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Monkey Bar: The Latest Foodie Destination in Kolkata

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Coverage By: Pratik Sensarma

The chain of Monkey Bars has received a overwhelming response in India. While Delhi chucked out to have the best of sumptuous experiences, Kolkata also did not lie far behind. In fact this recently launched bar in Kolkata is giving all foodies a perfect goal to relish their taste buds.

Interiors To Fall For:


Monkey bar is one of the most modern attractions in the heart of Kolkata, having a breathtaking view from the 9th floor of the fort Knox building.

m5 The interior of the place is the chief magnetism mainly the huge windows screening the skyline of Kolkata.


While the sitting area styled in the form of British pub, this place also provides good music.

Delicacies That Escort You To A Foodie Treat

Now coming to the extravagant meal- a variety of drinks starting from the Whisky, Manga, Copper Monkey, Hipster Smash and the starters being the Butterfly Chicken and the Tikki of joy proved to be superb treats for us, foodies.



The Butterfly Chicken is certainly worth a try. Then in the main course comes the Tiger Beef is so delicious that one plate will not be enough.

A must try for the beef lovers. One must give a five star rating in terms of its taste. Then arrives the Kerala red rice, a very new type of salad. One must have it with black chilli cones or else will not get that twist in the taste.

Desserts: Treats That Never Desire To Be Finished

Now ending up with the mouth watering desserts, one must try the Gondhoraj lemon Tart which is just mind blowing.

m13 And lastly the Old Monkey Signature Chocolate Cake tastes just out of the world.


This place is a must visit for experiencing its ambience and also having the essence of a pub backed by excellent food and service.

Kolkata, The City of Joy has always been redefining the tastes of foodies and Monkey Bar is a recent addition to the group. If you are still unsure where to celebrate your Christmas, New Year or any other festive celebrations, don’t forget to give Monkey Bar a sure try.

Sabhagar Theatre Festival: A Gift For All Theatre Lovers of Kolkata

Coverage By Kathakali Sengupta

Sabhaghar Theatre Festival, presented by Centre Stage Creations brought to the City of Joy a great panorama of the best of World Theatre. It was a 3 – day- long show of great stagecraft from 10th to 13th  December , 2016 at GD Birla Sabhaghar Themed  on ‘ Celebrating World Theatre’ , it showcased workshops and performances by UK actor and director Daniel Bye, Lillete Dubey and Gautam Halder. We were fortunate enough to watch Gautam Halder’s performance in Prachya’s play  ‘ Nileema’ , directed by Biplab Bandyopadhyay on the last evening of the show.


It was a satire inspired by famous playwright Eugene  Ionesco’s play ‘ The Lesson’ which was a perfect critique of contemporary education system. Much in sync with Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘ Totakahini’, the play presented a weird professor’s obsession with making  the  student understand everything she wants and does not want to know.


His obsession with teaching does not end even when the student is on her deathbed. The play also presented the student’s imaginary escape from reality which she can only dream of. Interestingly enough the  characters of the students, both during the play and at the end are female characters, much realistically representing the sexual oppression that female students face nowadays from their male professors.


At the end, the autocratic professor’s murder of the student and again setting another prey for his obsession, marks a great end of the day. Last but not the least, the supporting group of actors dressed as clowns act as the inner conscience of a person’s soul and also maintain a parallelism of every action.


The Sabhagar Theatre Festival indeed gave all the theatre lovers of Kolkata to usher in some splendid performances. Hope it comes along every year with a new mood and some more thrilling theatrical acts to look forward to.

Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: A Must Tick-Off in Your Wishlist This Weekend

We have already updated you about the Buddy Daddy Family Bash that is soon going to unfold this coming weekend, but however we did not reveal what are the things that are going to be in store for you.

Let’s offer you a complete encyclopedia about the series of happenings that are stored for you in this forthcoming family festival.

Bring Your Child and Their Admired Heroes Closer

You cannot afford your children to miss out the Fun Unrolling when they will meet their super heroes in real life. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016 is the bang on spot to give your little ones a lifetime opportunity to their role model superheroes. Disney’s Art Attack’s star Juyal(The Art Guy) and The Science Guy- Shaurya Rastogi (as seen on ZeeQ’s ‘Engineer This’) are all going to be there.



