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Curry Company: The Smartest Food Delivery you Must Try Today

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I am sure that all of you hold a soft corner for curries and spicy gravies. Sometimes the cravings go so crazy that we take it to our hands to try some of the amazing curries. But unfortunately we fail most of the times to bring that similar taste in our curries. So for all the Gurgaon residents, there’s a small piece of good news.

You can now order those delicious, oozing with spices curries right at your home. But what makes it different from other outlets?

Well you can place an order through a smart app for the outlet named Curry Company.

No more hassling calls, no more follow ups, but a simple download from the Playstore lets you fulfill your curry cravings at your home.

When it comes to food, Curry Company does not have a huge host to offer but it surely believes in quality rather than quantity.

Hence all items delivered spoke of signature tastes that would surely make you order the second time.

Dishes Not to miss:

Chicken Chettinad

If you are a die hard fan of spices then this surely must be on your order list.

I have tasted chicken Chettinad a number of times and this dish from Curry Company was loyal enough to reminisce the Chennai flavors which I was a true fan of.

Murgh Gilafi Seekh

This is one of the must try out starters. With their balanced oil, without leaving any greasy impact, there was no compromise on taste. Even kids have these owing to the limited use of spices and oil.

Anjeer Chenna Kofta

Another mesmerizing dish even for a non-veggie like me. Koftas dipped in semi thick pale yellow creamy gravy is majorly sweet in taste and goes hand in hand excellently with steamed rice or hot tawa rotis.
What Makes Me Recommend Curry Company?

🙂 Prompt Delivery within as short as 20-30 mins.

👍 Sticks to its showcase:The best part is whatever picture the menu on the app shows, the food is absolutely in the same form and shape.

🤗Compact and Intact Packaging Kwithout any scope for spill overs.

👍 Besides the food, even the extra salads and coriander chutneys are also awesome.

😊 The best part is the food comes accompanied by accessories like wet flavored wipes that makes it a comprehensive food delivery solution.

A must 5 on 5 for the great service.

Craving For Some Amazing Mughlai Food in South Delhi? TLM is Your Option

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We all are in love with Mughlai dishes. The Tastes left by the Mughal traditions, their variety of delicacies with some amazing touches of spices are relished by every foodie from the core of his heart. And to such foodies , The Last Mughal comes as a breath of respite. Situated in South Delhi, this hub of Mughal food lives up to its name in the truest form and a delivery session from them truly proved that they are one of the best joints offering pocket-friendly mughlai cuisine in the Capital City.

Must Try Dishes From This AMAZING Outlet

Let me begin my list with the veggies:

Things You Cannot Afford to Miss is definitely

  1. The Dal Makhani

Lentils cooked in thick creamy curry with exact amount of salt and limited use of spices make it suitable for every kind of foodie. Even if you are a hard core carnivore, the Dal makhani from The Last Mughal won’t fail to impress your taste buds.

  1. Delhi 6 Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryanis are close to every foodie’s heart. Especially when you come across a name like Delhi 6 Mutton Biryani, you know you are in store for a royal, traditional delicacy. However with every royal dish comes the fear of surplus oil and spices. But To my utmost surprise, The Last Mughal’s Delhi 6 Biryani speaks of the best flavors of Delhi 6 without any sort added spice or flavors. Light in nature, it’s tastes leave behind a finger-licking goodness in your appetites.

  1. Chicken Korma

Since kormas always have a special taste reserved in our hearts and they are the best suitors to Biryani or breads, A must try from The Last Mughal is this exquisite dish. With just the right amount of oil and any added spice, this gravy is every foodie’s delight.

  1. Chicken Tandoori

Last but not the least, when you love to make this royal dinner truly royal, chicken tandooris from The Last Mughal must be in your order checklist. We have had tandooris from several joints but TLM promises to keep you truly satisfied with the best tandooris with their amazing balance of spice and the right amount of tandoor smoke.

My experience with these specific dishes had been extraordinary and I am sure just like these delicacies, their other dishes would be equally worth your pockets.

Give Your Dinners  a Royal Touch With The Last Mughal Today.

Asia Central:Your Hunt For Great Asian Food Finds A Perfect Stop

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always nurture an attitude to experiment cuisines. And one of my favorite cuisines that I have fallen in love with during this experimentation is definitely the Pan Asian. Being born and brought up in a town of Bengal, we did not have many options to explore in the Asian delicacies. In fact, quite surprisingly people here often confuse the Chinese with Asian delicacies.

