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Cheers To Womanhood, Mrs.India Beauty Queen Gets Crowned: Know The Winners

MIBQ Making Dreams of Married Women Powerful Realities

Getting involved in matrimony often comes as an unwelcoming pause to most of the women’s careers. Whether  they are into the world of fashion, corporate or medical fields, the marital status often brings in added responsibilities and thus a deviation from their passion and profession. MIBQ is an endeavor that comes as a blessing for most of these women whose beauty and fashionista craze have been overshadowed by their incoming responsibilities of marital lives. 2016’s MIBQ just like its former episodes extended a platform to multiple married women to come out of their cocoons and once again cherish the fashion and beauty quotient hidden among them.

Contestants walking the ramp in designer Nidhika Shekhar

MIBQ: The Pillar of Strength For Multiple Women

Mrs. India Beauty Queen (MIBQ) a revolutionary trend that found its birth powered by WOWW foundation by Rose Khaira and MIBQ Foundation, directed by Bir Kaur Dhillon is a beauty pageant for married women that celebrate and admire the accomplishments and achievements of a wife, a mother, a complete woman with true beauty and intelligence. A woman’s beauty is indeed an eternal possession and being wedded or with the incoming of motherhood, it cannot fade into background. MIBQ assists the woman to realize and enjoy her role of completion with absolute recognition and global limelight.

A Short Tour Through The Proceedings of MIBQ

Mrs. Bir Kaur Dhillon, the director Mrs. India Beauty Queen had shortlisted top fourteen potential candidates from all over India and abroad, who further battled for Mrs. India beauty Queen title in a 4-day long pageant where the contestants were judged on various aspects.The grand finale was held on 26th of August at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka.

Bir Kaur Dhillon, Veen Jain, Gayatri Sandeep & Rose Khaira


The shortlisted contestants were mentored by show director and ace model Nayanika Chatterjee, a veteran in the field of fashion and grooming.

Nayanika Chatterji

She had groomed the ladies for the 4 days pageant on the following aspects:


  •       Time Management and self -assessment
  •         Fitness & Nutrition
  •         Indian Drapes and Wardrobe Management
  •         Ramp Walk and Self Presentation
  •         Hair & Make up
  •         Photo-shoots

Contestants were evaluated during the course of the pageant through personal interviews and numerous sub contests including  rounds like swimwear, talent and fashionista along with concept photo shoots to name a few.

Nayanika Chatterji & Bir Kaur Dhillon with the contestants

WOWW foundation provided a platform to all the women who wish to prove their worth despite of having numerous other responsibilities.

Glam Curators Working Behind The Show

Adding to the glamour of the show, various known artists like Naina Arora – the official make up artist of the show, VIDM-Institute of Design and Management as fashion institute,  Suchismita Sahoo – conceptualised photographer, Pulkit Bandana and Manish Chauhan – makeover artists joined hands to make this edition, yet another success.

 JURY and Their Expert Opinions

The contestants were judged by a panel of judges including renowned fashion designers like Rakesh Thakore  and Rohit Karma, Jeevandeep Singh (owner of, Tarun Gill, Bir Kaur Dhillon and Umang Monga (owner of Harrison Locks) who equated beauty with smartness and chose Mrs. India Beauty Queen 2016.

Jeevandeep Singh, Rakesh Thakore, Bir Kaur Dhillon, Tarun Gill, Rohit Kamra & Umag Monga

 Mrs India Beauty Queen 2016: The Diva Having It All

Ruth Charlesworth from Mumbai with her shinning personality and a proportionate balance of every attribute of womanhood  was crowned as Mrs India Beauty Queen 2016.

2nd Runner Up (Shalini Sood), Winner (Ruth Charlesworth) & 1st Runner Up (Aditi Sharma)

The runners up were Aditi Sharma & Shalini Sood as first and second respectively. 

Though the Contest demands three positions but personally every woman contending for the crown was indeed a true Mrs.India Beauty Queen in her soul her spirits.