Stunt Groups Straight From New York To The Capital City

With two different stunt groups from New York- a BMX Biking group and a Rollerblading group, we promise you are in for a gala time. These groups will be performing gravity defying stunts, jumping off of ramps, doing 360 degree flips, racing from here to there  some adventure loaded activities. Witnessing and experiencing the thrill is undoubtedly a must.


An Extravaganza of Live Music, Adventure and An Exciting Mix of Great Food

So the Buddy Daddy Family Festival is a bonanza of everything. Whether you want to have a slice of Bollywood mash or some Adrenalin rush activities or some serious goal defining culinary journeys we are there to bring on this unique mix. Shop till you drop and eat till you are full, all for you right at Buddy Daddy Family Bash.


The Perfect Dose of Fun For A Family Outing

The best part of this entertainment overloaded Bash is that they are flavored with all the ingredients needed to spice up a family time. Everything you require to brighten up a dull mood or to gift a smile to your little one with only one ticket of 1000 INR for entry into Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016.


Diwali has just bid adieu and the festivities have just began to fade out. But Delhi never seems to run out of the festive spirits, right? We give you enough reasons to validate our statement. Welcome to New Delhi’s PALATE FEST REIMAGINED & NDMC IMAGINE FEST 2016.



Both these festivals have been endorsed and are being supported by the Ministry of Tourism India – INCREDIBLE INDIA.New Delhi Palate Fest 2014 made groundbreaking history being the first of its kind world class food festival. After 6 successful festivals in Delhi, Goa and Chandigarh in the last 2 years,
Palate Fest 
is back with its latest edition of the country’s biggest food enthusiasts’ garden party running in parallel with IMAGINE Fest over three delicious days from 18 – 20 November 2016. 

What To Look Look Out For?

New Delhi Palate Fest will showcase India’s 
finest restaurants, chefs, produce, growers, entertainers and musicians. Delhi will come alive with tons of culinary experiences to explore, a medley of tastings, events, promotions and celebrations like the city has become accustomed to all Palates. The Food Festival will be filled for the duration with exclusive fine dining experiences, plethora of trendy and stand-alone restaurants, market stalls offering food to buy and food to eat, fun & free events, and plenty of live entertainment. Come see what makes New Delhi Palate Fest REIMAGINED one of the top food festivals of the continent. 

IMAGINE Fest which will run in parallel with Palate Fest at Nehru Park aims to be an illuminating and informative weekend for everyone covering different genres including literature, fashion, politics, art, theatre, chefs to name a few.

The Fest will be set up as an International cultural event to bring together audiences and speakers from around the world. The Festival will be about people creating incredible experiences. Imagine Fest gives everyone a chance to be inspired by speakers that will open up the world of opportunities for them.

The IMAGINE Fest will present a wide range of talks, forums & discussions from world leaders, offer affordable International culture to audiences from Delhi, the rest of India and the world and an opportunity for India to showcase its rich culture to the world.

So block your dates today from 18-20th November and let the festivities begin once again at Nehru Park, Vinay Marg, New Delhi  from 11:00 AM to 10:00  PM


Buddy Daddy Family Bash 2016: The Next Big Bash for All Delhites

The festive season has just passed by leaving behind great memories and anticipation in high spirits. If you are upset thinking of the bygone festivities, Delhites wait! You have one more reason to be happy and we bet the reason is indeed a strong enough. BuddyDaddy Family Bash is once again nearing up and get ready to be glued to unlimited entertainment and fun for three days on a repeat mode. We bet you would no longer regret about the festivals.


Now if you are wondering why BuddyDaddy Family Bash is so amazing Social Connoisseurs decides to unveil the ongoing of this fest slowly and steadily. Let the suspense unfold with much enthusiasm and surprise.


BuddyDaddy Family Bash is a one of its kind event that is completely crated for family participation. Whether it’s your little kid or your aging mom, everybody irrespective of age and gender can be a participant in this Festival and enjoy to the brim.

The next reason is definitely that Buddy Daddy Family Bash is indeed a collage of celebrations. From shopping to live music to science and art music shows, you have everything up the sleeves to look forward to. And there are lots more but as you know we would love to make the suspense building.


The best part of this festival is you need only a single ticket to have access to all the proceedings. Be it a dance show or a musical performance or anything else, a singular ticket allows you to be a part of every show of the festival.

If you are still wondering what can be in store for you, take a look at what all took place in last year’s celebrations.