However after coming to Delhi and exploring several cuisines and sharpening my food knowledge I have come to a point where I understand the fine differences between Chinese and Asian delicacies. And when it comes to authentic Asian food, I have recently come across this hidden gem in South Delhi.

I had ordered food from there for a special dining with my guests and what came were boxes of unparalleled delectable happiness.

There are a bundle of points to appreciate and I    would like to begin primarily with their


One of the sole parameters that make a parcel or food delivery bring a smile to your face is its great packaging. I must say Asia Central has left no stones unturned to make it a successful, happy delivery. Sealed perfectly and packed in two cardboard boxes, what came to us was sheer happiness.

Food: Tastes That Surprise You in Every Bite

 Banana leaf steamed fish

Some tastes never fail to make you crave for more and the banana leaf steamed fish is definitely one such thing from the house of Asia Central. Soft pieces of fish that comes wrapped in banana leaf just melt into your mouth with their softness.

Pad Thai Chicken Noodles

This was a new found love for me with chicken noodles. The great packaging clubbed with the bits of chicken scattered in the noodles made it a dish that everyone must try.

Kung Pao Chicken and Thai Chicken Curry

Both of the delicacies seemed to be extremely relishing with intact tastes, correct mix of ingredients and the perfect blend of spices. The semi-thick gravies of both make them a perfect combination for any sort of rice or noodles.

A perfect five to Asia Central for such great food at such reasonable prices.

Broadway Kebab Festival: A culinary festival you cannot afford to miss

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Faridabad finally has that long anticipated north indian cuisine to its credit with the perfect flavours with the new Broadway Fine Dining Outlet at Radisson Blu Faridabad. We cannot agree more that in Faridabad the number of North Indian delight lovers is definitely on the higher side and Broadway comes as a great air of respite for them.

Broadway in Radisson Blu Faridabad has  brought about the North Indian delectables in its perfect tastes and now all Faridabad inhabitants have a reason to rejoice.

The Great Kebab Festival begins on 16th of June at Broadway Radisson Blu and is going to continue till the 25th of June. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t be missing this festival at any cost.

Summer Coolers

The wide range of Summer Coolers is a great addition to the drinks menu of Radisson Blu.

Drinks that you must definitely try:

Very Berry Kala Khatta

A tangy Kala Khatta drink that gives you a sweet spicy taste to look forward to.

Rose Mojito

This is another drink that you must definitely try. The cool, refreshing rose flavours with the mojito gives you a superb break during the scorching summers.

Now coming to the great Kebabs offered there are a number of options to try out for. Quite surprisingly there are a great number of vegetarian options for the veggie kebab lovers.

Subz Galouti

Minced vegetables Galouti that melts into the mouth with soft, crunchy tastes filled with sesame seeds.

Peshwari Paneer

As soon as you hear this name you would definitely be reminded of royal flavors. The tandoori paneers gives you a soft juicy taste with medium spices.

Tandoori Aloo

I am not quite a big fan of Potatoes but this dish has driven my love for the same. Potatoes smoked in medium spices give a great taste that you must not give amiss.

Amritsari Bhutta

We all are quite in love with Amritsari fish or chicken but for the vegetarians to relish the flavors, Amritsari bhutta is a great saviour. Baby corns marinated in Amritsari spices is a great kebab to binge on.

You have in store a range of other vegetarian kebab varities to try for.

Coming to the non vegetarian delicacies, you have the

Hariyali lamb chaap

Boney lamb chops marinated in spices and grilled to give a tangy, spicy taste.

Mutton Galouti

Takes you back to the streets of Lucknow with the royal, spicy tastes. Not greasy at all and mouth melting, these are the kebabs you cannot afford to miss.

Tali Machchi

Fried fish with optimum spices that comes in the form of true love for a bong.

The list goes endless and all I could say is you must pay a visit very soon to try out the various colors of kebabs.

Coming to the main courses, you again have these amazing dishes to give a shot:

Murgh biryani

Nargisi Kofta Curry

Lamb Beliram



To end the foodie affair with the perfect dash of mughlai flavours, you have an amazing dessert platter.



Hot jalebis

And yes, added to this you have the regular lavish buffet spread that you can choose to have apart from the appetizing kebabs.

What more do you need to engage in an appetizing session?

