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The Navratra Menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant will Surely Make You Celebrate Navratras with an Appetizing Smile

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
The Navratras have already started and everyone of you might be extremely in eager anticipation to get a break from the fasting regimes followed during this period.  Fasting during Navratri, curtailing your diet with necessary measures for 9 days may seem to be extremely tiring as well as equally challenging, in case you are a foodie. However Delhi, the land of foodies never disappoint you even during the period of Navratri and Lodi: The Garden Restaurant is a true testimony to the fact.


Lodi-The Garden Restaurant has recently curated a menu especially for the Navratras to satisfy your appetites to the core. Lodi usually has to its credit the Lebanese, Mediterranean as well as European cuisine niches. However Navratra at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant does not fall into your routined Navratra dining or luncheon sessions. It’s time to taste something out of the monotonous Sabudana khichdi or Kuttu Ka Dhosa this Navratri right at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant.

Lodi The Garden Restaurant

The Restaurant with its cosy, lavish garden as well as indoor seating arrangements would definitely set a refreshing Navratra ambiance in its company.

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The Navratra Menu at Lodi, The Garden Restaurant mirrors the art of culinary creativity

Lodi NAVARATRI Menu_March 2017

It is indeed difficult to go beyond the conventional niches of Navratra delicacies and fusing them with the Lebanese or Mediterranean touches is indeed more challenging. However the Chef at Lodi-The Garden Restaurant with his great creative genius managed to amalgamate health, Continental tastes and Navratri flavours right on a single plate.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden RestaurantTo begin with there are refreshing plates of Salads which speak about Chef Elam Singh’s culinary expertise.

Fresh farm greens, avocado, sprouts & walnut with wild honey & lime dressing is something that would definitely make you crave for more food even during the fasting hours of Navratri.

navratra menu at Lodi The Garden Restaurant.

Roasted sweet potato, fresh coriander, lime & rock salt was the salad that proves that even the simplest of recipes can be a reason for your appetite’s satisfaction.

Navratri Menu at Lodi

On my Starter Plate, the Raw zucchini & cumin hummus with crispy lavaash was a masterpiece that reinstated that even Navratras can be enjoyable when you have such recipes on your plate.

Navaratri menu Lodi The Garden Restaurant

Both the steamed couscous with fresh roasted vegetables and unpolished brown rice risotto with fresh farm peas, mint & pine nuts, perfumed with truffle oil dessert were healthy combinations of freshness, innovation a higher degree of gastronomic execution.

navratri menu

The desserts even were manifestations of fresh and healthy ingredients with two variations in its credit: fresh seasonal fruit bowl and fresh strawberry, mint & lime sorbet.

So if you are fasting during this Navratri, make sure that you surely visit Lodi:The Garden Restaurant for an appetizing Navratri meal.

The Preview To Dine With Royalty in October 2017: An Exclusively Majestic Episode

India has always been a land of extraordinary delicacies whether it’s the royal “Daab Chingri” of Bengal or the “Yakhni Pulao” from the Awadhi cuisine. With its wide range of extraordinary delicacies served on a platter, this land never feels to disappoint the appetites of a true foodie.

ambassador-he-mr-jan-luykx This October, New Delhi, the Capital City is about to witness an extravagant three-day gala episode “Dine With Royalty” organized through the hands of Eat With India, the innovative initiative involved behind popularizing the Indian cuisine criss-crossing the contours of the globe.


In reference to this amazing gala event that New Delhi, the home of some classic curated delicacies is going to witness, a precursor episode was organized at the Embassy of Begium, New Delhi on the 25’th of February, 2017.

Hosts and Members of This Enriched Evening

The event witnessed the gracious presence of representatives as well as members of as many as 50 royal families along with 20 other embassy representatives. However the guest list was not limited to them.

This royal precursor was also graced by the presence of eminent personalities from the food world, like the food connoisseur, Mr. Sourish Bhattacharya, The food historian and researcher , Mr. Pushpesh Pant, Ms. Neha Prasada and Ms. Sonal Saxena, the authoress of the masterpiece, “Dine With The Maharajas: A Thousand Years of Culinary Tradition and the co-founder of Eat With India respectively.