The fun is all set to unravel and get ready to book your tickets right now from

Stay tuned to Social Connoisseurs and keep following the Facebook page of for more updates and proceedings about the greatest Family Festival of the year.


Delhi is Afflicted with Diseased Diwali

We indeed had a superb diwali yesterday. The opulent show of fireworks along with the company of those extravagant lights is indeed a sight to steal the show.

A glimpse of how Delhi celebrated its Diwali last night through our lens

But did we really have a safe diwali enough? Monday morning proved it wrong enough, especially in the National Capital.

Monday, 31’st October morning turned out to be an exceptionally smoggy one for Delhi. Though winter is still late, the smog had almost occupied the city alarmingly. Thanks to yesterday’s crackers and our irresponsible Delhites’ celebrations which were responsible for the same.


Pollution levels had alarmingly crossed the usual parameters yesterday night and Monday morning turned out to be a choking one for Delhi. On the Air Quality Index, Delhi air today measured 999. And do you know what safe count for breathing healthy air? It’s only 150. Indeed Delhi is not only the rape capital but also proved itself to be the Pollution Capital in India.

Thanks to team 2wenty7Incorporate who took us to a tour of Choking Delhi through their lens.

Picture credits go to Mr. Raman Barwal RK Images whose snapshots had given us a vivid glimpse of the Mnday morning in Delhi.

Areas like Hkv, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan were trapped in the hazardous smog, resultant of yesterday’s fireworks.img_6269img_6276img_6278img_6322img_6303img_6359




Mock Mehendi Ceremony at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon Gives You all The Reasons For Its Choice as A Wedding Destination

Hyatt Regency Family has been a colossal destination for all those who prefer accommodation with an edge of luxury. From all dimensions of comfort and luxury being taken care of, Hyatt has been and will always be the most eligible place for people who hold a special eye for aristocracy. However while Hyatt Regency already shared a name for being a reliable destination for corporate meetings, official launches, formal events and so on, it is also an equally preferable venue for weddings. This was indeed proved by Mock Mehendi Ceremony which was recently organized by Hyatt Regency Gurgaon as a gesture for wedding celebrations.


With Diwali knocking at the door and the onset of the wedding season soon ushering in, one can easily rely on Hyatt Regency Gurgaon while planning a wedding. Hyatt Regency is blessed with an elaborate setting, a spacious ground and a comfortable array of different kinds of rooms. Moreover the Spa that it shares can pamper you with the pre-bridal rejuvenating spas you often look forward to in a wedding.


Coming to the Mock Mehendi ceremony that was organized by Hyatt, it indeed unfolded to be a grand event with merry participants from the media families. Bloggers, print media as well as several other renowned figures from the Hyatt fraternity graced the occasion with their enthusiastic presence.

A mehendi counter was set up along with a bangle segment and several street food stalls. Almost all of the participants present made the occasion a successful ceremony with their eagerness and ceaseless merriment.


Music and food were the best accompaniments and the wedding songs like Nachle Ve and the peppy Kaala Chashma made sure that all the guests swung their feet to the foot-tapping numbers.

Speaking of food, there was the Dahi Vada, Jalebi, Masala Chai and many other delicacies to pamper your tastes in the Mehendi event. Hyatt Regency with this elaborate and grand Mehendi arrangement truly established that it is no longer confined as a destination for corporate events alone but is in fact one of the best destinations to celebrate your weddings too.

hy2So get ready to make your wedding metamorphose into an evergreen memory with Hyatt Regency as your chosen destination.

Vibrant Mrs.Delhi/NCR: A Salute to Womanhood in The Truest Sense

vb3The platform of fashion has been redefining standards in recent times. There was once a time when fashionistas had to sacrifice their dreams just because of their marital as well as as motherhood status. However beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this notion has been exemplified by most of the beauty pageants of the world. One such event was surely Mrs. Delhi/NCR, an initiative organised by the Directors of the Vibrant Concepts, Ginny Kapoor and Gagandeep Kapoor.