3 Pegs Down: A Paradise for Both Foodies and Alcohol Lovers

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Three Pegs Down a name that instantly gives you a feeling of being a drunkard and offers you vibes of a completely drinking area is definitely not to be mistaken only as a drunkard’s hub. A recent visit to this outlet located in Saket, Southern Park Mall proved that 3 Pegs Down is not only a heaven to alcohol lovers but also a hidden gem discovered for foodies.
If you are a non-alcoholic person like me but is out for a part with ypur boozing friends then 3 Pegs Down is the perfect destination on your Check-in List.


Let me take you through a tour of my food journey at the outlet.

The Fattoush Style Combination and Spicy Chicken and Corn Salads were the first dishes on our lunch list. The healthy flavors balanced along with tastes made them quite a must dish to begin with and we were indeed looking forward to some more healthy retreats down the line.



3 Pegs Down boasts of an amazing versatile range of starters. The best part of the news is that both vegans and the non-vegans have a lot to look forward to with the starters. Being a hard core non-vegetarian, the non-vegetarian treats for an appetizing lunch was definitely the Mutton Seekh kebabs. Cooked in amazing spices and smoked in the perfect proportions, these are the must try starters whenever you are out for a lunch at 3 Pegs Down.


Another appetizer that deserves a must try for non-vegans is definitely the Murg Malai Tikkas. Juicy, spiced tikkas melting into the mouth will no longer make you think 3 Pegs Down Only a hub for alcohol lovers.


For vegetarians, the Safedtil Paneer tikka is an awesome appetizer to invest on for a relishing experience.


When it is a matter of main course, the Lahori Kadai Paneer and Butter Chicken will definitely give you authentic North Indian flavors for which every Delhite foodie craves passionately.


With an amazing set up that welcomes both clubbing and family occasions, 3 Pegs Down is indeed an awesome joint that should be on your checklist in Delhi.

Why You Must Pay A Visit To Nariyal Cafe Today?

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Delhi has always been the hub for foodies. Whether you are a hard core vegetarian or a typical non-vagan, Delhi will never run out of choices for food. Owing to its cosmopolitan culture, it has been the hotspot of all with an appetite for great cuisine. Among all the eateries that Delhi has, very few come up with innovative cuisines and one such outlet that we chanced to come across the Nariyal Café.

Having stayed in Chennai for sometime, I always had a craving for typical Coastal cuisine. Though Delhi has options for that too, however most of them are extremely overpriced. In this scenario, a savior to all coastal flavor lovers is the Naariyal Café located in Adchini Market.


Nariyal Café that began its journey in Feb 2017 and believe me it shouldn’t be judged by its young age. In fact it truly proves expertise does not always come with age and experience. Within these few months it has conquered the hearts of many foodies with its superb presentation, etting and definitely amazing food.

Things You should Never Miss In Nariyal Café

If you are Moving Into Nariyal Café and you are not tasting Nariyal Paani, then it’s definitely equivalent to a crime. Jokes apart Nariyal Café has some of the best flavored Nariyal Paanis available in mango, coffee, strawberry flavors. Make your pick and have a sip.


The next thing that you should not miss is definitely its soup Malay Laska. Served in coconut shells, this soup has an affinity towards a Thai curry but the punch of South Indian touches along with some crunchy peanuts make it a super innovative and must try dish.


Another must try dish is the Mutton Sukha Spaghetti that is served in awesome dried tender coconut crusts and garnished with some great seasonings. Spaghteei marinated in the thick gravy of mutton sukha in such an amazing presentation will definitely make you crave more.


The Chettinad Dum Biryani is equally good but I am not too an ardent fan of biryani and hence won’t be able to give you an honest feedback about the same.




Lastly the showstoppers stand out to be the Espresso Rasgulla and the Murugan Chocolate Bomb. Considering the kind of dessert fan I am, I would love to go to this place again and again for its amazing desserts. The coffee flavored rasgullas and the mouth melting chocolate bomb are sinful cravings that barely anyone can resist.



With a cozy setting and a hospitable staff, along with reasonable prices, Nariyal Café is one such spot you must visit today.

A Cooking Session To Remember in The Company Of Chef Mirvaan & Sadaf with Le Creuset

Good cooking is like good painting; You can only taste it but cannot explain it.

When it comes to cooking, one definitely needs to cater to certain parameters for the best of tastes. Well, the flavors of a true dish can only be felt through the amalgamation of the chef’s choice of ingredients, mastery in cooking and the art of presentation. A dish’s majority of the tastes and appeal lie in the way it is cooked and also the manner it’s presented. But often in the business of cooking, we tend to ignore the utensils used for the purpose. To offer you a refined range of cooking experience, Le Creuset offers you the most premium, curated collection of cookware that gives you an ideally satisfying culinary experience.


