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Sandeep Atre’s Socialigence: A Boon For Realizing Non-Verbal Social Behaviour

There was once a time when academic qualifications were enough to be a part of and sustain in a social organization. However with changing times, it has become a crucial aspect to realize and understand the social behavior of fellow colleagues when you are eager to sustain in an organization. This is not only the scenario of a workplace but in fact every other social or personal space where you are in constant interaction with pople. It is quite easy to crack and realize spoken words and behavior but what happens when the code of behavior is only a set of reactions? Well, in these situations, it is indeed a difficult challenge.

However during one of my interviewing sessions, I chanced to come across Sandeep Atre, a psychologist who holds in his bag of wisdom the key to all social behavioral solutions. In fact, Socialigence, an online platform strives to reach out to people who are indeed interested to crack and understand every sort of unsaid social behavior.

Before I pen down the details about my one to one interaction with this genius, I would love to enlighten my readers a bit about Sandeep Atre. Apart from being a well-informed, experienced psychologist Mr. Atre is a PHD scholar and is also the founder and Director of Socialigence.

Socialigence is indeed a one of its kind platform that endeavors to provide a complete end to end online tutorial session for amateurs to experienced people helping to understand the several intricate patterns of social behavior. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a boss, a founder or an employee, Socialigence has the solution for one and all with their curated and researched content and video tutorials. As Mr. Atre confirmed that “All the courses have been designed in a very specific manner and thus can cater to several profiles.”

There are pre-recorded videos on the forum where there would be tutorials on the interpretations of different kinds of behavioral code, for example the movement of hands while speaking or the touch of hands when a person is trying to make a point. A person can have access to all these videos as many times for a year and his understanding and realization of the video shall also be judged on a sample test where an exercise of 10 questions will be provided.

Moreover in case of any sort of interruption or glitch that an user faces during the video, he is free to contact or reach out Socialigence or contact personally Mr. Atre via mail for the clearance of doubts. Well such an interactive platform in the field of social behavioral learning is indeed one of its kind till date.


Coming back to Mr. Sandeep Atre, this had been indeed one of the best of interviews conducted by me. The reason is the in depth informative session that we happened to come across. The interaction undoubtedly established that he is a man of extreme genius when it comes to the judgment of social behavior.

When I asked him that What Interested him to Get Into Socialigence, his answer was simple but enlightening. It was during his Researching, he found Social Intellligence can be broadly intersected into Inter-personal and non-verbal communication. The field of non-verbal communication is indeed huge. For example, Body can show only the emotional state and face shows the exact emotion. In both anger and love, both will look at the person with the same intensity, so it is indeed a difficult task to judge the kind of EMOTIONAL STATE. And Socialigence’s tutorials help you to realize or judge the positive or the negative vibes conveyed by the emotional state. Since “word express thoughts and body express emotions” as conveyed by Mr. Atre, it is in fact a challenging task to interpret the latter one.

When asked about whether Socialigence helps to interpret social media behavior, well yes, Mr. Atre had an answer to that too. As per Mr. Atre there are certain codes of smiles and gestures that are decoded in the tutorials provided by Socialigence.

For example when both the muscles are exercised in a smile, we know the whole smile is a whole-hearted and true one. But when you come across Deuschen smile or a smile where only a single muscle is exercised, it is in fact a fake one. According to Mr. Atre, “When one needs to create a contact, it is only the exchange of factual information. But when one focuses to establish a connect, there is a necessity of exchange of an emotional information”. And thus Socialigence guides you to interpret this emotional information.

The role of Socialigence is also quite crucial for parents of today. Teenagers are children who are glued to social media and often adopt lies and fake stories for justifying themselves, can only be understood and analyzed if they are emotionally comprehensible. And yes, Mr. Atre’s specific designing of courses looks after that too.

Some Notable Achievements of Mr. Atre are:

Sandeep Atre has taken upon himself to venture into spreading knowledge and awareness about the impact of psychologist on people through CH EdgeMakers – a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ organisation of central India for close to two decades, as a team of close to 100 people.

He has trained more than 100 thousand students for ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Entrance & Recruitment Preparation’. He is also a Promoter-Director of EduBirds – a venture in commerce education.

He  also carries in his bag of authorship: “Understanding Emotions Logically – A layman’s guide to the foundations of Social Intelligence” and “Observing Nonverbal Behaviour – An exhaustive guide to the essential skill of Social Intelligence”.

He has featured as a ‘Management & Motivational Speaker’ at various prestigious platforms like IIM, IIT, RRCAT, Rotary International, Lions International, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), State’s Teachers’ Training Program, Academic Staff College DAVV, Police Training Academy and more than 100 institutions.

