Why or Why Not You Should Watch Ok Jaanu?

2017 has just begun and the first most expected flick of the year Ok Jaanu has released this week. The expectations set by this film were indeed quite high since it owes its background  to the expert hands of Mani Ratnam. The trailer took us back to another romantic piece by Mani Ratnam: Saathiya. But did it live up to its promised expectations and is it worth watching more than once? Read a detailed review of Ok Jaanu to know all the essential deets.

okj3Pic credits:ibtimes


Ok  JAANU is the Hindi remake of  Ratnam’s Ok Kaanmani where Shraddha Kapoor plays Tara and Aditya Roy Kapoor as Adi. It tries for everything that a romcom should have – good looking couple, perky dialogs, song and dance and wonderful locations.

Adi is a video game developer with an American team and Tara is an architect who is destined to be in Paris. They met each other at a wedding and instantly sparks flew between them and they decide to date till the time they are in Mumbai.

The screenplay works for the favor of the film which is kept intact as the original Tamil film Ok Kaanmani. Ok Jaanu is a scene to scene remake and emphasize on the great moments of the original film in the best possible way. AR Rahman’s music with Gulzar’s lyrics plays a great role in the film.


Pic credits: Rediff.com

OK Jaanu is a progressive love story at several levels – right from a young couple breaking all the gender stereotypes to the older couple played by Naseeruddin shah and Leela Samson extended another referral of gender roles.

Adi  who resides with a family friend Gopi uncle asks if Tara could stay with him in his room. after a loot of negotiations gopi uncle agrees , thanks to his ailing wife Chaaru. Chaaru has alzhiemers who keeps forgetting things but remembers her husband. Hence Gopi does all the house hold chores and lovingly takes care of his wife.

Eventually seeing the life of the elderly couple, Adi and Tara’s notion for marriage changes and they decide to get married without giving up their careers.


Things To Watch Out For in Ok Jaanu

Aditya and Shraddha’s organic chemistry, Naseruddin shah and Leela Samson’s  veteran and powerful acting, Gulzar’s dialogs, peppy new age songs  makes the film a must one time watch.

By:Shaunak Bhattacharya

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