Winter Skin Care At Its Best with Belcam Bath Therapy From Komplete Kare

It’s winter time and skin care becomes one of the most essential requirements during the season. The dry skin along with itchy scalp is one of the most complained issue of the season. Providing proper nutrition and nourishment to the skin as well as hair becomes an impossible issue. The reasons for the same are mainly due to two causes:

Lack of time – Though it’s winter and our skin needs an extra touch of care, however that does not allow time to stop moving. We need to accommodate essential skin care as well as our daily work regimes within the same time frame. Therefore providing adequate care and nourishment towards skin and hair becomes almost an impossible problem.


Less Amount of Energy and More Amount of lethargy: Well, as winter knocks the door, we often feel a prominent dropout in energy. Sitting cuddled and wrapped under a blanket seems to be a more lucrative option. Thus skin care becomes a distant dream and the blanket seems to be more appealing. Applying a separate shampoo for hair wash, body wash or a bubble bath seems to be quite a heavy task during the chilly winter mornings.


Then what if we suggest you a unique and innovative solution for the same?

A few days back, I came across this unique 3-in-1 solution from the house of Komplete Kare. This Belcam Bath Therapy product is perhaps the most suitable solution for your winter days. And we will tell you the reasons why:


A 3-in-1 solution: Well, the exclusivity of this product is that it takes care of your bubble-bath, body wash and shampooing needs at one go. A single product to moisturize your hair and free it from irritating scalp issues and provide your body the perfect moisturisation needs is now possible with the Belcam Bath Therapy Product from Komplete Kare.


A long lasting fragrance: I preferred to go for the Pistachios and Cream flavor and believe me my bathroom gets filled with a superb fragrance whenever I use the product. The fragrance is so long lasting that even after a night you have used it, the refreshing aroma lingers to your body. In that scenario, I think it has a deodorizing impact too. During winters, if you decide to bunk a shower on certain days, using this product will definitely help you to maintain the desired refreshing feeling.


A soothing moisturizer: Winter skin care products are always in need of a calming, aromatic moisturizer. Taking a shower with this Komplete Kare product will definitely help you to achieve the same with its superb moisturizing effects.

Paraben and Gluten-free: The best part is despite being loaded with so many benefits, this great bath product comes with no traces of paraben or gluten, which makes it a safe and reliable product to trust on for usage. In fact they also have a series of kids’ range of bathing products which too are based on the same Gluten as well as Paraben-free constitution.

Enriched with the goodness of appealing ingredients: Well, unlike most of the beauty care products, Belcam Bath Therapy comes along with appealing flavors like pistachios, pomegranate, seasalt and caramel, blueberry and lavender and the list goes on. With such appealing flavors, taking a shower is not such a lethargic task during winters, isn’t it?


In fact the product just like its parent origin lives up to its name as it is indeed a Komplete Kare solution for your skin and hair simultaneously.

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