the versatility of desserts and the exceptionally delicious tastes.

Statistics and an Overview Consumer Report

Apart from the entire proceedings of the program, Ms. Samata the marketing head of Puratos also enlightened us about the several requirements of the tastes of different countries as well as our nation. Her presentation also addressed about the different demands of the Indian tastes and how Puratos has been consciously delivering to each and every criteria.

tasting session

A Speech by a Satisfied Puratos User

The session almost reached its conclusion with a speech delivered by Mr. Virender Arora, who was the key speaker of the session. He narrated his experiences with Puratos and how elated he is to be a part of this prestigious family of users.


Last but not the least, the gastronomic event witnessed its conclusion with a noble video where Puratos’ initiatives at uplifting the society was emphasised. In Mumbai Puratos has opened its bakery school where underprivileged children are imparted training sessions in the niches of bakery and patisseries. These children are consequently placed in different Puratos branches after the completion period of the training.


So, 28th May unrolled itself to be a great day in the company of this revolutionary Belgium based organisation. To give your products the touch of magic all you need is the presence of taste from the bakery, patisserie and chocolate connoisseurs Puratos.