We got a chance to witness this amazing showcase of Le Creuset Cookware in the company of Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain of Masterchef India Season 5 fame at the Le Creuset outlet in Ambience Mall. This live cooking session was organized keeping in mind the celebrations of Mother’s Day and some amazingly curated unique recipes for our dear mom.

Things We Chanced To Witness Through This Live Demonstration

The Live Cooking Session was not only an extremely entertaining one for the spectators but also quite informative. Well if you are a cooking fanatic and love to explore your culinary skills through some creative delicacies, then this session had the perfect dose of data for you.

  • Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain tried to strike a sync between traditional ingredients and contemporary flavors. We had innovative items like the Kathal Biryani Burrito, that sounds a bit offbeat but was definitely a yummilicious dish prepared by the duo.le8
  • For Non-Vegetarians, Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf had the outstanding combination of Sesame Crusted Salmon with Pea Puree, Black Rice and Salsa. We all are aware of these two experienced Chefs’ skills but a live tasting ceremony introduced us to their supreme culinary abilities. They had the perfect combination of ingredients and proportionate amounts of spices that made us look forward to the upcoming dishes in eager anticipation.le5
  • No cooking affair is complete without the touch of desserts and this live cooking session had in store for us the Cardamom flavored Giant Cookie dessert. Both Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf used the most basic, easily available ingredients to create this masterpiece.le3
  • The spectators also had in store for us Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto. So whether your mom is in love with the traditional spices or the modern zests, This Cooking session had everything on the platter to keep her super satisfied.

Masterchef Cooking Tips That Made Our Day

  1. Apart from the several dishes, there were basic cooking tips that we also got to learn through this exclusive cooking demonstration.le6
  2. The process of marinating was explained more elaborately in terms of the Salmon fish.le7
  3. Caramelising sugar has always been an art which very few people can master. Tips were shared in regards to this too for achieving the perfect caramelized sugar.le10
  4. However the entire cooking demonstration would not have turned out so incredible without the presence of the Le Creuset Premium Cookware. In fact they were the backstage heroes of the entire session.

Le Creuset: The Showstealer

Le Creuset has some incredible cookware collections to look forward to. Colours of Spice is one of the most appealing collections that will definitely amp up the presentation of your dishes. When it comes to cooking, the first impression matters the most and Le Creuset definitely would catalyze the art of your dishes with the perfect looks.

le1This French cookware brand has been the favorite choice of many masterchefs of global repute owing to its durability and extremely gorgeous looks.

Features of The Le Creuset Cookware

Offers A Premium Range of enameled Cast Iron, Hardy, durable stainless steel stonewares.


Has a huge variety of cookware to explore apart from storage, cutlery and wine accessories.


Stylish and easy to handle along with sharp egronomic features make it an user-friendly presence in all kitchens.


Most of the cookware is available in high temperature resistant range which makes it a favourite among all users.

So next time when you head to buy your cookware, be sure Le Creuset tops your priority list.


Healthy Mornings Are Just A Bowl Away with Quaker Nutri Foods and Masterchef Vikas Khanna

How often do you miss you breakfast due to time crashes? May be quite frequently enough! Though it sounds unhealthy, but the harsh reality is that most often our demanding routines and time constraints do not allow us to maintain a regular healthy breakfast.

There are several drawbacks that a common man faces for making his breakfast.

Not Delicious Enough


Who loves to have sandwiches and fruits for breakfast regularly? Well, when the diet craze bites you then this might be a convenient option enough. However after a day or two we return to those scrumptious pakodas or the delicious Medu Vada and sambar vadas. High in calories and low in health, definitely these are not healthy breakfast options.

Less Variety of Options

Healthy breakfasts are always meager in options. When it comes to healthy breakfast lists, it is indeed a difficult job to achieve. Every morning, the breakfast maker almost needs to brainstorm what he/she can prepare that tastes innovative, awesome and also equally healthy enough.


Time Constraints

Another prime factor that definitely lies as a drawback for most healthy breakfasts preparations is the paucity of time. Morning hours are the most rushed periods of any day. So health takes a backstage and swift, handy three finger foods become the central option.


But what if I tell you, healthy breakfasts are no longer time consuming, tasteless or   burdensome to make. Yes, within 5-10 minutes you can have access to delicious Idlis, hot, crispy dhosas, mouth-melting upmas and healthy delicious khichdi.

nutri series

Seems like a joke? But here it is, Quaker the savior to breakfast options has arrived with its Nutri series that include some of the finest ranges of ready to eat mixtures to solve your breakfast anxieties.