 The Life-Changing MIBQ Crowning

Ruth Charlesworth will now represent India at the world finals of Mrs. India Beauty Queen to be held in Shenzhen, China in November 2016. Aditi Sharma, first runner up will also represent India as Mrs. Indian Ocean Globe for the same pageant. Shalini Sood, Second Runner up will represent India at Mrs. United Nation Pageant followed by Sushma Bharti and Manaeka Will who will represent India at the Mrs. Universe and Mrs Top of the World Pageant.

Finalists walking the ramp

Classy MIBQ Becomes More Classic

To add o the existing glory, this year MIBQ introduced their classic titles. Now women over the age group of 45 years can also participate.

Veena Jain was crowned Mrs India Beauty Queen Classic Winner and will represent India at the Mrs. Globe 2017, followed by Gayatri Sandeep from Bngalore- First runner up who will lso represent India internationally.

 The Designing Hands Behind The Adorable Fashionistas

Dressed in designers, Niket Mishra and Nidhika Shekhar, official designers of the pageant all contestants were unique and confident in their own ways.

Designer Nidhika Shekhar with the contestant

 A Dream Transformed Into Reality For The Creative Director

Elvis, creative director – was delighted to see his vision become reality. He was very impressed with the contestants who came from all walks of life to celebrate the beauty of a completely woman.

Eminent figures like Mayank  Yadav a super stylist and HP Gill, the business director congratulated all the contestants on winning the crown.

MIBQ as well as Mrs.India winners and contenders, you have once again proved the power of womanhood, breaking the taboo assertively that marriage is not always a deviation from your dream.


Team Core in Collaboration with A Flying Jatt Give Delhites A Reason to Celebrate

Team Core, a profound fitness station located at Pusa Road just next to Karol Bagh metro Station welcomed the presence of the cast of A Flying Jatt that is soon going to hit the theatres on the 25th of August.



Tiger Shroff is indeed the epitome of health and fitness and nothing better than a fitness hub like Team Core could meet up to the promotions of this fitness freak. Well the newly opened joint of Team Core at Pusa Road that has been associated with the upcoming film A Flying Jatt from the home of Balaji Productions, witnessed the presence of the cast of the flick on last Thursday, 18th August.


The trailers of A Flying Jatt has been winning the hearts of millions of children as well as afults owing to its Superhero contents. Team Core, being collaborated with this highly anticipated Bollywood flick forwarded an endeavor to connect the fan members of the gymnasium and the cast of the film.

Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandes and Nathan Jones were present to grace the evening. In their interactive sessions with the media and the present members, Tiger Shroff and his co-actors shared inputs about the flick.

Moreover on being asked about the young Shroff’s fitness mantra, Tiger Shroff said that, ”my mantra is to stay happy, discipline in what I eat, because what we have at is more important than just working out. So to get a good nutrition value is very important to concentrate on our diet.”


Even Nathan expressed his delights over coming to India and shooting a film with Remo D’Souza.

Beginning from the content of the film to the shooting sessions, the trio responded to each and every question the host shot at them. Tiger clarified how the film sets itself completely apart from the other Indian SuperHero film Krish. Moreover he also shared some bits and strands of his former experiences in the shooting of the film.

The entire cast was patient enough to answer each and every question of the media and the present audience patiently. When Social Connoisseurs team inquired about the most comic situation during the shoot of the film, Tiger replied that he really had a tough time going to the washroom with that costume on. Such a humble and down to Earth answer made everyone burst into sells of laughter.


Tiger Jacqueline and Nathan also displayed some grooves to the music of A Flying Jatt and the entire crowd appreciated them with a thunderous applause. Keeping in mind the target audience of the film as the children, the cast also shared a few clicks with the present kids.

0SS_1620 (1)

Team Core provided an excellent platform too both the cast and its members for a perfect session to learn more about A Flying Jatt. In fact with its members and media, this greeting session turned out to be an extremely enjoyable one.

Team Core stands out to be one of the prominent fitness clubs in Delhi with as many as 50 work stations. Being operational from 5.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and 7 days a week , it is a perfect club catering to all your fitness goals with ample time flexibilities. In fact it is the best suitor to keep yourself fit and healthy and feel like a superhero like A Flying Jatt.

So get ready to register yourself and keep those compliments coming for your redefined fitness with Team Core.


Why You Should Not Waste Your Time on Mohenjodaro?