A noted blogger and an author of various articles, columns and research papers published in reputable magazines, compendiums and journals; he has served on various editorial and advisory boards, and has also been an ‘Executive Committee’ member of Indore Management Association and Associate Editor of its publications.

Thank you Mr. Atre for such an enlightening session. Interacting with you had been one of the most informative sessions for Social Connoisseurs.

Anamika Yaduvanshi’s ‘ASTITVA’: A Platform for An Independent Identity

A few days, I came across Astitva, a NGO, reaching out to women of the underprivileged sections, trying to make them capable and independent of living a better life. In the present days of women empowerment and emancipation, many a women are coming out of their domestic shells in order to redefine their lives or attribute their identity a dignified living. However while women of the upper classes or upper middle classes or even the usual middle classes can cross their domestic barriers easily for their education and standards of living, it becomes a problem for the deprived sections of the society.


During my blogging career, I have met various personalities and dignitaries; however the tryst with Astitva and its members had left quite indelible imprints on my memory. Anamika Yaduvanshi, the lady behind this beautiful creation, has tried to bring together the like minded girls who would be keen to ascertain an individual identity. With such inspiring minds as members, Anamika Yaduvanshi’s Astitva seeks to reach out to those girls and women helping them to discover a true identity.


Most of the times, we come across deprived women who due to their inconsistent educational background are not able to attain a financial stability. The result is they have to dependant solely on their husbands or the earning guardian of the family. At Astitva, they are extended a platform to learn vocational skills like crochet crafts, handiworks and other professional skills that would enable them to pitch a source of financial income in the long run.

Anamika Yaduvanshi, a celebrated life coach and Tarot card reader has been able to rekindle a new hope amidst these women by directing their dreams. A glimpse through their works and their indomitable spirits made me understand how privileged we are to enjoy a comparatively smooth and seamless life.


The bag of credits definitely goes to Anamika Yaduvanshi who by her serious and strong efforts have moulded better hopes for these beautiful lives. Astitva has put up exhibitions and their products have received great response. A day in the company of Astitva has been indeed a memorable one witnessing so many hopeful smiles brought about by a super woman like Mrs. Yaduvanshi.

Meet Ritu Agarwal: An Iconic Voice Redefining The Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Number


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the recently released song from the voice of Arijit Singh has been topping the playlists of many music fans. In fact the lyrics, the soothing voice of Arijit Singh and the shinning cast of the flick makes it a more appealing number.

However leaving behind the hyped Arijit Singh, let us introduce to you another singer whose YouTube video has redefined the number with her soothing voice.


Image Credits: Voice India

Introducing to you Ritu Agarwal, the veteran singer from Voice India whose video has managed to achieve 2,00,000 views only within a week of its upload.

Going through this video personally has proved that she is going to make a promising statement in the long run.

Here is the You Tube Link to the song.

With such a mesmerizing voice, she is undoubtedly our Star of the Month.

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Meet Naaz Joshi: The First Transgender Woman to Feature Herself on An Indian Magazine Cover: A Tale of Ceasless Inspiration

The transgender identity has always been the “third” identity in the Indian society. We were lucky enough to come across a woman from the transgender status who carries with her a saga of ceaseless inspiration. Meet Naaz Joshi.

Naaz Joshi....

India is gearing up in its thoughts and you cannot miss the fact that we are changing. A change that was long anticipated in the Indian line of orthodox thoughts has finally shown its traces. And here you have enough proof. Naaz Joshi, India’s first transgender lady appeared as the cover girl in one of India’s latest fashion magazine. Combining in herself the traits of a fashion stylist and columnist, a model herself as well as well as a model manager, Naaz’s transgender identity did not limit herself from being engaged with leading Bollywood fashion icons like Neha Dhupia, Riya Sen, Ex-cabinet minister Shelja Kumari or the late model Viveka Babajee. Kudos to her talent that acted as the muse to set her foot in the glamour world!

Naaz Joshi.....

Naaz’s profile is not limited only to her glamourous profession. It is her sheer determination and inspiring and never to bow down traits which made her stand true to her name Naaz, interpreting pride. Hailing from a middle class family based in Mexico,Naaz was born with her twin brother late Chirag Joshi.

In order to avoid the hush hush of the society, Naaz’s father had sent her off to one of her distant relative’s place considering the fact that she was born a transgender. However Naaz could continue her formal academics only till 8th standard since she lost her brother at an early age. Chirag had expired as a patient of cancer. It was then Naaz switched over to Delhi and started living with her family and taking charge of her brother’s business. A person who could establish such zeal at such a young age is indeed inspiring.

Naaz Joshi...............

