A Day of Monsoon Skincare With Biotique

The monsoon season is in full swing and the showers are really romantic to pull up your gloomy moods. But along with the series of showers, there comes in a host of problems for hair and skin. Especially when it is a matter of skin, there are a number of issues that you need to take care of. While hair problems can still be managed choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner, skin care regime demand a host of things to be looked after. You need to choose the perfect sunscreen, the perfect face wash, the perfect scrub and definitely last but not the least the best toner. And after hearing a lot about the brand Biotique, I decided to give it a shot.


3 Reasons I Chose Biotique For My Skin For This Monsoon

  • Organic is My Cup of Tea: I always hold a preference for organic products and hence I decided to go with this botanical range of products that claim to posses some of the choicest ingredients. Dandelion, Clove oil Saffron are ingredients that have been acknowledged for long for their multiple benefits and getting products present with these ingredients is a sheer matter of luck.
  • First Impression is Indeed the Last Impression– Though a book should not be judged by its cover, but for Biotique both the cover( packaging ) and the book(contents) proved to be absolutely upto the mark. In fact it was with the beautiful green packaging at the first sight, I knew it is indeed going to be a great product for sure.
  • Therapy is the Need of the Hour: While chemically loaded cosmetic products have overshadowed the beauty market, Biotique still stands to the claim that “This is Not A Cosmetic Product, It Has Therapeutic Properties” That makes it truly exclusive.”

Now Let Me Share My Experience With Biotique Range of Face Products

Begin The Day With The Goodness of Pineapple

I usually wash my face with this Oil Control Foaming Face Cleanser during my showers. Since I have a hectic day planned ahead, I love to keep off the constant oil from my face with this highly effective face cleanser.

IMG_20170817_234642Since it wipes off the oil at a single go and also helps to keep a check on it, applying light or heavy make up are both compatible for the skin. Moreover the lovely aroma of pineapple is also a great bonus.

DSC_0045My Sun Protection For The Day

I have already given you all a detailed review of the Bio Aloevera sunscreen lotion. With SPF 30, this tends to keep away your tanning problems. I have been using it since a month and I can definitely make a distinct difference between my prior sunscreens and this one. The tanning has not only reduced but my sweat prone skin also faces lesser amount of perspiration nowadays. Moreover it also acts as an excellent base for makeup purposes.

My Refreshing Partner With The Goodness of Peach

IMG_20170817_234717After a hectic schedule at office and my skin going through the smoky fumes and pangs of pollution, I need a complete all inclusive mask that can clear off the impurities from my skin and leave behind a refreshing glow. While most of the face masks require being prepared with water or milk or yoghurt, this comes in the form of a readymade peel off mask. Apply the mask and allow it to dry. Peel it off and then wash your face thoroughly. That’s quite an easy way to a refreshing skin, isn’t it?

Good Night With A Toning Touch

IMG_20170817_234230Who does not love the cooling effects of cucumber? Just before going off to bed, I love to apply the Bio Cucumber Toner. This is a great option for pore tightening purposes and is great for both the normal as well as oily skin. Being blended with quite a number of cooling agents like coriander, peppermint oil, fresh waters from the foothills of Himalayas, your skin receives all the coolness it deserves during hours of relaxation.

Available in an excellent range of affordable prices LIKE 149, 175, 199, 290 etc. I believe nothing can be a better organic alternative in such an affordable range.

So this monsoon get ready to plan your skin care routines with Biotique.


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