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Hello, Meet Social Connoisseurs, a perfect platform created through the hands of Moumita Sen, where you can experience the outlook of everything around the world. From cool DIY ideas to some hot make up tips and mind-boggling takes on some great restaurants in different cities. We love food, movies, make up and everything round the globe.

We hate monotony and thus our social hands keep on experimenting with the coolest and the trendiest scoops.Me, the founder of Social Connoisseurs love to pamper you all with great handy ideas that make your lifestyles more classy. Meet my team member Ankita, a fun-loving girl who loves to write and is crazy about fashion which explains her style. Variety turns us on and thus our website explores all shades and nuances of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment as well as food. So come and partner us today for a classy review of your commercial set-ups.

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Moumita Sen, the founder of Social Connoisseurs does not miss any opportunity to explore and experience every sort of food. Restaurant reviews are one of the most dominant avenues where we have laid our foodie fingerprints. Come and know the best of restaurants in town with us.



In the glamour world we could not let the fashion world miss out of the globe. From the top-notch fashion statements to the best doses of skincare we have it all in our bag.



Whether it’s the National Capital or the City of Joy, events are always the special buzz of the cities. Take a tour of every event through our eyes and our hands. From food to fashion, social initiatives to fitness regimes, we have everything on our platter.


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Apart from our blogging niches, we are also into Content Marketing, giving your websites the best traffic through the experiential curated content.


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