Apart from this show of extreme glamour, there were several other experts from the food industry, food bloggers who captured the evening’s proceedings with their hands of photography and connoisseur knowledge of food journalism. A Panel Discussion on “Royal Cuisines of India: historical perspective and Insight” was held chaired by the colossal names of the food industry discussing the culture and versatility of several cuisines with special emphasis on the Rampuri and Kangra cuisines.


Nawab Kazmi Ali Khan , Nawab of Rampur and Tikaraj Aishwariya Chandra Katoch, 489th descendant of the royal Katoch clan also shred their inputs about the exclusivity of the cuisines.

Added to all the charming expert inputs, the Nizami Brothers added to the chutzpah of the evening with their musical extravaganza.


A Show of majestic Cuisines

What turned out to be the evening show stealer was definitely the food showcased and served in the evening. With a host of options both from the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian kitchens of Kangra and Rampur, this was an evening that etched a mark in the souls of all foodies. Awadhi Biryani, Yakhni Pulao, Murg Musallam, platter of Tikkas and Tandooris, everything had an unmatched appeal and authentic taste.



dwr16Being a dessert lover, our plate was filled some inexplicable, innovative desserts like Ande Ka Halwa ( A sweetened preparation of Egg), Anarkali Zarda, Mirch Ka Halwa, Shahi Tukda, sweetened rice and many others that won’t make you feel tired ever.


When the precursor turned out to be so imperial and flawless, one can definitely expect the upcoming royal festival in October 2017 unfolding some more heightened shades  of food and entertainment.

What One Can Expect From Dine With Royalty

  • Dine with Royalty, an exclusive event, would turn out to be an one of its kind event where guests would get a platform to experience dining with some of the royal families.
  • This does not put an end to the show as the members of the Royal House would themselves act as hosts to the guests.
  • The episode would culminate with a setting of six luxury tents curated and conceptualized by to-notch art designers to build the regal look without a flaw.


October 2017 is indeed going to be the most anticipated month for New Delhi, in terms of food and royal dining.





Children Literature Fest Gurgaon 2017, A Reading Spree To Cherish

In the present age where video games and YouTube have replaced books and outdoor games, children are in real need of Literature Festivals which can re-instill their reading habits. To encourage reading habits in children as well as to nurture the existing love for literature, Gurgaon witnessed its first Literature Fest of the year 2o17. Hosted by Vega schools, a host of eminent authors as well as storytellers graced the occassion for the Gurgaon Literature Fest that lasted for two days.

 #ggnchildrenlitfest celebrates the desire of reading for both knowledge and leisure for children across Gurgaon


The Aim of The #ggnchildrenlitfest

With the intent to inculcate a habit of reading in children, the first edition of Gurgaon Children LitFest was inaugurated on the 5’th of Feburary at Vega School premises by Mr. Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder Vega Schools. The two-day event witnessed various bestselling children’s authors, storytellers, book signing, reading, puppet shows, writing workshop, publishers, panel discussion and parent workshops.  The fest was open for children between the age group of 5-12 years and will be held in the premises of Vega School, Gurgaon.


Vega Schools’ Opinion on The Fest

Speaking on the occasion Sandy Hooda, Co-Founder, Vega Schoolssaid, “We have invited writers from all over the nation who have made a name in children’s literature. The purpose of the festival is to make reading entertaining for children and encourage parents to build a ‘reading’ relationship with their child. We strongly feel that books document the fall and rise of civilization and have played an important role in shaping the world. Reading a beautiful story has the power to transport us to other worlds while we are present here and now. According to a study published in PLOS ONE, getting lost in a good work of fiction can help build empathy and allows the reader to build desirable personality traits by learning from experience documented in books, both fiction and non-fiction.”


Eight bestselling children’s book authors such as Benita Sen, Himanjali Sankar, Payal Dhar, Yashodhara Lal and Haimanti Mitra will bring stories to life. Illustrators and ten most animated storytellers such as Arunima Shekhar, Dr Tanu Shree Singh, Sreedevi Gopakumar, Kamal Pruthi, Yuveka Singh will tell magical tales and make children laugh and daydream. The main objective is to explore the creativity of the students so as to develop greater interest in them towards reading books and stories.

