House Of Soy: The Pan-Asian Delight For Faridabad Foodies

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Faridabad has long been deprived of some great food and the reason is solely because of the fact experimentation with cuisines in Faridabad is not welcoming enough. When it comes to Pan Asian flavours in the heart of Faridabad, one does not have any other option left rather than to travel to Delhi for satisfying their appetites. However with the recent arrival of Radisson Blu’s House of Soy in Faridabad, several foodies’ hidden desires for the Pan Asian flavors have been truly justified.

soup in house of soy

House of Soy, the newest entrant in Faridabad celebrates Pan Asian with all its exotic flavors. Chef Rakesh Sethi, the master chef behind the exotic presentation has been the major figure curating some superb innovative dishes that would no longer keep the Pan Asian foodies in Faridabad craving for real culinary specialities.

House of Soy: Location

This amazing fine dining outlet is inhoused by Radisson Blu, Faridabad located just near Bata Chowk. The family of Radisson Blu has always been known for its amazing chain of dining or cafés, Radisson Blu has always lived beyond the expectations of its visitors. House of Soy, also lives up to the royal lineage and is synonymous to perfection with its entire 4 course meal.

Starters That Speak of Bespoke Combinations

House of Soy boasts of An exclusive spread of extravagant array of starters. The first that every foodie must definitely try for their plate is the range of dimsums. The mouth melting dimsums are definitely some of the amazing beginners that you can look forward for an extraordinary dining or luncheon experience.

starters in house of soy

The two sets of starters that followed equally lived up to the finest dining standards were the Vegetable Popiah which consisted of soft, smooth tofus pressed into spring rolls and served in shot glasses to offer it an exclusive look of presentation.

sesame sticks in house of soy

What followed next was definitely another show-stealing starter Sesame coated stuffed veggies that were beautifully adorned on sugarcane sticks. The starters were as beautiful to look and equally savoring to the taste buds.

Mapo Tofu was another incredible appetizer that stole our attention. The soft tofu with the crispy layers served with bean sauce with a chilly twist is indeed a game changer in the regular dish.

The Prawn chips served on a miniature food truck added to the colors of the luncheon experience.

Main Courses That Make You Fall in Love

house of soy7

The Wok Fried Hakka Noodles garnished with exotic vegetables and the Kaeng Khiao Wan Phak That is Thai green curry served with fresh, steamed rice is exemplary of perfection.

house of soy4

Desserts Synonymous To Perfection

If you are a dessert fanatic, then definitely Radisson Blu Faridabad’s House of Soy is the perfect destination. Chef Rakesh Sethi has curated some exclusive out of the box desserts that are undoubtedly the show stealers.

house of soy9

The Jaggery Coconut Ice-cream is something that every foodie must opt for. The milky flavors of coconut and the creamy pinch of jaggery are some amazing tastes that linger on to your taste buds.

mud pie cake in House of Soy

The master of innovation was definitely the amazing Mud  Cake Pie served in small plant holders with a mini sapling planted that would definitely make you wonder what it actually is. This molecular dessert had muddy oozing chocolate with chocolatey granules and candies melting in your mouth.

This stupendous dessert mirror that with experienced hands like those of Rakesh Sethi, you can look forward to epitomes of perfection and innovation.

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