Nothing Can Beat The Role Of A Working Mother And This Video Proves It So

Recently there was a controversy saying that Working Women treat their children like Puppies. But is it really the fact? A sneak peek into the day of the life of a working mother proves that it is not quite an easy job to manage worklife as well as domestic responsibilities at the same time. A recent commercial established the point without an iota of doubt. The small clip begins with  the lines quoted by Mira Rajput that working mothers do not treat their children as puppies, rather they are superwomen trying to strike a balance between work as well  homely duties and responsibilities.

The clip shows the mother waking up right at 6 p.m. and then her day moves along with hectic activities one after the other. She hardly has time to dress up as needs to take care of her children, make them ready for school and also think about the entire other homely responsibilities before she leaves for her workplace.

Another beautiful emotion that the video captures is that how the mother feels guilty as well as helpless just because she is going to leave her son at the daycare. She needs to go through a dozen of hazards and hardships, huge traffic, metro crowds and then she finally reaches office.

The younger daughter of this confident lady has already become self-sufficient and independent, returning from school and then unlocking the door herself. Even the little boy who is usually left at daycare seems to complain his mom that why is she doing this to her.

However after 15 years, when the children have grown up to be immensely successful, the mother acknowledges that all these hurdles and struggles were only for the sake of her children.

With all our plans fixed for the special Mother’s day, it also needs to be told that a single day is not enough to realise our mom her exclusiveness in our lives. However let’s pay the deserving respect to working moms this mother’s day.


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