The Event

Explaining the purpose of the children centric Literature Fest, Harleen Mohanty, Head of School, Vega said, “There is a basic difference between literature festivals for adults and children. For adults, panel discussions and contours of literature set the tune, whereas for children one needs to convey everything in a storytelling manner. A habit of reading informs children of universal morality and gives them space to imagine. She added, “This Literature festival is an effort to build a passion for reading among children and parents. It is a small movement to bring awareness in Gurgaon about reading good literature and is a testament to our eendeavorto imbed 21st century skills like creativity, imagination and communications, in our students.”

About Vega Schools

Vega began with a parent whose child developed an aversion to his school. The parent was denied access to his child’s classroom – to understand what might be causing the trauma and terror. The school being one of the highest rated schools in Delhi didn’t make things easy, it looked like there were no alternatives! Therefore, the birth of Vega schools, a collaborative effort by some of the best schools in the world, was to create an Indian member that would be contextually relevant yet progressive. Vega also values progressive and immersive learning.  Progressive 21st century schools recognise that future work environments will demand a different skill set from young people. These skills include leadership, teamwork, strong communication skills, problem-solving, and positive work ethics etc.

The Christmas Capital Brunch at ITC Welcome Hotel Dwarka: An Afternoon to Remember

Pavilion 75 - WelcomHotel Dwarka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Delhi, the land of all foodies never leaves an opportunity behind to bask in the glory of festivities and the most extravagant food varieties. And the winter season extends more rooms to indulge in the plethora of tastes with the most amazing cuisines and culinary extravaganzas. Winter in Delhi witnessed a number of extraordinary introductions in the area of food and several Five Star properties organized winter brunches in recognition of the festive spirit.


The Extravagant Sunday Brunch at Pavilion 75

One such brunch that we happened to witness is The ITC Welcome Hotel Dwarka’s Capital Brunch at its outlet Pavilion 75.  With a host of food options to gorge on, probably this was one of the best Sunday brunches the ‘Dilliwalon Ka Sheher’ happened to experience.


With exotic spreads from multiple cuisines, one never ceases to get appalled by the extraordinary varieties and indeed never runs short of options for a perfect luncheon.


From Indian to continental, sea food to the royal mughlai, everything was on the platter and undeniably one can never complain of falling short of options when it comes to the matter of experiencing some of the exquisite food at the comfort of their choices.


The most appealing part of this Capital brunch was that for every course they celebrated versatility. Whether it was a matter of salads, starters, main courses or even the desserts, Pavilion 75 at Welcome Hotel Dwarka did not leave behind any sort of dishes unexplored for.


Credits go to the chefs who could curate such exotic and elaborate spreads, keeping in mind the choices of a foodie.

Christmas Turned Out To Be More Delectable At Pavilion 75

The brunch celebrations reached its peak on the Christmas Eve where a Christmas family brunch was organized to cherish some good food in the company of your family members.


While the salad, seafood and Indian cuisines had already won the hearts of foodies with their impeccable preparations, on the Christmas Eve the show -stealer was definitely the spread of desserts. With cakes, tarts and pies of multiple choices and variety of plum cakes to indulge our desserts appetites in, it was indeed a great Christmas brunch to remember.

With live Christmas carols and jingles in the background by two outstanding performers and an Activity corner planned for kids, this Christmas was indeed different from the other conventional brunches of the Capital.

Pavilion 75 indeed is blessed to possess such outstanding culinary masterpieces and seamless execution of the festive spirits.

A Carnival Cherishing Childhood: Delhi’s KRACKERJACK CARNIVAL


Delhi never runs out of events and the best part of the city is that as winter sets in, you can start feeling the presence of the Capital’s basking in the glory of carnivals. One such carnival that Delhi recently witnessed was the KrackerJack Carnival: A potpourri of festivities, activities and fun-enriched event. Though the target group of the carnival was mainly limited to children, but as you know fun and frolic are contagious and thus it turned out to be a gala celebration for both the adults as well as the children.


The Exclusive Episodes of the Krackerjack Carnival

The 10th edition of the Krackerjack Karnival in Delhi caters to the children and their needs. Set in the elaborate background of JLN Stadium, the event unfurled several episodes of amusement and gambol.  It turned out as a great success for both parents and children through overdoses of fun activities and encouraging healthier life styles. After all what can be more exciting than a real life interaction with the popular characters from Dholakpur? Yes, we are talking of Chotta Bheem aOne of the most anticipated events of the day was the ‘Jungle Book Se Aage’- a theatre performance directed by Bubbles Sabharwal and Lushin Dubey. With the incoming of theatre arrived a musical evening- MOZARTSY, initiated by wonderfully talented Sonam. It aims to bring joys to lives with music in ears zones. The musical sessions were followed by cosplay actions with genius, philanthropist and millionaire Ironman and dance all you can Zumba session.

