SixThings That Men Must Do To Make TheWoman of Their Life Feel Special

Dear Men,,

This goes out to all of you who believe in getting married to a radical, modern woman but is unable to grow himself to the standards of a contemporary woman identity. Today is International Woman’s Day, a day dedicated completely to appreciate the incomparable role of women but the question still remains unanswered. Is a single day enough to realize the value of a woman? When a woman sacrifices her entire life, stands against all odds and puts in all her emotional strength just to safeguard the interests of her family, a singular day is not at all sufficient to celebrate her womanhood.

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And if you really want to make your woman feel desired and special respecting her qualities of womanhood in the truest sense, showering her with gifts is not the solution. Being a married woman, my blogpost is today centered chiefly towards all men who are either into a relationship or is married to a woman. This Woman’s Day reach out to the woman of your life by fulfilling her potential emotional needs, making her feel like a true woman indeed.

Address The Emotional Needs of The Heroine of Your Life

Sounds to be extremely challenging for a man but adhering to the poignant necessities of your dear woman is indeed essential! As a woman, every female desires from her man adequate attention and some pampering. She desires to confide in you and expects the vice-versa. Even if you keep your Lady Love occupied with shopping sprees and gifts, your time and attention can never be substituted. Spare some time from your hectic schedules, ask her how her day was and share your routines too. After all she is Your Woman, your Best Friend.

Woman's Day emotions

Never Humiliate Her

Since ages, especially in India we women have been ascribed an inferior position as compared to men and many of us have silently accepted the role. But being the creator of a life, don’t we all deserve to be equated with men? If you cannot respect the woman present in your life at least don’t ever humiliate her. Never forget that she has been the reason behind your smiles and a happy life.

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Appreciate AND Recognize Her Qualities Socially

Every woman is special in her own way and unique in her manners and all she wants from you is a bit of recognition of them from you. She doesn’t want you to sing her praises or go gaga over her, but all she expects from you is to acknowledge her efforts not only privately but sometimes also in public. Praise her in front of your friends or family, speak about her unique qualities and believe me the Woman of your life would indeed be truly happy with you rewarding you with her charming smiles always.

women socially

Make Her Feel Beautiful

Your woman may be tall or short, fat or slim, dark or fair but she is the woman you have chosen as a partner. Even if her body is filled with stretch marks and her face is tanned, remember those are the marks of her hardships. Her stretch marks reflect how she has carried a little one in her womb for 9 months. Her tanned face shows how she chose to complete her duties over going for a facial. Pass on a compliment to her sometimes saying she is looking beautiful. Buy her a dress of your own choice and tell her to put it on. Believe me she will be more than happy to oblige you.

women beautiful


Stand By Her Socially

Try to stand beside her in all her efforts. Try to support her socially whether it’s front of your family or friends, never make her feel isolated in her decisions. If she has chosen a specific career path for herself, make her feel strong by supporting it in front of your family and friends.

stand by women


Try To Be of Equal Help

help your wife


If she is born a woman it does not mean all household chores are her fortes. Extend your hand help to your loved one. Share responsibilities equally , whether it’s the regular routine of making the dinner or lunch or just changing your baby’s diapers. Every task you share with her will make her feel more relaxed and happy.

Making the Woman of your life happy is indeed not quite a difficult task you see. Respect her liberty, make her feel special and undoubtedly there can’t be a more better way to celebrate Woman’s Day throughout your life.



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