Mohenjo Daro Review

Though this comes  very late , but I could write a review only after I have seen the movie. I had heard rumors that it did not perform quite well on the screens, but voicing out a negative opinion first requires enough verification. And here comes an honest unbiased review of Mohenjodaro.

When a filmmaker like Ashutosh Gowariker thinks to make a movie on one of the most important settlement of the Indus valley civilization- Mohenjo Daro, one would definitely expect it to be historically correct and yet keep his worth as a storyteller.

However, as the movie states, he has failed to retain both the accounts.


mohenjodaro1Mohenjo Daro is basically a fantasy movie and has nothing to do with the exact historical background. It has nothing new to offer and it is the same old brew of jealousy, love served in a packet full of drama with no proper and convincing proportions.

Moreover with the historic diversions and the surplus reinterpreted scenes, Mohenjodaro definitely does not live up to the built expectations of the eagerly awaiting audiences.

mj 4

Ashutosh has made the first half a bit comical than historical or rather it was a historical comedy in its own way. We understand Ashutosh had been very much inspired by Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, but that does not imply that he will recreate his own historical occurrences.

And what about cinematography and fashion? I must say as far as history states the fashion of Mohenjodaro was definitely not as provoking as it appears to be on the screens of Mohenjodaro by Ashutosh Gowariker.


The acting department also failed to achieve the level of success. Even at some part you may find it quite amateur. The history lovers will find the movie amusing as they won’t be able to relate the film with the actual plot. Serious movie lovers may think it’s the same old, tedious and boring.

Mohenjo Daro had a clash with Akshay Kumar’s Rustom. Even after all this people are watching this movie just due to their love for Hrithik Roshan. But if you really want to make out something from the movie, please keep the history books miles away.

This movie is solely for Hrithik lovers as here he has flaunted his abs, his great dance moves as well. Pooja Hedge is a beautiful lady who limp expressions makes her an appealing heroine. It’s a one time watch though you will like the historic set but don’t expect much from the movie. Well! Even after Hrithik’s earnest performance, it is not enough to take us to the cinema hall to watch Mohenjo Daro.

UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

UNICEF and Priyanka Chopra Give Children A Reason to Smile with A #Fair Start

Small drops of water often make an ocean and to make every drop count you need a fair start. UNICEF, an organisation always known for bringing smiles to the society through their series of programs, this time engaged itself in starting ‘# Fair Start’ film as a part of its social media Campaign that would be focused to bring equity among all children in the country. A noble mission and an innovative campaign like this made Delhi proud once again on the 5th of July, 2016.



In order to make the campaign attain a stronger identity and a wider outreach, the event called for the presence of almost 100 adolescents from the different top ranked schools in Delhi and Haryana. Apart from the attendance of these young minds, the event also had almost 80 media personnel covering the event. The grand Fair Start Film Campaign witnessed the memorable presence of the UNICEF celebrity ambassador, Ms. Priyanka Chopra and Mr. Louis Georges Arsenault, who is the representative figure of UNICEF in India.


An Opportunity to Blossom

In a country like India, where every second child from the unprivileged or the underprivileged sectors is a victim of issues like malnutrition, child labour, early fertility, early marriage, stunted growth and a trimmed existence, the #Fair Start film campaign was a much needed initiative in the nation. The glorious campaign could not witness a better initiative than the children themselves being part of the entire initiative. Children from different schools who came to be a part of this social initiative were indeed lucky to exchange their views with the veteran representative of UNICEF and Ms. Priyanka Chopra about this enlightening agenda.DSC_7115

UNICEF’s ideas and agendas have always inspired the common as well as the intellectual crowd to think and rethink about the society. With a motto to create a better social picture for the children to live in, the #Fair Start film Campaign will indeed be an influential footstep. To welcome a radical change so that every child can enjoy Fair Start in life with a perfectly new beginning, UNICEF along with their brand ambassador has been immensely instrumental.

Social Connoisseurs has always been keen to reflect the best shades of the society and this endeavour of UNICEF could not be missed from their list. Kudos to You for such an inspiring initiative! Team Social Connoisseurs was indeed lucky to witness the pride moments of a truly stimulating #Fair Start.



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