Why Volkswagen Cars Are The Best Choices For Your Children’s Safety? (Our Chakan Volkswagen Manufacturing Plant Visit Has All The Answers To It)

With the recent growth of several cars in the automobile industry, it is indeed a hard choice to opt for the perfect one. A car that is designed to take care of your luxury and at the same time pay attention to your mileage budgets and tickle off the adrenalin rush in you is not an easy walk. Being a mother what makes me more concerned about a purchase of a car is definitely the safety issue. With a child aged only 2.5 years and the rise of recent accidents, the choice of a perfect family car that caters to your child’s safety, makes him feel comfortable and enjoy his trip without any hassles is a difficult dream to realize.

dscn7147-1But, a recent journey to the Volkswagen Chakan Pune Manufacturing Plant by our team member Vipul Singh and an elaborate, informative interaction about each and every Volkswagen masterpiece with Michael Mayer was undoubtedly edifying. In fact the entire day session has helped us to trust the brand for a perfect family vehicle designed to take care of child’s safety.


Mr. Michael Mayer, Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, with his detailed inputs aided our team member and the co-bloggers to realize that how Volkswagen family is customized to take care of children’s safety specifically. With multiple layers of protection assured from several dimensions, a Volkswagen car is born.

In fact Mr. Mayer helped us to scrutinize and understand how each and every feature associated with the Volkswagen masterpiece is synonymous to safety and a protected yet enjoyable ride.


The Plant Visit was escorted by Mr. Chaitanya Halbe who was our companion for the  entire plant tour. His informative details and an uninterrupted session of opinions on the Volkswagen range of cars justified by factual statistics made him look like a connoisseur in the industry.

Our Plant trip was executed into three shops that are actually specified areas for each process associated with the car. The Assembly Shop, the Press Shop, The Body Shop and the Paint Shop. However The Paint Shop had a restricted entry because of the painting of cars is quite an intricate affair. Any interference with the process may tamper the entire beauty of the Volkswagen masterpiece. This incredibly shows how dedicated the entire team is when it comes to the manufacturing of a car.

Now coming to the main concern that how a Volkswagen masterpiece is curated to take utmost care of safety, both Mr. Chaitanya and the live demonstrations in the Unit proved to be guiding enough.

How Volkswagen stands out to be the Best Guarantor of Children’s Safety?

Some of the essential, noteworthy details that make Volkswagen more child safety friendly are:

The Unique combination of Active and Passive Safety: Safety is indeed the major threat that every mom often suffers from while deciding a car for their children. The main issue with children is that they are often fidgety and does not stick to a particular position while travelling. This may call for uncalled accidents if the car is not well-equipped to take care of the essential safety parameters.


But fortunately we can look up to a savior, the reason being Volkswagen’s blend of both kind of safety (active and passive). On the breakfast table, Michael Mayer had clearly explained us how each and every safety parameter is adhered to by the certain technicalities of a Volkswagen car. Presence of features like a strong and receptive Electronic stabilization, well-constructed Anti-lock braking system and other intrinsic technical possessions like a powerful Electronic brake force distribution and strongly sensitive Parking censors make these cars actively safe.


In case of the passive parameters, Volkswagen indeed has a Pandora’s box to offer. Often most of the car brands though guarantee active safety to the maximum, the chances of passive safety being taken care of get minimized.

Passive safety plays a crucial role for a car consumer always. It refers to the several factors that contribute to the car’s designing technicalities which assure that the passengers are least prone to injury even in cases of accidents or any other harsh circumstances.

Herein Volkswagen have seemed to have cracked the success code at its best.

To be more easy and elaborate on this feature, Volkswagen has to its possession some unique technicalities.

Well a few of them worth mentioning are definitely the dual-front airbags. When your child is rear facing the front , these airbags can b easily deactivated that is indeed a hassle-free and secured task to assure your child safety. The ‘deformation resistant’ occupant cell coupled with the presence of both the front as well as the rear deformation zones are exclusive parameters guaranteeing the car occupants’ safety without a glitch.

Well, these concepts though seemed quite intriguing for me initially, the Plant Visit made it quite easy for us to grasp them.

A super-secured car seat backed up by a swift child lock is what every Volkswagen masterpiece excels in.


An innovative Switch on Child Lock: This is what made us really appreciate the Volkswagen brand. Most of our children have an inclination to peep out of the window or open the door suddenly just to have a glimpse of what is going outside. Little do they know how dangerous it might be. However as followed by the discussion, we found that they have this child lock. As you tend to switch on the child lock, you will realize that there is no scope for your child to open the doors from inside and thus the busy bees will be safe and protected in the cars itself.


Well-Protected Child Seats: Each and every car nowadays comes along with child seats but what makes Volkswagen car’s children seats special is that they have this ISOFIX child seat fittings that make your children feel safe as these are solid seat fittings which take care of your children’s safety and comfort to the utmost.

And thus we totally agree that when you steer with Volkswagen, you make a steer towards safety.

Some Unique Features That Makes Volkswagen The Perfect Choice For A Car

The Travel to Chakan, Pune Plant of Volkswagen was indeed an enlightening session for us. For amateur car knowledge-bearers like us, it is indeed essential to know how a car can be the sole caretaker of your safety issues. The session in the manufacturing plant cleared all our doubts and eased the entire concept of how a Volkswagen car is solidly built to take care of safety issues from all perspectives.

  • The entire chain of Volkswagen cars are manufactured from 100% galvanized steel. Well a car that has been made with such solid steel is indeed “more of an armor” rather than a car. In fact this ensures that the Volkswagen car will shield from any sort of external damage as much as possible. This is the reason they come along with an anti-perforation warranty. This feature also invites it to be branded as a guarantor of supra-efficient stability and durability.
  • .dscn7097
  • All the cars pass through a unique phase of testing called the Destruction test room. The Destruction Test room ensures that each and every sort of wear and tear is done with your car until and unless it is power packed enough to tackle every sort of damage issues. And thus we call a Volkswagen piece a winner masterpiece.


  • Even the paints of the car assure your children’s safety to the core. Since these cars are painted with a 11 stage paints preparation, you know the chemicals put to use are not the ordinary ones. They assure protection against corrosion and UV rays. The non-entry to the Paint Shop in Volkswagen Pune Plant further reinforces how meticulous they are when it comes to the painting of the car.

 The entire plant visit aided us to realize that how Volkswagen has been constantly taking care of each and every particular issue associated to ensure absolute safety. The beauty of the entire visit laid in not only unveiling the unknown facets but also witnessing how mammoth tasks of manufacturing a car is completed with the perfect finesse within such short durations. Despite all these , the cars do not fail to assure you the  maximum parameters of safety.

In fact these are all the factors that conjoin together to make the Volkswagen not just a car but “Das Auto”, “The Car”.


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