The co-creator of Quaker foods and the Pepsico Nutrition Brand Ambassador, Vikas Khanna shared how this series is a saviour to the missed breakfast sessions. Now having breakfast like a king is no longer difficult.

Chef Vikas Khanna, Co-Creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and Brand Ambassador - PepsiCo Nutrition, hosts an interactive breakfast table at #QuakerHealthyMornings (13)

MasterChef and the culinary genius Vikas Khanna with his own culinary inputs created an amazing dish of idli and chutney. This jackfruit and beetroot idli was a masterpiece in respect to the simple ingredients used and the healthy parameters kept in mind.

beetroot idli

Now Let Us Tell You What is So Exclusive About Nutri Series of Quaker

Quick To Prepare

Chef Vikas Khanna, Co-Creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and Brand Ambassador - PepsiCo Nutrition, hosts an interactive breakfast table at #QuakerHealthyMornings (12)

All the members in this Nutri series range is prompt and quick to prepare. All you need to do is add on water or a bit of oil in some cases. No more requirement of chopping extra vegetables or making the batter as everything is readily available at your service. Yes, you can definitely give in your inputs to make the delicacies tastier and more innovative.

Comes in Affordable prices

Chef Vikas Khanna, Co-Creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and Brand Ambassador - PepsiCo Nutrition, hosts an interactive breakfast table at #QuakerHealthyMornings (13)

The Nutri Series khichdi, Upma, Dosa and Idli are all available in two affordable and pocket-friendly prices of both 15 and 45 INR. Quaker like its other products, have maintained its great pricing making Nutri Series more inviting.

Amazingly Delicious

Quaker’s Nutri range is amazingly delicious which is quite an unusual aspect in most of the ‘ready to eat mixes’. Without any added salt or spices, these mixes are just indispensable for breakfast options.

Chef Vikas Khanna, Co-Creator of Quaker Nutri Foods and Brand Ambassador...


The Best Part of The Nutri Series is that they are truly health-friendly. With majority of percentage as Oats, it takes care of your calorie counts and taste buds at the same time.

So get ready to bring the Nutri Series today for an amazing kick-start to the day. Wish you all happy #Quakerhealthymornings.

The Best Dining Destinations in Kolkata For A Memorable Poila Baisakh

It’s that time of the year again when we have the Bengali New Year knocking at the door. Being a Bong we cannot imagine Poila Baisakh without a great appetizing meal or the “Bhuribhoj”. Social Connoisseurs has thus curated two best destinations for making this poila Baisakh an immensely memorable one.

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JW Mariott

This is one of the best destinations to turn on the New Year festive spirits. With their Truly Bengali menu they would really make your Naboborsho the most appetizing one.

With the New Year all set to begin, JW Marriott Kolkata is excited to welcome this Poila Baisakh keeping the bangaliana in mind.  Celebrations begin at JW Kitchen with the quintessential Marriott flair. The multi-cuisine all day dining is serving choicest Bengali dishes all day for lunch, hi-tea and dinner.

FullSizeRender (1)

Begin your lunch with an exquisite ‘Aam Porar Sharbat’ or a ‘Gondhoraj Lebu Sharbat’. After that, move on to taste some of the locally popular dishes, curated JW Marriott Kolkata style. Try out the ‘Dimer Devil’, ‘Enchor Kalia’, and the classic ‘Kosha Mangsho’ and ‘Lucchi’. All of this and more are part of a grand buffet, priced at INR 1299 ++

Full Size Render (1)

Our City of Joy is known for their “chai and adda”. Keeping that in mind, JW Marriott Kolkata has curated a hi-tea menu called Chai and Adda, priced at INR 650++. There will be a variety of live stations serving ‘Jhaal Muri’, ‘Phuchka’, ‘Egg Roll’, ‘Ghati Garam’ and other popular street food, true Kolkata Style.

If you give lunch and hi-tea a miss, definitely make it to the dinner buffet priced at INR 1299++, to try out ‘Kumro Phooler Bora’, ‘Kochi Pathar Jhol’ and ‘Posto Murghi’. Fish being a Bengali essential try out the assorted variety of fish – ‘Mourala’, ‘Loitta’, ‘Ilish’, ‘Chingri’ And ‘Rui’.

