5 Reasons That Make Nathan Road of Hong Kong The Perfect Choice For Indians

Travelling abroad alone might be fun but along with it comes deeper responsibilities. Especially when you are on your way to some distant land where people are not even familiar with your language, the problem becomes more hassling. Despite several travel blogs and Google guides, you might not land up to a place that makes you feel approachable. What we all need when we travel abroad is some warmth and room for acquaintance. If you are on your way to Hong Kong, one of the best islands of the world, being an Indian you no longer need to feel out of place, in case you settle at Nathan Road, Kowloon. While Kowloon does not fall traditionally into Hong Kong, however it is definitely a place to be in if you are in HONG Kong.

Let’s see what makes this road so special and the best second home an Indian can get when he is in the premises of Hong Kong.

Relish Drooling Golgappas At Hong Kong

One of the best qualities that bind all Indians together is their love for food. Whether you belong from Tamil Nadu or from the joyful West Bengal, your appetite for exploring Indian cuisine never runs out. And in case you are on your visit to Hong Kong and you still crave whole-heartedly for some Indian delicacies, well then, the Nathan Road in Kowloon, seems to be an amazing destination.

From Mughlai to South Indian to those sumptuous golgappas or those crispy pakoras, Nathan Road of Kowloon has a touch of solution everywhere.

Live Life to The Core at Nathan Road

Another reason why this Street is exceptionally the most promising destination is because of its vibrant environment. Nathan road never sleeps. Loaded with restaurants, gadget stores and professional beauty outlets, this place would never let you feel bored.

In fact I used to go for sudden adventure sprees at midnight to fulfil my chocolate cravings and there were several supermarkets open to my rescue.

Enjoy the Cosmopolitan Vibrancy

The next best thing that makes Nathan Road more approachable is that you come across people from different countries right at this place. You might find someone from Bangladesh, while somebody from India and no wonder it will give you a feel at home.

Money Exchange Goes Easy-Peasy

Another reason you must try your stay in Nathan Road is definitely because it is a home to a no. of money exchange counters.

While airports might seem to be your convenient way of getting your currency exchange, the rates of conversion are definitely too high. Nathan Road local exchanges are convenient ways to get your currencies exchanged without too much burden on the pockets.

Fulfil Your Shopaholic appetites

Moreover if you are a shopping mall lover, this place would never disappoint you.

Boasting of a number of malls, you can fulfill your wish for visits anytime you desire to. The proximity to the sea also serve as brownie points.

However, while your stay in Nathan Road, you also need to be a bit careful about your expenditures.

Beware of Being Cheated

There are a few outlets that might tend to rob you as and when they decipher you are not a Hong Kong resident. Be careful of Chinese gadget outlets that tends to sell first copy equipments. The Great Digital Equipment at Nathan Road is one such outlet that definitely needs to avoided.

Read its review here: https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserReviews-g294217-d537986-r467991606-Nathan_Road-Hong_Kong.html

So next time you are in Hong Kong be sure that you book your stay at Nathan Road, Kowloon for a versatile experience.

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