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The Best Dining Destinations in Kolkata For A Memorable Poila Baisakh

It’s that time of the year again when we have the Bengali New Year knocking at the door. Being a Bong we cannot imagine Poila Baisakh without a great appetizing meal or the “Bhuribhoj”. Social Connoisseurs has thus curated two best destinations for making this poila Baisakh an immensely memorable one.

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JW Mariott

This is one of the best destinations to turn on the New Year festive spirits. With their Truly Bengali menu they would really make your Naboborsho the most appetizing one.

With the New Year all set to begin, JW Marriott Kolkata is excited to welcome this Poila Baisakh keeping the bangaliana in mind.  Celebrations begin at JW Kitchen with the quintessential Marriott flair. The multi-cuisine all day dining is serving choicest Bengali dishes all day for lunch, hi-tea and dinner.

FullSizeRender (1)

Begin your lunch with an exquisite ‘Aam Porar Sharbat’ or a ‘Gondhoraj Lebu Sharbat’. After that, move on to taste some of the locally popular dishes, curated JW Marriott Kolkata style. Try out the ‘Dimer Devil’, ‘Enchor Kalia’, and the classic ‘Kosha Mangsho’ and ‘Lucchi’. All of this and more are part of a grand buffet, priced at INR 1299 ++

Full Size Render (1)

Our City of Joy is known for their “chai and adda”. Keeping that in mind, JW Marriott Kolkata has curated a hi-tea menu called Chai and Adda, priced at INR 650++. There will be a variety of live stations serving ‘Jhaal Muri’, ‘Phuchka’, ‘Egg Roll’, ‘Ghati Garam’ and other popular street food, true Kolkata Style.

If you give lunch and hi-tea a miss, definitely make it to the dinner buffet priced at INR 1299++, to try out ‘Kumro Phooler Bora’, ‘Kochi Pathar Jhol’ and ‘Posto Murghi’. Fish being a Bengali essential try out the assorted variety of fish – ‘Mourala’, ‘Loitta’, ‘Ilish’, ‘Chingri’ And ‘Rui’.

Poila Baisakh isn’t just about food, but it is also about music and fun. Enjoy some Baul gaan or relive your Durga Puja moments with Dhunuchi naach. This will happen at intervals accompanied with dhak, dhol, kashi, Arti dance and Kumor (pot) painting. JW Marriott Kolkata is all set to make your New Year special.  It is JW Marriott Kolkata’s first, so here’s wishing everyone a Shubho Noboborsho!


PoilaBaisakh Lunch Buffet -12:30 – 3:00 pm | 1299 ++ applicable taxes per person

PoilaBaisakh Evening Tea– 4:00 – 6:00 pm| 650++ applicable taxes per person

PoilaBaisakh Dinner Buffet–7:00 – 11:00 pm| 1299++ applicable taxes per person

 When:15th April 2017, Saturday

Where: JW Kitchen, JW Marriott Kolkata

4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 015

For Reservations, please contact: 033 – 6633 0000

Monkey Bar: Celebrate Poila Baisakh in a Quirky Bengali style

Monkey Bar is throwing the first ever “Poila Baisakh Eve Party’ .We are playing on the idea of a traditional New year’s eve party but twisting it around and doing it  monkey style by celebrating on the eve of Bengali New Year on Friday  April 14th 2017.

Butterfly Chicken - Monkey Bar - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra resized

The party starts here this Friday April 14 itself, 2017 with the most amazing Poila Baisakh Eve Party ever only at Monkey Bar, Kolkata! Monkey Bar is going old school this April 14thand recreating the nostalgia of the much loved New Year’s Eve party of yesteryears celebrated at Kolkata’s iconic clubs.

Tikki of Joy MONKEY BAR-013 Sanjay Ramchandran resized

So gather the troops and come celebrate “Bengali New Year’s Eve” only at Monkey Bar for a one of its kind party experience that will surely bring back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. The disco ball is up, the space is magically transformed and the stage is set for rocking live performances by ‘Paloma and Adil’ brought to you by Offbeat, a Kolkata based music collective, from 7:30 pm onwards. This will be followed by DJ Rwik, Monkey Bar’s resident DJ, spinning his tracks through the night so you can set the floor on fire with those sexy moves.