The Master Brains Behind The Extravagant Carnival

Ms. Chandrika Behl, the director and founder of KrackerJack Carnival, Exhibitions India Group was interviewed and she expressed her happiness and excitement over the response that this event received. In fact the first day of the event witnessed such an overwhelming reach and success that Ms. Chandrika was eagerly in anticipation for the second day of the carnival to unfurl.


Some other parents while asked about their experience in the event gave such ebcouraging answers that clearly underline the success parameters of the Krackerjack Carnival. One of the parents also shared how she as well as her little one was both active e enthusiasts in this fun-filled carnival and is looking forward for the next season to unfurl soon.


Divya Bhalla, parent of three and a housemaker said, “Krackerjack Karnival is one of the most awaited events in our calendar as a place to go together with family. Having attended the previous two editions as well, I can vouch for the fact that it is an amazing show that offers an experience unlike something we have ever seen before. Krackerjack Karnival not only provides holistic and wholesome entertainment for kids and family, it also offers us a one stop shop for important products, services and information ranging from maintaining kids health to assistance during the approaching admissions season all under one roof.”




Krackerjack Karnival has given an interesting touch to the value of family that has been losing price in the modern times.  This occasion has all the right reasons to be celebrated to the fullest in a time where people have just few hours to count upon in the life of 24 hours in a day.


In fact Delhi, Dilwalon Ka Sheher is in need of these kinds of carnivals more frequently which address children’s quality engagement and gives an opportunity for the families to spend time together as Jon Wooden puts together that “The most important thing in the world is family and love”. Krackerjack Carnival was a perfect platform to celebrate the joys of childhood with grandeur, fun and learning simultaneously.

Tata Hexa’s The ‘Hexaexperience’: Automobile Journey At Its Excellence

Blogging has always welcomed several avenues of interests for me. And this time my recent added zone of interest has been the automobile sector. Thanks to IndiBlogger and Tata Hexa, two other prominent factors that have reinforced my curiosity in the automobile sphere by giving me an opportunity to participate in the ‘Hexaperience’.

tata-hexaTata Motors is now back with another innovative and speed guru in the SUV family, the ‘Tata Hexa’. This recent member is the family is indeed an exclusive addition and deserved all the attention. Hence the creation of the #Hexaperience for Delhi NCR was absolutely necessary.


Before I move onto the narration of this Hexaexperience, let me feed you some notable facts about the same.

Tata Hexa: A Beast to Conquer the Roads

Tata Hexa is a SUV vehicle designed to give you affordable luxury from all dimensions. The Hexaperience had already been executed in Hyderabad some days before where top 60 bloggers from India participated in the same. This time the Delhi NCR people got an opportunity to taste the similar kind of experience for 3 days at a stretch and luckily I was one among them.


Hexaexperience: An Amalgamation of Fun, Thrill and quality Family Experience

The Tata Hexaperience in Delhi NCR took place in  The Hexa Experience Centre, right adjoining to the Crowne Plaza and opposite to the food hub of Sec 29. It was indeed an elaborate celebration which had the presence of a Kids Play Area, A Tata Hexa Selfie Zone, a Food and beverage sphere and the most adorable one, a pet adoption zone.

Apart from all these, Tata had a showcase of several other products from the Tata fraternity like Chrome, The Taj Hotels, a Tata beverage zone and many more to the list.

I decided to venture out for this amazing experience of the final day of the event. Being a Sunday, my kid and husband accompanied me for the same.


And what followed was indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Our entry to the event was immediately followed by a test drive of the sexy beast, the “Tata Hexa”. And well, it is in fact designed to gift you the best of adventure to you with perfect safety measures assured. We had a guide from the Hexa family who drove us through the entire off road experience. And believe it or not, it the perfect automobile to kick off the adrenalin rush hidden in you.