Just like their name Vibrant Concepts, they truly lived up to their names’ worth. With vibrant ideas like these, Vibrant Mrs. Delhi/NCR  2016 became a platform through which many married women could walk out of their domestic barriers and relive their independent identities. The evening sparked off with glitz and glamour with the presence of identities like Sarhaan Singh (TV actor), Sylvie Rodgers (Hair stylist), Shankar Sahney (singer), Dr. Varun Katyal (Nutritionist) and Katrina (Miss Ukraine) who were present as members of the honorable jury. The entire evening shimmered with style and fashion in The Ocean Pearl Retreat of Chattarpur.

This glamorous evening kick started with the ethnic round where the married divas exhibited their beauties and confident personalities in ethnic attires, redefining the traditional streaks of the country. It was followed by crisp self-introductions about each of the contestants.


The 2nd edition however stole the show wherein special children made the audience spellbound with their awe-inspiring performances. In fact the entire audience roared with thunderous applause seeing the little minds and hands giving birth to such breathtaking performances.


vb1This entire platform proved out to be an outlet of passion and proving your worth in the truest sense. With music, dance and the divas walking the ramp in elegant sarees, the entire show turned out to be a token of sheer success. Twelve vibrant ladies were chosen for the Western Round and finally it was Preeti Joshi and Arti Sachdeva who could bag the honorable titles of Vibrant Mrs. Delhi/NCR 2016. The entire evening indeed stood out to be an exceptionally memorable one with the presence of several renowned socialites like Meenakshi Dutt, Umesh Dutt, Jaspreet Singh, Rajiv Gupta, Roshni Thakur, Mann Dua etc.

Words From the Masterminds

In this regard a word from the director of Vibrant Mrs.Delhi/NCR was important since such an initiative can only be successful when the minds behind it are truly genius.

As Ginny Kapoor said “” Life doesn’t end for a woman when she gets married. In fact, there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. I am happy to be a part of this initiative which celebrates a woman’s success and achievements with the whole world. We believe that they should be recognized for their ability to integrate intellect, homemaking skills and beauty. Our focus is also on cultural identity and pride in womanhood as exemplified by well known personalities in the field of corporate and public life.”

With these words as inspiration, we wish that in the following years we have more such events like Vibrant Mrs.Delhi/NCR. Power to Vibrant Concepts, More Power to Womanhood.

A Saviour For Parents of School Going Children:Shikshasudhar

Are you the one who is tormented by those advance payments of three months for your little child’s school? Do the admission fees and the hassles involved make your child’s schooling a deadened factor? Say Goodbye to Schooling Hassles with at a Nominal Price of 999/year

The first thought that comes to one’s mind after becoming a parent is the proper education of his little one. However getting your child admitted into one of the top-notch institutions also does not ensure that he/she will receive a seamless academic life and herein comes the malpractices or complicated nuances on behalf of the school. Unreasonable practices like charging of huge admission fees, payment of three months’ fees in advance or any other irrational activity on behalf of the school often retard the flow of our finances as parents. However with limited resources and rising anxieties we have no other option than to surrender to circumstances. Here comes a saviour:

Schooling Hassles Diminished with

Om Info Logic LLP has ventured into a completely innovative realm of its kind: Shiksha Sudhar to arrive as an immediate saviour to all those parents who have been overburdened by the malpractices on behalf of the school. This one of its kind website has all its services catered to the parents of Nursery to the 12th Standard keeping in mind the essential hurdles that come during these years of schooling.


The best part of this enlightening website is it is one of its kind. It aims to deliver assistance to those helpless parents who cannot approach the institutions in the fear of getting crushed by overwhelming authorities and financial drawbacks. has an innovative way to help you out. As you register yourself as a parent on this online platform, you not only enjoy an experienced access to information about your rights as parents against the school and also the school’s obligation to you as an institution for education.


In an exclusive bite with Social Connoisseurs, Mr. Manan Vasisht the co-founder of Shiksha Sudhar was of the opinion that this platform is backed by the strength of layers, administrative and legal authorities who will assist each parent to sort out the malpractices executed by any institution. Your solution to your problem is just an e-mail away. With rigorous dedication and endless support from the customer support team, your areas of detestation will finally be resolved.


This brilliant initiative by Om Info Logic LLP was indeed a thoughtful initiative on behalf of parents.

Log onto and register yourself at a nominal price of 999/annum today.


Team Core in Collaboration with A Flying Jatt Give Delhites A Reason to Celebrate

Team Core, a profound fitness station located at Pusa Road just next to Karol Bagh metro Station welcomed the presence of the cast of A Flying Jatt that is soon going to hit the theatres on the 25th of August.