Hipster Smash_Monkey Bar_pix sanjay ramchandran_23501

Nothing starts a party like some brilliant cocktails and delicious food. So go-ahead and choose from our selection of delicious small plates. Order ‘Tikki of Joy’, ‘Devilled Fish’, ‘Mushroom Galouti’, ‘Saag Kebab’, ‘Baked Brie’, ‘Butterfly Chicken’ among the plethora of options. We will also be rolling out one – on –one offer on Kingfisher Beer, Jacob’s Creek Wines and Sangrias. Post 9 pm, it’s a la carte orders only so we invite you to raise a ‘Toast to Calcutta’ or take a walk down memory lane with ‘Old Fashioned on Camac’. Dance with the ‘Mama’s Girl’ or get your groove on with the‘Tipsy Sherbet’ or the ‘Hipster Smash’.

Toast to Calcutta_ Monkey Bar Kolkata_Pic Sanjay Ramchandran resized


What’s more – each table gets a complimentary dessert to wish that you retain just sweet memories of the year gone by! Swap your ‘Shada Shari Laal Paar’ for a trendy summer dress, put on your best dancing shoes and head out to Monkey Bar to ring in the New-Year- Monkey style! We’ve got everything in place to make this a night to remember! Wish you a ‘Shubo Noboborsho’ in advance.

Grilled Mustard Fish_Monkey Bar Kolkata_Tanushree Bhasin

With all inviting Naboborsho celebrations, we bet you cannot wait to experience Poila Baisakh with

Monkey Bar: The Latest Foodie Destination in Kolkata

Monkey Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Coverage By: Pratik Sensarma

The chain of Monkey Bars has received a overwhelming response in India. While Delhi chucked out to have the best of sumptuous experiences, Kolkata also did not lie far behind. In fact this recently launched bar in Kolkata is giving all foodies a perfect goal to relish their taste buds.

Interiors To Fall For:


Monkey bar is one of the most modern attractions in the heart of Kolkata, having a breathtaking view from the 9th floor of the fort Knox building.

m5 The interior of the place is the chief magnetism mainly the huge windows screening the skyline of Kolkata.


While the sitting area styled in the form of British pub, this place also provides good music.

Delicacies That Escort You To A Foodie Treat

Now coming to the extravagant meal- a variety of drinks starting from the Whisky, Manga, Copper Monkey, Hipster Smash and the starters being the Butterfly Chicken and the Tikki of joy proved to be superb treats for us, foodies.



The Butterfly Chicken is certainly worth a try. Then in the main course comes the Tiger Beef is so delicious that one plate will not be enough.

A must try for the beef lovers. One must give a five star rating in terms of its taste. Then arrives the Kerala red rice, a very new type of salad. One must have it with black chilli cones or else will not get that twist in the taste.

Desserts: Treats That Never Desire To Be Finished

Now ending up with the mouth watering desserts, one must try the Gondhoraj lemon Tart which is just mind blowing.

m13 And lastly the Old Monkey Signature Chocolate Cake tastes just out of the world.


This place is a must visit for experiencing its ambience and also having the essence of a pub backed by excellent food and service.

Kolkata, The City of Joy has always been redefining the tastes of foodies and Monkey Bar is a recent addition to the group. If you are still unsure where to celebrate your Christmas, New Year or any other festive celebrations, don’t forget to give Monkey Bar a sure try.

Sabhagar Theatre Festival: A Gift For All Theatre Lovers of Kolkata

Coverage By Kathakali Sengupta

Sabhaghar Theatre Festival, presented by Centre Stage Creations brought to the City of Joy a great panorama of the best of World Theatre. It was a 3 – day- long show of great stagecraft from 10th to 13th  December , 2016 at GD Birla Sabhaghar Themed  on ‘ Celebrating World Theatre’ , it showcased workshops and performances by UK actor and director Daniel Bye, Lillete Dubey and Gautam Halder. We were fortunate enough to watch Gautam Halder’s performance in Prachya’s play  ‘ Nileema’ , directed by Biplab Bandyopadhyay on the last evening of the show.