Coming to the technicalities that Tata Hexa’s off-road experience established are:

  • The ground clearance factor is worth commendable.
  • Torque is of a higher-end quality than Innova.
  • We drove through quite an unsteady off-track which was specially designed to make us feel the stability of the car. It was incredibly successful in proving its credibility in this domain. Despite going through several dangerous tracks, the car was left unaffected without any sort of damage.
  • hexa
  • Tata Hexa is thus designed to be driven on any kind of surface. Whatever may be the road quality of, rugged or smooth, Hexa can take care of the hidden adventurous pangs in you with the maximum amount of safety.

Hexaexperience just like the Tata Hexa car was designed to be magical in every manner. The kids play zone had an adjoining tattoo and gaming area too, where children could experience some truly amazing moments.


The Pet Adoption area set up by Kannan Foundation, a NGO dedicated to give pets a new home was another notable presence in the Hexaperience. Meeting such cute, little fluffy members was another amazing part of the experience.


My blog would be really incomplete without a mention of the soulful musical companion for the evening. The Suryansh Project, a team of 3 members, incredibly talented drove us through a musical journey with their soulful renditions.


All the blogging participants who enthusiastically took to the test drive were given an opportunity of giving a personal bite wherein they shared their experience of the wonderful ride.

To wrap it up, The Hexaexperience has been truly an incredible one where our entire family had a gala time. Kudos to Tata Motors for a brilliant execution and thank you IndiBlogger once again for letting me partake in witnessing such a automobile genius.


Priced at 10 lakhs to the maximum one to be priced 15 lakhs, this 7 seater beauty is the perfect ride for you when you love to taste a safe and comfortable ride with a dash of adventure.

The Hexaexperience is soon going to be witnessed by other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore  and Chennai.

Hyatt Place’s 2nd Anniversary Celebrated with an Extravagant Sunday Brunch @Gallery Cafe

hya20Gallery Café - Hyatt Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Anniversaries are always memorable, whether it’s the first or the twenty-fifth one. An anniversary marks the completion of a year of unperturbed success, conquered achievements, meeting new facets of life and many more. And Hyatt Place, Udyog Vihar completed its second anniversary with pomp and glory a few days back. These 2 years of success were indeed a notable journey for the entire fraternity of Hyatt Family Udyog Vihar and thus a Sunday brunch was organized to celebrate the 2nd birthday.


Crazemag and Saadi Dilli, two renowned online publications associated with the event assured that every invited guest is welcomed with absolute hospitality. Countless interactions with peer bloggers, with cordial welcome from the Hyatt fraternity are things that made the Sunday brunch indeed one of the most cherished ones.


With prominent guests from the food and beverage industry, including food bloggers and photographers, this brunch shared a unique appeal. With a lavish seating arrangement at Gallery Café and a widespread food showcase, Hyatt Place once again proved that they are synonymous to precision and perfection. In fact Hyatt Place has always been responsibly associated with superb food and top-notch hospitality and this time too they did not disappoint us. The Presentation along with the variety and tastes went hand in hand making sure that Gallery Café lives up to its promised expectations.

The Sunday brunch welcomed almost a variety of cuisines ranging from the typical Mughlai to the spicy and healthy continentals. A plethora of salads along with some assorted flavors of pickles,, all of the delicacies offered the invitees a huge range of options to explore and indulge into. Credits definitely go to the chefs who have exploited their innovative culinary skills to bring out the best of the best cuisines on the plate.

Coming to the main courses or the starters, Hyatt Place did not leave any room for disappointments. Authentic tastes on the plate delivered by some exquisite Indian preparations of chicken and Biryani would leave your taste buds lingering for more. In fact every person present in the event were so engrossed with the delicacies, we bet Sunday brunch was Gallery Café truly made a mark in their tasting sessions.

Well, all of the appetizers and main courses fall short when they are not complemented by desserts. After all we all have a sweet tooth craving. Apart from the loaves and chocolate assortments, there were the mousse cake, tarts and a host of other smashing desserts to soothe your dessert appetites to the core.


hya8hya12hya19Lofty background score by a live performing band and the cake cutting ceremony by the Hyatt fraternity added colors to the afternoon.


Hyatt Place Udyog Vihar Gurgaon, Social Connoisseurs wishes you a very happy 2nd anniversary. May you witness many such years of accomplishment down the years to come.


Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: A Must Tick-Off in Your Wishlist This Weekend

We have already updated you about the Buddy Daddy Family Bash that is soon going to unfold this coming weekend, but however we did not reveal what are the things that are going to be in store for you.

