Five Signs That You May Be Suffering From Depression

Depression may be a very common ailment and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we fall a prey to it. In fact the saddest part of the story is that most of us fail to identify that we are suffering from depression.

In case you are in two minds about whether you are afflicted  with depression or not, check out the symptoms before it’s too late.

Change in Appetite

every person has a definite and particular eating pattern and if there is a significant change in that pattern it could be a sign of depression. depressed people may respond in one or two ways ,some people tend to suffer from a complete loss of appetite and may need to be pushed to eat. some people with depression try to counteract the dull and low feeling by over eating and leads to an unexplained weight gain.


Change in sleep pattern

Depressed people complains of severe sleep disturbance. they toss and turn through the night and sleep for only couple of hours. worse they find themselves to a renewed sense of hopelessness every morning, dreading the arrival of another day to get through. on the other side some depressed people find themselves sleeping much more than usual as if seeking oblivion in sleep.


Loss of interest

If you are recently noticing that you find interest in things you formerly used to feel in, then you surely need to check out. Depressed people find no interest in performing daily activities, sometimes they may also attribute this to a sense of emotionally drained and fatigued status. Whether its pursuing a hobby, watching TV, socializing or even sex, a person who is depressed feels incapable or uninterested in doing the things which they previously enjoyed.


Other Behavioral Patterns

Anger, irritation or reckless behavior – feeling agitated, distress or even violent, the tolerance level is low you may need to approach a medication. They may engage themselves in an escapist behavior such as substance abus, compulsive gambling, reckless driving or dangerous sports.


Health Problems

The immunity of a depressed person is always low. tends to be sick all the time. an increase in physical complaints such as headaches, back pain, aching muscles and stomachache.


Depression if not treated in the early stage may lead to serious complications. It’s very natural to be depressed but if you do not desire to involve in major problems, treatment at the early stage is essential.

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