Poila Baisakh isn’t just about food, but it is also about music and fun. Enjoy some Baul gaan or relive your Durga Puja moments with Dhunuchi naach. This will happen at intervals accompanied with dhak, dhol, kashi, Arti dance and Kumor (pot) painting. JW Marriott Kolkata is all set to make your New Year special.  It is JW Marriott Kolkata’s first, so here’s wishing everyone a Shubho Noboborsho!


PoilaBaisakh Lunch Buffet -12:30 – 3:00 pm | 1299 ++ applicable taxes per person

PoilaBaisakh Evening Tea– 4:00 – 6:00 pm| 650++ applicable taxes per person

PoilaBaisakh Dinner Buffet–7:00 – 11:00 pm| 1299++ applicable taxes per person

 When:15th April 2017, Saturday

Where: JW Kitchen, JW Marriott Kolkata

4A, J.B.S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata – 700 015

For Reservations, please contact: 033 – 6633 0000

Monkey Bar: Celebrate Poila Baisakh in a Quirky Bengali style

Monkey Bar is throwing the first ever “Poila Baisakh Eve Party’ .We are playing on the idea of a traditional New year’s eve party but twisting it around and doing it  monkey style by celebrating on the eve of Bengali New Year on Friday  April 14th 2017.

Butterfly Chicken - Monkey Bar - Photo Courtesy Kunal Chandra resized

The party starts here this Friday April 14 itself, 2017 with the most amazing Poila Baisakh Eve Party ever only at Monkey Bar, Kolkata! Monkey Bar is going old school this April 14thand recreating the nostalgia of the much loved New Year’s Eve party of yesteryears celebrated at Kolkata’s iconic clubs.

Tikki of Joy MONKEY BAR-013 Sanjay Ramchandran resized

So gather the troops and come celebrate “Bengali New Year’s Eve” only at Monkey Bar for a one of its kind party experience that will surely bring back the nostalgia of the good ol’ days. The disco ball is up, the space is magically transformed and the stage is set for rocking live performances by ‘Paloma and Adil’ brought to you by Offbeat, a Kolkata based music collective, from 7:30 pm onwards. This will be followed by DJ Rwik, Monkey Bar’s resident DJ, spinning his tracks through the night so you can set the floor on fire with those sexy moves.

Hipster Smash_Monkey Bar_pix sanjay ramchandran_23501

Nothing starts a party like some brilliant cocktails and delicious food. So go-ahead and choose from our selection of delicious small plates. Order ‘Tikki of Joy’, ‘Devilled Fish’, ‘Mushroom Galouti’, ‘Saag Kebab’, ‘Baked Brie’, ‘Butterfly Chicken’ among the plethora of options. We will also be rolling out one – on –one offer on Kingfisher Beer, Jacob’s Creek Wines and Sangrias. Post 9 pm, it’s a la carte orders only so we invite you to raise a ‘Toast to Calcutta’ or take a walk down memory lane with ‘Old Fashioned on Camac’. Dance with the ‘Mama’s Girl’ or get your groove on with the‘Tipsy Sherbet’ or the ‘Hipster Smash’.

Toast to Calcutta_ Monkey Bar Kolkata_Pic Sanjay Ramchandran resized


What’s more – each table gets a complimentary dessert to wish that you retain just sweet memories of the year gone by! Swap your ‘Shada Shari Laal Paar’ for a trendy summer dress, put on your best dancing shoes and head out to Monkey Bar to ring in the New-Year- Monkey style! We’ve got everything in place to make this a night to remember! Wish you a ‘Shubo Noboborsho’ in advance.

Grilled Mustard Fish_Monkey Bar Kolkata_Tanushree Bhasin

With all inviting Naboborsho celebrations, we bet you cannot wait to experience Poila Baisakh with

Roadhouse Cafe: A Must Try Destination For A Delicious Experience in G.K.

Roadhouse Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Greater Kailash in South Delhi has been a true home to many foodies. With many outlets in its credit, whenEver one is in or around Greater Kailash, one would never run of options for a quick bite or a lavish lunch/dinner. However the crux of the foodie affair always remains the same i.e how good the food is.

There might have been multiple locations in Greater Kailash that claim to serve the best food, but unfortunately most of them can live up to the promised words. Most of the food outlets have lost their magic of presenting food with extraordinary attention to ambiance, presentation or the serving of Hookah and alcohol.


But it is indeed a pleasure to find amidst such overhyped food outlets, a true foodie joint that has actually won the hearts of its visitors with the simplicity of tastes. A visit to the Roadhouse Case in G.K M Block market changed my opinion about the regular food joints we come across this overcrowded destination.