Let’s offer you a complete encyclopedia about the series of happenings that are stored for you in this forthcoming family festival.

Bring Your Child and Their Admired Heroes Closer

You cannot afford your children to miss out the Fun Unrolling when they will meet their super heroes in real life. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016 is the bang on spot to give your little ones a lifetime opportunity to their role model superheroes. Disney’s Art Attack’s star Juyal(The Art Guy) and The Science Guy- Shaurya Rastogi (as seen on ZeeQ’s ‘Engineer This’) are all going to be there.



Stunt Groups Straight From New York To The Capital City

With two different stunt groups from New York- a BMX Biking group and a Rollerblading group, we promise you are in for a gala time. These groups will be performing gravity defying stunts, jumping off of ramps, doing 360 degree flips, racing from here to there  some adventure loaded activities. Witnessing and experiencing the thrill is undoubtedly a must.


An Extravaganza of Live Music, Adventure and An Exciting Mix of Great Food

So the Buddy Daddy Family Festival is a bonanza of everything. Whether you want to have a slice of Bollywood mash or some Adrenalin rush activities or some serious goal defining culinary journeys we are there to bring on this unique mix. Shop till you drop and eat till you are full, all for you right at Buddy Daddy Family Bash.


The Perfect Dose of Fun For A Family Outing

The best part of this entertainment overloaded Bash is that they are flavored with all the ingredients needed to spice up a family time. Everything you require to brighten up a dull mood or to gift a smile to your little one with only one ticket of 1000 INR for entry into Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016.


Diwali has just bid adieu and the festivities have just began to fade out. But Delhi never seems to run out of the festive spirits, right? We give you enough reasons to validate our statement. Welcome to New Delhi’s PALATE FEST REIMAGINED & NDMC IMAGINE FEST 2016.



Both these festivals have been endorsed and are being supported by the Ministry of Tourism India – INCREDIBLE INDIA.New Delhi Palate Fest 2014 made groundbreaking history being the first of its kind world class food festival. After 6 successful festivals in Delhi, Goa and Chandigarh in the last 2 years,
Palate Fest 
is back with its latest edition of the country’s biggest food enthusiasts’ garden party running in parallel with IMAGINE Fest over three delicious days from 18 – 20 November 2016. 

What To Look Look Out For?

New Delhi Palate Fest will showcase India’s 
finest restaurants, chefs, produce, growers, entertainers and musicians. Delhi will come alive with tons of culinary experiences to explore, a medley of tastings, events, promotions and celebrations like the city has become accustomed to all Palates. The Food Festival will be filled for the duration with exclusive fine dining experiences, plethora of trendy and stand-alone restaurants, market stalls offering food to buy and food to eat, fun & free events, and plenty of live entertainment. Come see what makes New Delhi Palate Fest REIMAGINED one of the top food festivals of the continent. 

IMAGINE Fest which will run in parallel with Palate Fest at Nehru Park aims to be an illuminating and informative weekend for everyone covering different genres including literature, fashion, politics, art, theatre, chefs to name a few.

The Fest will be set up as an International cultural event to bring together audiences and speakers from around the world. The Festival will be about people creating incredible experiences. Imagine Fest gives everyone a chance to be inspired by speakers that will open up the world of opportunities for them.

The IMAGINE Fest will present a wide range of talks, forums & discussions from world leaders, offer affordable International culture to audiences from Delhi, the rest of India and the world and an opportunity for India to showcase its rich culture to the world.

So block your dates today from 18-20th November and let the festivities begin once again at Nehru Park, Vinay Marg, New Delhi  from 11:00 AM to 10:00  PM


Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: The Next Big Bash for All Delhites

The festive season has just passed by leaving behind great memories and anticipation in high spirits. If you are upset thinking of the bygone festivities, Delhites wait! You have one more reason to be happy and we bet the reason is indeed a strong enough. BuddyDaddy Family Bash is once again nearing up and get ready to be glued to unlimited entertainment and fun for three days on a repeat mode. We bet you would no longer regret about the festivals.


Now if you are wondering why BuddyDaddy Family Bash is so amazing Social Connoisseurs decides to unveil the ongoing of this fest slowly and steadily. Let the suspense unfold with much enthusiasm and surprise.


BuddyDaddy Family Bash is a one of its kind event that is completely crated for family participation. Whether it’s your little kid or your aging mom, everybody irrespective of age and gender can be a participant in this Festival and enjoy to the brim.