It was a satire inspired by famous playwright Eugene  Ionesco’s play ‘ The Lesson’ which was a perfect critique of contemporary education system. Much in sync with Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘ Totakahini’, the play presented a weird professor’s obsession with making  the  student understand everything she wants and does not want to know.


His obsession with teaching does not end even when the student is on her deathbed. The play also presented the student’s imaginary escape from reality which she can only dream of. Interestingly enough the  characters of the students, both during the play and at the end are female characters, much realistically representing the sexual oppression that female students face nowadays from their male professors.


At the end, the autocratic professor’s murder of the student and again setting another prey for his obsession, marks a great end of the day. Last but not the least, the supporting group of actors dressed as clowns act as the inner conscience of a person’s soul and also maintain a parallelism of every action.


The Sabhagar Theatre Festival indeed gave all the theatre lovers of Kolkata to usher in some splendid performances. Hope it comes along every year with a new mood and some more thrilling theatrical acts to look forward to.

Skulpt and Chef Nivi Offer You A Perfect Healthy Living With The Most Delicious Recipes

Good food and a slim waistline rarely go hand in hand. You need to comply with either of them and sacrifice the other. However, Skulpt a brand growth of Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. established itself to be apart from the crowd in its workshop conducted on the 6th of July, 2016. The workshop that boasted the presence of the renowned Australian chef Nivi Das and the Bong diva celebrity Tanushree Chakraborty, Skulpt made an attempt to portray that you can enjoy the best of food without giving a second thought about your calorie counts only when the menu on your platter is right.

IMG_5177 (2)

Food Workshop at Skulpt

Well, when it comes to a well-groomed figure, almost everyone looks forward to a cut down on junk and welcome the health-friendly items in your diet regimes. Surprisingly, Chef Nivi Das, with her professional expertise in the domain of health offered a completely new outlook. With her basket of sumptuous and super delicious recipes, she proved satisfied gastronomic journeys do not always affect your waistlines.


Chef Nivi Das

Chef Nivi being a pro knows how to exactly strike a balance between the tastes and health. Her live demonstration of the some uber-quick out of the recipes left the attendants of the workshop spellbound. Delicious and healthy food can be so quick and easy, very few of us little did know. From her plethora of recipes, we had the Crepes filled with sweet spinach and corn, tofu Chicken Nuggets, Vegan Marshmallow Fluff, Pumpkin Risotto which just as their names suggest, were extremely delicious.


Food Workshop at Skulpt

Nivi’s culinary demonstrations were not limited to appetisers alone but also included desserts like Coconut Cream Spherical, Chocolate Spherical and Tapioca Mango Pudding. Celebrating the season of mango, this recipe from Nivi’s Pandora box was a bonus delicacy for all the attendants of the event.

IMG_5158 (2)

Healthy Mango Pudding

A Little About The Master Chef

Nivi’s credit bags remain incomplete without a special reference about her achievements. Though she started her career as a corporate accountant, it was her immense interest in the plant based diet niche that made her take a deviation. Her immense experience and knowledge have made her a familiar figure in the domain of vegan nutrition as well as food alternatives workshops.

Guests Who Made the Afternoon Special

Apart from this versatile figure, the Skulpt workshop also flaunted the presence of celebrity Tanushree Chakraborty who opined about how to maintain a perfect healthy lifestyle through the fulfilment of certain basis fitness hacks.


Healthy Food Workshop at Skulpt

Nutritionist Abhilasha Bagaria and fitness manager Prosenjit Biswas were also present in this ‘Eat Well, Live Well with Skulpt’ Program.

Skulpt had always been oriented in shaping up a healthy lifestyle of everyone with the perfect mix of physical activities and healthy diets. This workshop reinforced its mission and conveyed the message beautifully ‘Eat Well, live well on food that will linger on your lips but not on your hips’.


Healthy Food Workshop

Team Social Connoisseurs feels proud to be a part of such an awesome workshop and wishes all the luck to Skulpt and its inspiring members. Thank you all for this enriching session on a healthy lifestyle, that has become an utopian idea in today’s world.