My Experiment To Shine With Shades of Burgundy: BBLUNT Hair Color Review

Hello Social Family!

Hope you are doing well and is still in the festive spree of Rakhi. This had been a great weekend and to flaunt a peppy style, I decided to try on something new and trendy. Burgundy has always been a hidden favorite of mine and with the BBlunt hair color coming up with exciting shades along with some cool shine tonic, I was super excited to try this color.

DSC_0013And here goes an unbiased review of the hair color.

Easy to Use

I decided to call for a parlor professional for applying the hair color as this was my first encounter with hair color and I wasn’t sure of how to apply. But the process was extremely simple and the leaflet can come to the rescue of any amateur.

DSC_0018Okay unlike other hair colors, this has got an added benefit to it and that’s the power of the shine tonic. You have the powder, developer and finally the shine tonic, a mixture of three to give you a bright shine to your hair.

Application Procedure

All you need to do is to apply the color evenly through all your strands. To avoid color stains, you can always apply a petroleum jelly at the corners, on your ears as well as upper forehead.

bblunt reviewApply the mixture and allow it to rest on the hair for sometime around half an hour. I did rest it for 45 minutes. Now rinse off the mixture with a thorough wash. I advice you not to use a shampoo after hair coloring as most of the hair colors are infused with shampooing elements.


  • Easy to apply
  • Gives an instant color without hassles
  • The shine tonic adds an extra shining tinge to the hair
  • Affordable { Starts At A Price Range as Inexpensive as 89 INR}
  • Available in Exciting Professional Shades
  • Lasts upto 3 weeks even after multiple washes


The only issue I could find in the product did not contain expected quantity. Provided that I have short hair and I went for the small box, it could not give the absolute burgundy coverage I was seeking for.

Last Words

Worth buying for a quick, fashionable hair makeover

Words of Wisdom

Opt for the larger box always except if you have really short hair.

bblunt review1

Would I go For It Again?

Definitely Yes and with the larger box, since it’s been 3 weeks and there are still streaks of burgundy on my hair despite multiple no. of washes.


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