8 Lesser Known Food Apps That You Must Have in your Phone Today




If Zomato, Food Panda and Swiggy are the only known apps to you for your food searches, let’s unveil some more options for you. After all A ‘bhookha pet’ is quite dangerous.

Are you a foodie who loves to pamper his/her taste with the finest of delicacies? Do you get often tempted by food photographs and cannot help but to search for that piece of delicacy frantically? Zomato and Food Panda are quite popular apps to most of us. But did you ever know that there are a number of other food apps now, which are accessible in India. So, this one is for the foodies hidden behind your diet-charts. It would be a sure shame if you don’t give these a try.


Travel Khana

To a great degree helpful application and an unquestionable requirement have for all youngsters who go via train. Since this application records eateries along mainstream train courses. You arrange sustenance and it gets conveyed at a specific railroad station on your course. How imaginative is that? No more prepare sustenance for the clients.

Just Eat

Serves people living in and around the metros of the country and other big cities. While this may not list the same number of eateries as the biggies, it is extremely well known among clients.


The world’s biggest travel site, TripAdvisor is an incredible application to be utilized at whatever point going by any new place. It gives all of you the data you need and makes it simpler for you to scan for eateries, inns and some more.

Tasty Khana

Generally new in the nourishment conveyance space, Tasty Khana has risen quick and risen rapidly. It offers arrangements of more than 7000 eateries over all the significant urban communities in India. Has the office to spare profile data and numerous instalment techniques.

Food Talk India

An application that initially began as a little gathering on Facebook, Food Talk India has now turned into a tremendous stage for each foodie to share stories and encounters with respect to various eateries.

Times City

Times city is the business repository for all the event things in your city which incorporates diversion and film. It likewise gives an extensive rundown of eateries in your city, alongside audits and evaluations where accessible.


Relatively old in the nourishment conveyance space, Burrp! additionally gives a genuinely expansive rundown of eateries in many urban communities of the nation and records menus, and so forth. What’s more, and like Times City it keeps you educated about what are the most incident things in your city.


This is a platform for food that even the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, has joined. Foursquare offers every one of its client’s awesome arrangements at verging on each other outlet or eatery they could go to.

So when are you downloading these apps t satiate the foodies in you?

Picture Credits: http://www.threebearstheory.com/

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