The next reason is definitely that Buddy Daddy Family Bash is indeed a collage of celebrations. From shopping to live music to science and art music shows, you have everything up the sleeves to look forward to. And there are lots more but as you know we would love to make the suspense building.


The best part of this festival is you need only a single ticket to have access to all the proceedings. Be it a dance show or a musical performance or anything else, a singular ticket allows you to be a part of every show of the festival.

If you are still wondering what can be in store for you, take a look at what all took place in last year’s celebrations.

The fun is all set to unravel and get ready to book your tickets right now from

Stay tuned to Social Connoisseurs and keep following the Facebook page of for more updates and proceedings about the greatest Family Festival of the year.


A Dose of Fashion and A Flaunt of Beauty in The India Runway Week #IFFD DAY 3

Bollywood diva Zeenat Aman dazzled the ramp as a showstopper for Jewellery Designer Akassh K Aggarwal. The Muse Room by Akassh K Aggarwal is a celebration of Being a Queen Beyond her Peers.

bollywood-actress-zeenat-aman-walked-ramp-for-jewellery-designer-akassh-k-aggarwal-at-india-runway-week-1Collection of Jewellery Designer Akassh K Aggarwal comes with a message of celebrating women of all ages- from their teens to their 90’s- who not only have a stellar sense of Living and a knack for making their way in the world but also possess that uncanny ability to know when to act their age and also when to throw the supposed limits of that number. Akassh  says, ” I am very much delighted that Bollywood diva ZeenatAman has walked the ramp for me. She has been my first crush and will always be my muse. Keeping her in mind, I have created the whole collection and have kept my collection name as “The Muse Room”.  

bollywood-actress-zeenat-aman-walked-ramp-for-jewellery-designer-akassh-k-aggarwal-at-india-runway-week-4Zeenat Aman said, “Walking the ramp is always fun. It is a feel good factor when you get the instant reaction from the audience. When Jewellery Designer Akassh K Aggarwal approached me for his show and after seeing his jewellery, I couldn’t say no. I got nostalgic when I walked the ramp on one of my favourite track Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko and dum maro dum at India Runway Week. Akassh is a great person and a very creative designer. His Jewellery is extraordinary and beautiful. It was lovely to be a part of his show and I am obliged to be his Muse. “

Mock Mehendi Ceremony at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon Gives You all The Reasons For Its Choice as A Wedding Destination

Hyatt Regency Family has been a colossal destination for all those who prefer accommodation with an edge of luxury. From all dimensions of comfort and luxury being taken care of, Hyatt has been and will always be the most eligible place for people who hold a special eye for aristocracy. However while Hyatt Regency already shared a name for being a reliable destination for corporate meetings, official launches, formal events and so on, it is also an equally preferable venue for weddings. This was indeed proved by Mock Mehendi Ceremony which was recently organized by Hyatt Regency Gurgaon as a gesture for wedding celebrations.


With Diwali knocking at the door and the onset of the wedding season soon ushering in, one can easily rely on Hyatt Regency Gurgaon while planning a wedding. Hyatt Regency is blessed with an elaborate setting, a spacious ground and a comfortable array of different kinds of rooms. Moreover the Spa that it shares can pamper you with the pre-bridal rejuvenating spas you often look forward to in a wedding.


Coming to the Mock Mehendi ceremony that was organized by Hyatt, it indeed unfolded to be a grand event with merry participants from the media families. Bloggers, print media as well as several other renowned figures from the Hyatt fraternity graced the occasion with their enthusiastic presence.

A mehendi counter was set up along with a bangle segment and several street food stalls. Almost all of the participants present made the occasion a successful ceremony with their eagerness and ceaseless merriment.


Music and food were the best accompaniments and the wedding songs like Nachle Ve and the peppy Kaala Chashma made sure that all the guests swung their feet to the foot-tapping numbers.

Speaking of food, there was the Dahi Vada, Jalebi, Masala Chai and many other delicacies to pamper your tastes in the Mehendi event. Hyatt Regency with this elaborate and grand Mehendi arrangement truly established that it is no longer confined as a destination for corporate events alone but is in fact one of the best destinations to celebrate your weddings too.

hy2So get ready to make your wedding metamorphose into an evergreen memory with Hyatt Regency as your chosen destination.

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