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How Can You Make Your Kids Invest Time In Constructive Things When They Are At Home?

Hello Social Connoisseurs Family! It’s almost quarantine time across the globe and I assume all moms might be having a difficult time keeping your kids engaged. Especially when you are a mother to a kid aged 6-12 years, it’s certain that you would always be surrounded by curious questions. And in case you are sailing in the same boat with me, trying  to strike a balance between work, domestic chores and keeping your little Einsteins engaged, I have an amazing solution for you all.



I have recently introduced my son to the World of Lego and believe me he is loving it. My son is extremely fickle-minded and it’s almost impossible to keep him glued to a fixed place for more than five minutes. But LEGO comes as the perfect shoulder to lean on for every mom, who has a hard time holding the attention span of their super active toddlers.

A Sneak Peek Into The World of Lego City Police Brick Box

I chose to invest on the Lego City Police Brick Box that contains 3 sets of different blocks that compile to the making of a Police Station, with a Police car, crane, a Police Motorbike etc. Every set comes with an instruction manual book that makes it all the more convenient for the kids to curate the construction.


What Makes Lego Blocks An Interesting Option To Invest On?

The LEGO City Police Brick Blocks might at the first instant seem to be an expensive affair{Priced around 4000 INR} to indulge in but well, some investments are worth it, considering its fruitful benefits on the fertile minds.

LEGO actually comes as a thrilling activity for every kid. It opens multiple avenues for your child to satiate their creative thirst. Especially it comes as a challenging engagement wherein your little one thrives to get the best out of those blocks, exploring their logical, cognitive skills with a fusion of hidden creative energies.

Lego blocks are indeed an ideal way to keep your kids busy in an enriching way. They help your children to polish their imaginative skills & subtly assist them in mastering the art of construction.


The City Police Brick Blocks is indeed an Interactive and Fun Learning Activity that improves Logical and Complex thinking & Problem Solving skills.

So next time you are free from this overwhelming lockdown, do not forget to introduce your little ones to the dynamic world of LEGO.


Get Hooked Onto For A Perfect Entertaining Gaming Experience

Hello Social Family!

How is the week treating you? Well, for me it had been quite cumbersome owing to a number of reasons. However amidst all stresses and brainstorming assignments, I have managed to discover my truest stress-buster that has become my recent addiction. Well, I am not talking about any book or film. I have got obsessed with  Poker Stars IN, a poker playing platform that has all the ingredients to pep up your monotonous, strenuous day. While I had a brilliant experience that keeps me hooked to this platform for long hours, I thought of sharing my tryst with you all my dear readers.

pokerstars1Before I begin narrating my amazing rendezvous with  , let me tell you that Poker often is misconstrued as a gambling gig, however it’s not at all a fact. Poker, just like any other game, is a domain that requires skill and exercises of your wit and thus can never be restricted to the field of gambling. And nobody better that PokerStars can establish the fact with their plethora of brainstorming poker tournaments designed just to satiate your intellectual streaks.

So let’s begin how you can unleash this amazing poker arena and add to your daily routine the perfect pinch of spice it needs. The first and foremost step is To Create Your Stars Account, that is feeing in your necessary details with an interesting Star ID and a secure and protected password. Then pops up a consent form where you need to just confirm your age and acknowledge the notification of updates of offers, discounts etc. from .

pokerstars review

In case you are a citizen of Odisha, Gujarat, Telengana, Sikkim etc. then you are not eligible to indulge in real money play on this poker platform. After your confirmation to the necessary disclaimer, Whoa! There you are, to discover the best online poker gaming site in India.

pokerstars3Variety Is The Spice of Life and This Poker Gaming Platform knows it the best. With a host of major poker tournaments as many as 9, it ensures that you never run out of interest. The poker variants are so rich and engaging that it would never allow a second of monotony to seep into your gaming sessions. Some of the most common poker tournament types offered are Bounty Tournaments, Colored Scheme, Heads Up Tournament and many more. There are a number of Poker Games like Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud, Stud Hi/Lo, Texas Hold’em, Horse etc. As I quoted, gives you all the interesting elements to keep you inclined to the game.

If you are a newbie and does not know much about Poker, has an entire tutorial set to guide you through the game. For a Poker amateur like me, this tutorial turned out to be an ultimate savior.

My Experience At

With an irresistible temptation to try my luck at this new game arena, I thought of playing the Seven This has a limited betting system. There are 52 cards in the deck and is played with 8 players. Since the number of cards is low compared to the ratio of players, the game sometimes poses to be challenging. There are probabilities of running short of cards before you approach the Seventh Street. However in that situation too, there is an availability of the single community card that is handled face up on the table. The best part is whether you are a pro at poker or an amateur, you are sure to get addicted to the game.

What Made The Perfect Entertaining Experience For Me

  • An extremely User-Friendly Interface:A Super Simple and User-friendly Poker platform that gives an effortless gaming experience even to the amateurs.
  • Explanatory Tutorials:  Realising every visitor is not a perfect Pro at Poker, this platform has dedicated well-explained guides about the game, how to play them and elaborate details about the game so that you can make your perfect pick.

pokerstars game review

  • Exclusive Offers: When you log into, you are up for a perfect thrilling mix of adventures. Along with a plethora of poker games lined up, you can also enjoy some exclusive benefits like “ Stars Rewards Happy Hours”, “1500 Free Play”, “Stars Rewards” etc.

pokerstars merchandise

  • Coolest Merchandise: Well, one of the most outstanding attractions of Poker Stars is its amazing set of merchandise. One can redeem their star coin for the coolest merchandise. From clothing to electronic items, the merchandise is one of the other reasons that make this gaming platform so exclusive and tempting.

Much Beyond An Ordinary Poker Gaming Platform

Poker Stars can never be limited to an ordinary poker avenue. With some coolest features and a variety of gaming experiences, gives you an enriching Poker experience. It truly defines how Poker is a game of wit, skill and dexterity.