Moon of Taj: A Perfect Dessert Brand For All Your Occassion Cravings

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Sweets are one of the indispensable items in any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other anniversary occasion, the magic and aroma that sweets weave into a moment of celebration is acknowledged by one and all. And therefore when kit is a matter of celebrating those exclusive moments of love and affection this Valentine’s Day, you cannot afford to miss out the super sumptuous sweets.


Taking the sweet tooth into consideration for the sweet moments, we have chosen a master home of delicacies that can help you to satiate both your and your partner’s cravings without an inch of adulteration. Welcome to Moon of Taj, an abode of some charming, classy sweets that will add the pinch of sweetness to your romance this valentine’s day.

Why Moon of Taj?

Well, Moon of Taj holds to its credit some of the most appreciable exclusivities that set them apart as a choice.

Unconventional and A Fine Break From The Usual Dessert Delicacies

The Best part of Moon of Taj is that you can savour the taste of desserts with a fine touch of unconventionality. Being a provider of Taiwanese dessert delicacies, their areas of exclusivities are Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart and Moon of Taj Nougat.

Moon of Taj offers a Healthy and Hygienic solution for all celebrations.

Well, manufactured with proper hugiene conscious methods, this is one of the best brands to trust on for safe and healthy sweets. Taking into consideration these factors, it also uses limited amount of sugar syrup and pure butter, spices and hand-picked dry fruits, making the confection a perfect balance of health and taste.

Exclusive Tastes

The quintessential part of Moon of Taj is that you can enjoy them with an exclusive touch of taste. All of them have been crafted with the superb ideas and hands of Taiwanese chefs. It is their mastery and classy tastes which have contributed to their popularity. All of the sweets oblige by the Indian FSSAI standards and Taiwanese food safety regulations.


Attractive Packages

Moon of Taj is indeed quite a colossal brand for gifting because of the attractive packaging factors. The sophisticated and graceful cases that they are available in make them super appealing as gifts.

What Can Be Your Top Choices As Gifts From Moon of Taj?

Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart

Baked with the finest quality of butter, a variety of Indian pineapples and almonds imported from California, the Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart charms everyone with its exquisite taste. Originated during the 2nd century in the Far East, these tarts are presented as auspicious offerings in various ceremonies in Taiwan, thus making it a unique and distinguished gift with a rich legacy. Every bite of Moon of Taj Taiwanese Fruit Tart leaves a sweet lingering after taste,while also being lighter on the belly because of its low sugar content. Laying a special emphasis on the packaging of the product, these scrumptious tarts are enclosed in elegant cases, ensuring safety and quality in every bite and lending it an attractive look at the same time.


Moon of Taj Nougat

Contrived by the Arabians in the 10th century, this delightful confect is much lighter on consumption as compared to the traditional Indian sweets. Over the years, nougats have traversed boundaries and have evolved as they’re adapted to local tastes. In Taiwan, nougats have become one of the most loved desserts with a whole museum dedicated to it. The Moon of Taj Nougat has also been tailored to suit the Indian palate while making sure to preserve its Taiwanese heritage. The Moon of Taj Nougat is made with the best quality skimmed milk powder, desi ghee and hand-picked almonds from California, giving it a soft, tender and chewy crunch. The nougat gets its smoky fragrance and burnished gloss, by going through varying degrees of heat apropos. The making of each Moon of Taj Nougat is carried through a meticulous routine by ascertaining the confection from time to time and paying close attention to every single detail. While the taste of the nougat has mesmerised everyone, the beautiful packaging has also caught everyone’s eyes. Each nougat is wrapped in a gold film to ensure safety and longevity and finally the box in which the nougats are packed impart a very special and sophisticated finish.

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