Tata Hexa’s The ‘Hexaexperience’: Automobile Journey At Its Excellence

Blogging has always welcomed several avenues of interests for me. And this time my recent added zone of interest has been the automobile sector. Thanks to IndiBlogger and Tata Hexa, two other prominent factors that have reinforced my curiosity in the automobile sphere by giving me an opportunity to participate in the ‘Hexaperience’.

tata-hexaTata Motors is now back with another innovative and speed guru in the SUV family, the ‘Tata Hexa’. This recent member is the family is indeed an exclusive addition and deserved all the attention. Hence the creation of the #Hexaperience for Delhi NCR was absolutely necessary.


Before I move onto the narration of this Hexaexperience, let me feed you some notable facts about the same.

Tata Hexa: A Beast to Conquer the Roads

Tata Hexa is a SUV vehicle designed to give you affordable luxury from all dimensions. The Hexaperience had already been executed in Hyderabad some days before where top 60 bloggers from India participated in the same. This time the Delhi NCR people got an opportunity to taste the similar kind of experience for 3 days at a stretch and luckily I was one among them.


Hexaexperience: An Amalgamation of Fun, Thrill and quality Family Experience

The Tata Hexaperience in Delhi NCR took place in  The Hexa Experience Centre, right adjoining to the Crowne Plaza and opposite to the food hub of Sec 29. It was indeed an elaborate celebration which had the presence of a Kids Play Area, A Tata Hexa Selfie Zone, a Food and beverage sphere and the most adorable one, a pet adoption zone.

Apart from all these, Tata had a showcase of several other products from the Tata fraternity like Chrome, The Taj Hotels, a Tata beverage zone and many more to the list.

I decided to venture out for this amazing experience of the final day of the event. Being a Sunday, my kid and husband accompanied me for the same.


And what followed was indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Our entry to the event was immediately followed by a test drive of the sexy beast, the “Tata Hexa”. And well, it is in fact designed to gift you the best of adventure to you with perfect safety measures assured. We had a guide from the Hexa family who drove us through the entire off road experience. And believe it or not, it the perfect automobile to kick off the adrenalin rush hidden in you.


Coming to the technicalities that Tata Hexa’s off-road experience established are:

  • The ground clearance factor is worth commendable.
  • Torque is of a higher-end quality than Innova.
  • We drove through quite an unsteady off-track which was specially designed to make us feel the stability of the car. It was incredibly successful in proving its credibility in this domain. Despite going through several dangerous tracks, the car was left unaffected without any sort of damage.
  • hexa
  • Tata Hexa is thus designed to be driven on any kind of surface. Whatever may be the road quality of, rugged or smooth, Hexa can take care of the hidden adventurous pangs in you with the maximum amount of safety.

Hexaexperience just like the Tata Hexa car was designed to be magical in every manner. The kids play zone had an adjoining tattoo and gaming area too, where children could experience some truly amazing moments.


The Pet Adoption area set up by Kannan Foundation, a NGO dedicated to give pets a new home was another notable presence in the Hexaperience. Meeting such cute, little fluffy members was another amazing part of the experience.


My blog would be really incomplete without a mention of the soulful musical companion for the evening. The Suryansh Project, a team of 3 members, incredibly talented drove us through a musical journey with their soulful renditions.


All the blogging participants who enthusiastically took to the test drive were given an opportunity of giving a personal bite wherein they shared their experience of the wonderful ride.

To wrap it up, The Hexaexperience has been truly an incredible one where our entire family had a gala time. Kudos to Tata Motors for a brilliant execution and thank you IndiBlogger once again for letting me partake in witnessing such a automobile genius.


Priced at 10 lakhs to the maximum one to be priced 15 lakhs, this 7 seater beauty is the perfect ride for you when you love to taste a safe and comfortable ride with a dash of adventure.

The Hexaexperience is soon going to be witnessed by other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore  and Chennai.

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