Naaz’s Journey in the Realm of Fashion

The keen appetite for fashion was there in Naaz since a very early age that provoked her to take marketing strategies and public relation session from her dearest brother. This in the long run enabled her to pursue a career in the fashion spectrum. Ask Naaz how fashion designing happened to her and she says, “I was merely 12 when I started my career by designing beautiful diyas for Diwali meals. As soon as I turned 14, because I looked older than my age, I started working backstage for the Sunder Verma, Rohit Bal, Ravi Bajaj, Payal Jain and Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla shows. I was mesmerized by Madhu Sapre’s style when she was crowned Miss India in 1992, and soon I started following fashion institutes and event companies so that I could give wings to my dreams.”

Milestones She Covered

That determination brought her to Pearl Academy in 1998 where she did her first student fashion design showwith top models like Mehar Bhasin, Dipannita Sharma and Sonalika Sahay. Thereafter, Naaz got into NIFT and even won the most creative designer of the year award for her designer lehengas and got to work closely with super models like Noyonika Chatterjee, Bhawna Sharma and Lakshmi Rana. Continuing the story, she adds, “After that, I polished my Indian wear designing skills by working with brands like Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Adarsh Gill and Divya Bindra. I have also done certificate courses in fashion from the Singapore School of Fashion. In 2007, I launched my own label and started retailing from a number of big stores.”

India is still stuck in its dark shadows of orthodox values that disrespect the third gender and Naaz could not escape the pangs of the situation too. She became a poor victim of the look down glances and the secret whispers. She went through breast augmentation surgery in 2013, sex re-assignment in 2014 and eventually a breast removal surgery because of cancer in 2015. Her struggle and sheer courage to confront such hardships prove that there is nothing to consider the transgender as an exception from the society.

The Dark Upheavals She Had To Overcome

Ask Naaz how difficult it was to face society and she says, “When I decided to undergo a change, my own so-called friends left me. I also worked as a cabaret dancer at night in order to feed myself. People used to hate us during the day but the same people were ready to pay a price for our glamour at night. I landed up in prostitution so that by working as an escort, I could save funds for the surgery. My clients stopped coming to me and I went through so much emotional distress that I tried committing suicide thrice but failed.”

Our society that boasts of a hyped growth and hyperbolic progress is still the same in its shabby thoughts and Naaz’s story is a true testimony to the fact. I still remember how my family itself used to give estranged looks to the third gender woman. Even I have met people who point fingers at the third gendered identity as if they are figures beyond creation. Naaz too had to be a victim of such circumstances where she was looked at with ridiculed eyes. As she says“I was never accepted by my family. Even today, there are many restrictions on me—no male friends, no socializing, no late nights, always wear covered clothes, sometimes I feel I am living like Cinderella,” states Naaz.

Finally The Silver Lining

Thanks to the legal proceedings when the Supreme Court validated respect for the third gender. Naaz could finally quit her prostitution career and pursue her fashion designing craves. She started her own company. This time, she was a one woman army, unapologetic, strong headed and one who wanted to rise in her career. Her indomitable spirits could not just let her down.

Naaz Joshi896969

Naaz stands as the owner of Naaz Joshi Designs and has contributed some great Indo Western fusion wear for women. Her styling hunger made her draw inspiration from Donatella Versace, who, like her, took over as the chief designer of Versace after her brother’s death. Naaz’s designing skills have made her a familiar figure in several fashion shows. Naaz now enjoys a broader social identity with high esteem and has justifiably won recognition of Miss Queen Mauritius, Wamba Diva of the Fortnight. She has also bagged to her credits quite a number of awards from several NGOs as well as magazines. As a grooming expert, she has trained more than 500 aspirants, including home makers, students, models, corporate clients and singers.

Naaz: The One Woman Army to Get Inspired From

Naaz’s work reflects it all and she has been constantly engaged towards the welfare of the community. What has been her learning in life, we ask, and she says, “My life has been a roller coaster ride full of emotions. I love it simply because unlike others who are ashamed to accept who they are publically, I came out in the open and took a stand for myself. I love teaching, training students and children—it makes me feel like a mother because biologically I can’t have kids.”

Naaz Joshi.,jjkj;j;

Naaz reaches out to the society with a simple request from her end for the transgender identity “I beg all of you to understand the fact that we too have a heart full of emotions. At least, listen to us, as we also value relationships. To all the parents, I just want to say that may be your children have changed their body, but their soul is the same. Don’t be ashamed of them and don’t leave them in darkness as they love you,” pleads Naaz.

Naaz’s Message

Being an epitome of inspiration, Naaz has her future wishes and desires set. She shares, “Things haven’t changed and even today people laugh, make fun and mockery of our gender. It is a long journey and will definitely take about 15 years to bring some change. From my side, I will try and come up with concepts where each and every member of the society gets to live a life of a model for at least one day, possibly in a reality show like Big Boss.”

Social Connoisseurs wishes Naaz great luck and hats off to you lady for inspiring us with a tale of courage, determination and persistence. Hope we have more inspiring people like you in the long run.