Tiger Shroff is indeed the epitome of health and fitness and nothing better than a fitness hub like Team Core could meet up to the promotions of this fitness freak. Well the newly opened joint of Team Core at Pusa Road that has been associated with the upcoming film A Flying Jatt from the home of Balaji Productions, witnessed the presence of the cast of the flick on last Thursday, 18th August.


The trailers of A Flying Jatt has been winning the hearts of millions of children as well as afults owing to its Superhero contents. Team Core, being collaborated with this highly anticipated Bollywood flick forwarded an endeavor to connect the fan members of the gymnasium and the cast of the film.

Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandes and Nathan Jones were present to grace the evening. In their interactive sessions with the media and the present members, Tiger Shroff and his co-actors shared inputs about the flick.

Moreover on being asked about the young Shroff’s fitness mantra, Tiger Shroff said that, ”my mantra is to stay happy, discipline in what I eat, because what we have at is more important than just working out. So to get a good nutrition value is very important to concentrate on our diet.”


Even Nathan expressed his delights over coming to India and shooting a film with Remo D’Souza.

Beginning from the content of the film to the shooting sessions, the trio responded to each and every question the host shot at them. Tiger clarified how the film sets itself completely apart from the other Indian SuperHero film Krish. Moreover he also shared some bits and strands of his former experiences in the shooting of the film.

The entire cast was patient enough to answer each and every question of the media and the present audience patiently. When Social Connoisseurs team inquired about the most comic situation during the shoot of the film, Tiger replied that he really had a tough time going to the washroom with that costume on. Such a humble and down to Earth answer made everyone burst into sells of laughter.


Tiger Jacqueline and Nathan also displayed some grooves to the music of A Flying Jatt and the entire crowd appreciated them with a thunderous applause. Keeping in mind the target audience of the film as the children, the cast also shared a few clicks with the present kids.

0SS_1620 (1)

Team Core provided an excellent platform too both the cast and its members for a perfect session to learn more about A Flying Jatt. In fact with its members and media, this greeting session turned out to be an extremely enjoyable one.

Team Core stands out to be one of the prominent fitness clubs in Delhi with as many as 50 work stations. Being operational from 5.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and 7 days a week , it is a perfect club catering to all your fitness goals with ample time flexibilities. In fact it is the best suitor to keep yourself fit and healthy and feel like a superhero like A Flying Jatt.

So get ready to register yourself and keep those compliments coming for your redefined fitness with Team Core.


UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

Small drops of water often make an ocean and to make every drop count you need a fair start. UNICEF, an organisation always known for bringing smiles to the society through their series of programs, this time engaged itself in starting ‘# Fair Start’ film as a part of its social media Campaign that would be focused to bring equity among all children in the country. A noble mission and an innovative campaign like this made Delhi proud once again on the 5th of July, 2016.



In order to make the campaign attain a stronger identity and a wider outreach, the event called for the presence of almost 100 adolescents from the different top ranked schools in Delhi and Haryana. Apart from the attendance of these young minds, the event also had almost 80 media personnel covering the event. The grand Fair Start Film Campaign witnessed the memorable presence of the UNICEF celebrity ambassador, Ms. Priyanka Chopra and Mr. Louis Georges Arsenault, who is the representative figure of UNICEF in India.


An Opportunity to Blossom

In a country like India, where every second child from the unprivileged or the underprivileged sectors is a victim of issues like malnutrition, child labour, early fertility, early marriage, stunted growth and a trimmed existence, the #Fair Start film campaign was a much needed initiative in the nation. The glorious campaign could not witness a better initiative than the children themselves being part of the entire initiative. Children from different schools who came to be a part of this social initiative were indeed lucky to exchange their views with the veteran representative of UNICEF and Ms. Priyanka Chopra about this enlightening agenda.DSC_7115

UNICEF’s ideas and agendas have always inspired the common as well as the intellectual crowd to think and rethink about the society. With a motto to create a better social picture for the children to live in, the #Fair Start film Campaign will indeed be an influential footstep. To welcome a radical change so that every child can enjoy Fair Start in life with a perfectly new beginning, UNICEF along with their brand ambassador has been immensely instrumental.

