A Cooking Session To Remember in The Company Of Chef Mirvaan & Sadaf with Le Creuset

Good cooking is like good painting; You can only taste it but cannot explain it.

When it comes to cooking, one definitely needs to cater to certain parameters for the best of tastes. Well, the flavors of a true dish can only be felt through the amalgamation of the chef’s choice of ingredients, mastery in cooking and the art of presentation. A dish’s majority of the tastes and appeal lie in the way it is cooked and also the manner it’s presented. But often in the business of cooking, we tend to ignore the utensils used for the purpose. To offer you a refined range of cooking experience, Le Creuset offers you the most premium, curated collection of cookware that gives you an ideally satisfying culinary experience.


We got a chance to witness this amazing showcase of Le Creuset Cookware in the company of Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain of Masterchef India Season 5 fame at the Le Creuset outlet in Ambience Mall. This live cooking session was organized keeping in mind the celebrations of Mother’s Day and some amazingly curated unique recipes for our dear mom.

Things We Chanced To Witness Through This Live Demonstration

The Live Cooking Session was not only an extremely entertaining one for the spectators but also quite informative. Well if you are a cooking fanatic and love to explore your culinary skills through some creative delicacies, then this session had the perfect dose of data for you.

  • Chef Mirvaan Vinayak and Sadaf Hussain tried to strike a sync between traditional ingredients and contemporary flavors. We had innovative items like the Kathal Biryani Burrito, that sounds a bit offbeat but was definitely a yummilicious dish prepared by the duo.le8
  • For Non-Vegetarians, Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf had the outstanding combination of Sesame Crusted Salmon with Pea Puree, Black Rice and Salsa. We all are aware of these two experienced Chefs’ skills but a live tasting ceremony introduced us to their supreme culinary abilities. They had the perfect combination of ingredients and proportionate amounts of spices that made us look forward to the upcoming dishes in eager anticipation.le5
  • No cooking affair is complete without the touch of desserts and this live cooking session had in store for us the Cardamom flavored Giant Cookie dessert. Both Chef Mirvaan and Sadaf used the most basic, easily available ingredients to create this masterpiece.le3
  • The spectators also had in store for us Watermelon Scallops with Feta and Pesto. So whether your mom is in love with the traditional spices or the modern zests, This Cooking session had everything on the platter to keep her super satisfied.

Masterchef Cooking Tips That Made Our Day

  1. Apart from the several dishes, there were basic cooking tips that we also got to learn through this exclusive cooking demonstration.le6
  2. The process of marinating was explained more elaborately in terms of the Salmon fish.le7
  3. Caramelising sugar has always been an art which very few people can master. Tips were shared in regards to this too for achieving the perfect caramelized sugar.le10
  4. However the entire cooking demonstration would not have turned out so incredible without the presence of the Le Creuset Premium Cookware. In fact they were the backstage heroes of the entire session.

Le Creuset: The Showstealer

Le Creuset has some incredible cookware collections to look forward to. Colours of Spice is one of the most appealing collections that will definitely amp up the presentation of your dishes. When it comes to cooking, the first impression matters the most and Le Creuset definitely would catalyze the art of your dishes with the perfect looks.

le1This French cookware brand has been the favorite choice of many masterchefs of global repute owing to its durability and extremely gorgeous looks.

Features of The Le Creuset Cookware

Offers A Premium Range of enameled Cast Iron, Hardy, durable stainless steel stonewares.


Has a huge variety of cookware to explore apart from storage, cutlery and wine accessories.


Stylish and easy to handle along with sharp egronomic features make it an user-friendly presence in all kitchens.


Most of the cookware is available in high temperature resistant range which makes it a favourite among all users.

So next time when you head to buy your cookware, be sure Le Creuset tops your priority list.



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