The Roadhouse Café in Thamel, Kathmandu has already been a favorite of many tourists and localites when it’s a matter of tasting great food in Kathmandu. And now Delhi can too boast of the extraordinary flavors of some Nepalese cuisine along with some pinches of continental and Italian.

Three Reasons For Which You Must Pay A Visit to Roadhouse Café

While I compliment this restaurant about its great food, it does not mean that it falls short of other parameters. In fact RoadHouse stands to be in a nutshell a culmination of all factors that make it a great destination for all foodies.


Roadhouse celebrates a spacious setting with soothing and sober décor. The terrace seating arrangement is an addition to its appeal as you can enjoy a superb view of the entire G.K area while you sip your favorite drink or take a bite at those beautifully cooked delicacies.


Any food joint despite its excellence in terms of food or ambiance may fail if it lacks proper hospitality. The courteous hospitality of the staff, the proper serving of food, the “ready at your service” attitude everything club up to offer a great experience. And fortunately Roadhouse fits in to all the aforementioned criteria without an iota of doubt. While we were having our lunch, the courteous staff approached us more than thrice only to confirm whether we were comfortable or not. These small gestures added to the magic of the lunch. Hope every other outlet captures this beautiful hospitality spirit so that we do not need to change our choices everytime we venture out for a lunch or dinner or a quick snacking session.

The open kitchen concept adds to the transparency factors in terms of hygiene and freshness.



The crux of Roadhouse’s appeal is definitely its food. Without any sort of inordinate themes or added presentation tactics, the tastes of each of their specialities is indeed awesome. When you are in the lookout for a complete innovative food journey with the best of tastes and no added thematic or presentation embellishments, Roadhouse Café indeed fits into the list.

Check out What You Shouldn’t Miss When You Are at the Roadhouse Café

Smoked Chicken Sandheko

A Nepalese dish with juicy chicken pieces smoked and served with a combination of onions, bell peppers, cilantro and garlic with the tangy taste of lemon is something that would make you fall for this café at once. Undoubtedly it is one of the signature dishes you must try when you are at Roadhouse.


The Popeye Pizza

You must be wondering how can a connection be established between Popeye and a pizza, then let me tell you it is the magic of the spinach that binds the two. With a combination of spinach, sun dried tomatoes and black olives, this pizza is a vegetarian’s heaven indeed.


Triangoli Paasta

This is another signature dish which you should offer a try as soon as you are in Roadhouse Café. With veggies like zucchini, bell peppers, mushroom etc. along with basil pesto, it is a treat for all veggie lovers.

Knuckle Crushed Baby Potatoes

A healthy, vegetarian dish with deep fried baby potatoes along with no-fat yoghurt makes you have a healthy yet a delicious treat.



Well, Roadhouse Delhi serves some of the best desserts in the city and most of them come along with their inhouse icecream. It is difficult to choose and specify one as the best signature dessert since all deserve a must try.


And Good News For The Summers IS:

Roadhouse Café has designed an exclusive summer menu to beat the scorching heat of Delhi and go about with a health-friendly, refreshing menu.

Take a look at their varities.

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So when are you heading towards Roadhouse Café?

House Of Soy: The Pan-Asian Delight For Faridabad Foodies

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Faridabad has long been deprived of some great food and the reason is solely because of the fact experimentation with cuisines in Faridabad is not welcoming enough. When it comes to Pan Asian flavours in the heart of Faridabad, one does not have any other option left rather than to travel to Delhi for satisfying their appetites. However with the recent arrival of Radisson Blu’s House of Soy in Faridabad, several foodies’ hidden desires for the Pan Asian flavors have been truly justified.

soup in house of soy

House of Soy, the newest entrant in Faridabad celebrates Pan Asian with all its exotic flavors. Chef Rakesh Sethi, the master chef behind the exotic presentation has been the major figure curating some superb innovative dishes that would no longer keep the Pan Asian foodies in Faridabad craving for real culinary specialities.

House of Soy: Location

This amazing fine dining outlet is inhoused by Radisson Blu, Faridabad located just near Bata Chowk. The family of Radisson Blu has always been known for its amazing chain of dining or cafés, Radisson Blu has always lived beyond the expectations of its visitors. House of Soy, also lives up to the royal lineage and is synonymous to perfection with its entire 4 course meal.

