5 Life Lessons Dangal Leaves Us Inspired With

Dangal has been one of the most impactful movies of the year 2016. While 2016 began with a note of  Bollywood’s reinforced determination with masterpieces like AirLift and Neerja, it ended on a superb lead too with Dangal.

But Dangal is indeed a hidden gem in disguise. It has layers to offer and each unpeeling leaves you behind with a new surprise. It is much more than the story-telling of Geeta Phogat or enriched acting skills of Aamir Khan.

Dangal is a reel life narration inspiring real life and here are the 5 best ways Dangal has left solid imprints on our memory.

  • Set your goals and be focused towards it – If you have set your goals you should work hard hard until you achieve it. You should not get carried away by something or be impatient while you fail. You have to be mentally strong enough to accept failure and come out of it and work even harder to achieve it.
  • danga1
  • SOURCE:Men’s XP
  • Old Basic Techniques are Always the Root Foundations – Old is always gold and one cannot deny that there are few basic techniques that you have to follow throughout.  The new age rules may help you to reach near your goal but will not help you in the long run and that is what Geeta Phogat’s tutorial sessions take us through.


Source: Big Boss 10

There is no shortcut to success – You have to go through a whole process, training, education and work very hard to be successful. Shortcut ways may lead to some extent but at the end you will fall.


source: Indiatoday

You cannot overlook your parents – Parents have more life experience than us. So when they counter your decisions or restrain us from doing something we should consider it. Otherwise the consequences are quite evident.


source: BollywoodHungama

Set a strategy and plan – You always need a mentor who will guide you in the right direction. You cannot just go with the flow and reach your goal. So in the beginning you have to make a good strategy and be calm so that when the opponent makes a mistake you can take the advantage. You have to make different strategies for every game just like Geeta Phogat was directed by her father for each and every different points.

Author:Shaunak Bhattacharya

Edited by:Moumita Sen

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