Social Connoisseurs has always been keen to reflect the best shades of the society and this endeavour of UNICEF could not be missed from their list. Kudos to You for such an inspiring initiative! Team Social Connoisseurs was indeed lucky to witness the pride moments of a truly stimulating #Fair Start.



Launch of Eduardo’s Milonga De Mis Amores Tango in The Capital City: A Classy Evening to Remember

Launch of Eduardo’s Milonga De Mis Amores Tango in The Capital City: A Classy Evening to Remember

When you are a dance connoisseur and love to explore the various niches, Tango should be a must in your dance platter. The grooves and moves that this authentic form of partner dance offers is indeed a Pandora’s Box to explore. Since 1880s, Tango has been conquering the hearts of all passionate dance lovers and thanks to the experts Kiran Bajaj Sawhney and Eduardo who helped Delhi to bag its own Tango dance platform. The event saw a grand opening on Friday, the 1st of July in one of the five star properties of Delhi, Eros Hotel. An innovation to the concept was it was not only a Tango dance evening but more of a Milonga, precisely known as the Tango social where several personnel engaged themselves in some of the classiest moves of Tango.



Set in one of the poshest five star properties of the City, Eros Hotel’s The Lounge Bar, the location was a perfect background to learn the swanky moves of Tango.



The evening witnessed the presence of expats, ambassadors, Tango experts and young bloggers. IMG_2489Everyone of them extended a step to take a try at the beautiful art of Tango.

The Gala Event Proceedings

The event was exclusive of its genre as the Capital City had never witnessed before a Milonga. Hosted by the beautiful and gorgeous Kiran Bajaj Sawhney, the Tango queen along with Eduardo, the Tango connoisseur, the event was loaded with all expert moves coming from the Tango maestros. The evening sparked off with some enriching introductory sessions in Tango where both Kiran and Eduardo swung their feet to offer the viewers an authentic sight of this Argentinian origin dance. It was a free class for the invitees where everyone could step ahead to make an attempt in the Tango niche. With all its therapeutic feel and relaxing essence, every visitor in the evening could not stop themselves from engaging into this irresistible form of art.

Delhi milonga..

The best part was that the mentors, Miss. Kiran and Mr. Eduardo had been excessively polite and patient to the aspirants and no wonder within sometime even the amateurs could dance like pros. Hats off their teaching skills, I must say.

The real excitement started rolling on when the Milonga began. Milonga to be more precise is a Tango social, where the partner dancers engage themselves in swift moves to the Tango music. Filled with bloggers, foreign delegates and other aristocratic visitors, the Milonga offered some real moments of exciting passion. The Tangueros had offered their expert hands of assistance to the dancers and what unrolled were sheer moments of blissful Tango moves.

The dance floor was open to everyone where eminent Tangueros like Irina, Samata, Clara, Sergio had welcomed the other dancers to pick up some swift moves of Tango. Clara, who had her birthday the day before, also cut a cake with a Tango birthday dance followed after.
The most interesting part of the event was definitely how the non-professional dancers were also moulded to pick up the Tango moves within a short span. This establishes the skill of the Tango teachers.


With a series of drinks and food options, the event witnessed a sheer success.
A special note of thanks to Ms. Kiran Sawhney whose warmth and hospitality made us feel at home in the grand Milonga.


Meet The Figures Behind This Grand Event

It is essential to brief a bit about the central figures who were involved in the inauguration of this gala evening. Kiran Bajaj Sawhney, who is the foundress of Delhi’s only Tango School NDTS and Mr. Eduardo Matinez Curiel who is a Tango connoisseur were the pivotal figures involved in bringing about this evening to be a grand success. Mr. Eduardo who is the Minister at The Embassy of Mexico has been engaged in dance since 12 years and is equally responsible as Ms. Kiran in teaching the students of New Delhi Tango School the professional moves of Tango.

Coming to Ms. Kiran she had been involved in dancing as early as six and holds a mastery over almost all popular genres of dance. Her expertise is not only confined to Tango but is spread to niches like Odissi, Bollywood as well as Bharatnatyam and the list goes endless. Kiran’s keen interest in Tango has made her travel all over the world and thanks to her skills that made Delhi witness its first and exclusive Tango school. She also has to her credits inordinate collection of Tango dresses and shoes that she exports with her brand name Mis Amores.

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney

Team Social Connoisseurs wishes them all the luck for this new venture at this swanky location of the capital city.

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