Starters That Speak of Bespoke Combinations

House of Soy boasts of An exclusive spread of extravagant array of starters. The first that every foodie must definitely try for their plate is the range of dimsums. The mouth melting dimsums are definitely some of the amazing beginners that you can look forward for an extraordinary dining or luncheon experience.

starters in house of soy

The two sets of starters that followed equally lived up to the finest dining standards were the Vegetable Popiah which consisted of soft, smooth tofus pressed into spring rolls and served in shot glasses to offer it an exclusive look of presentation.

sesame sticks in house of soy

What followed next was definitely another show-stealing starter Sesame coated stuffed veggies that were beautifully adorned on sugarcane sticks. The starters were as beautiful to look and equally savoring to the taste buds.

Mapo Tofu was another incredible appetizer that stole our attention. The soft tofu with the crispy layers served with bean sauce with a chilly twist is indeed a game changer in the regular dish.

The Prawn chips served on a miniature food truck added to the colors of the luncheon experience.

Main Courses That Make You Fall in Love

house of soy7

The Wok Fried Hakka Noodles garnished with exotic vegetables and the Kaeng Khiao Wan Phak That is Thai green curry served with fresh, steamed rice is exemplary of perfection.

house of soy4

Desserts Synonymous To Perfection

If you are a dessert fanatic, then definitely Radisson Blu Faridabad’s House of Soy is the perfect destination. Chef Rakesh Sethi has curated some exclusive out of the box desserts that are undoubtedly the show stealers.

house of soy9

The Jaggery Coconut Ice-cream is something that every foodie must opt for. The milky flavors of coconut and the creamy pinch of jaggery are some amazing tastes that linger on to your taste buds.

mud pie cake in House of Soy

The master of innovation was definitely the amazing Mud  Cake Pie served in small plant holders with a mini sapling planted that would definitely make you wonder what it actually is. This molecular dessert had muddy oozing chocolate with chocolatey granules and candies melting in your mouth.

This stupendous dessert mirror that with experienced hands like those of Rakesh Sethi, you can look forward to epitomes of perfection and innovation.

The Navratra Menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant will Surely Make You Celebrate Navratras with an Appetizing Smile

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The Navratras have already started and everyone of you might be extremely in eager anticipation to get a break from the fasting regimes followed during this period.  Fasting during Navratri, curtailing your diet with necessary measures for 9 days may seem to be extremely tiring as well as equally challenging, in case you are a foodie. However Delhi, the land of foodies never disappoint you even during the period of Navratri and Lodi: The Garden Restaurant is a true testimony to the fact.


Lodi-The Garden Restaurant has recently curated a menu especially for the Navratras to satisfy your appetites to the core. Lodi usually has to its credit the Lebanese, Mediterranean as well as European cuisine niches. However Navratra at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant does not fall into your routined Navratra dining or luncheon sessions. It’s time to taste something out of the monotonous Sabudana khichdi or Kuttu Ka Dhosa this Navratri right at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant.

Lodi The Garden Restaurant

The Restaurant with its cosy, lavish garden as well as indoor seating arrangements would definitely set a refreshing Navratra ambiance in its company.

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The Navratra Menu at Lodi, The Garden Restaurant mirrors the art of culinary creativity

Lodi NAVARATRI Menu_March 2017

It is indeed difficult to go beyond the conventional niches of Navratra delicacies and fusing them with the Lebanese or Mediterranean touches is indeed more challenging. However the Chef at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant with his great creative genius managed to amalgamate health, Continental tastes and Navratri flavours right on a single plate.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden RestaurantTo begin with there are refreshing plates of Salads which speak about Chef Elam Singh’s culinary expertise.

Fresh farm greens, avocado, sprouts & walnut with wild honey & lime dressing is something that would definitely make you crave for more food even during the fasting hours of Navratri.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant.

Roasted sweet potato, fresh coriander, lime & rock salt was the salad that proves that even the simplest of recipes can be a reason for your appetite’s satisfaction.

Navratri Menu at Lodi

On my Starter Plate, the Raw zucchini & cumin hummus with crispy lavaash was a masterpiece that reinstated that even Navratras can be enjoyable when you have such recipes on your plate.

Navaratri menu Lodi The Garden Restaurant

Both the steamed couscous with fresh roasted vegetables and unpolished brown rice risotto with fresh farm peas, mint & pine nuts, perfumed with truffle oil dessert were healthy combinations of freshness, innovation a higher degree of gastronomic execution.

navratri menu

The desserts even were manifestations of fresh and healthy ingredients with two variations in its credit: fresh seasonal fruit bowl and fresh strawberry, mint & lime sorbet.

So if you are fasting during this Navratri, make sure that you surely visit Lodi:The Garden Restaurant for an appetizing Navratri meal.

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