Craving For Some Amazing Mughlai Food in South Delhi? TLM is Your Option

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We all are in love with Mughlai dishes. The Tastes left by the Mughal traditions, their variety of delicacies with some amazing touches of spices are relished by every foodie from the core of his heart. And to such foodies , The Last Mughal comes as a breath of respite. Situated in South Delhi, this hub of Mughal food lives up to its name in the truest form and a delivery session from them truly proved that they are one of the best joints offering pocket-friendly mughlai cuisine in the Capital City.

Must Try Dishes From This AMAZING Outlet

Let me begin my list with the veggies:

Things You Cannot Afford to Miss is definitely

  1. The Dal Makhani

Lentils cooked in thick creamy curry with exact amount of salt and limited use of spices make it suitable for every kind of foodie. Even if you are a hard core carnivore, the Dal makhani from The Last Mughal won’t fail to impress your taste buds.

  1. Delhi 6 Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryanis are close to every foodie’s heart. Especially when you come across a name like Delhi 6 Mutton Biryani, you know you are in store for a royal, traditional delicacy. However with every royal dish comes the fear of surplus oil and spices. But To my utmost surprise, The Last Mughal’s Delhi 6 Biryani speaks of the best flavors of Delhi 6 without any sort added spice or flavors. Light in nature, it’s tastes leave behind a finger-licking goodness in your appetites.

  1. Chicken Korma

Since kormas always have a special taste reserved in our hearts and they are the best suitors to Biryani or breads, A must try from The Last Mughal is this exquisite dish. With just the right amount of oil and any added spice, this gravy is every foodie’s delight.

  1. Chicken Tandoori

Last but not the least, when you love to make this royal dinner truly royal, chicken tandooris from The Last Mughal must be in your order checklist. We have had tandooris from several joints but TLM promises to keep you truly satisfied with the best tandooris with their amazing balance of spice and the right amount of tandoor smoke.

My experience with these specific dishes had been extraordinary and I am sure just like these delicacies, their other dishes would be equally worth your pockets.

Give Your Dinners  a Royal Touch With The Last Mughal Today.


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