My Jug: The Person Behind My Smiling Face

Me: Dear Jug, don’t you have any expectations from me?

My Jug: My sole expectation from you is that you always have that bright smile on your face.

Getting a true friend in life is indeed a hard earned penny that you would always love to save. His/her friendship is the lifetime investment that would remain as an eternal asset. My lines may seem too cliché taking you back to some usual quotes on life, isn’t it? But for me, they have indeed proved true. In my previous blog post dedicated to life, I had revealed a few dark chapters which have left certain imprints in my memory. But when it comes to forgetting those chapters and moving ahead with life, it was a friend who assisted me to cross the hard waters and move ahead with life and that’s why I love him so much.

Though, since childhood I have had a number of friends among which some of them I identified as my best buddies too but well, may be till that long, I had no idea what a true friend or a “jug” really means in life? My “jug” made quite a late entry in my life. Twenty-four years had passed and then I could find that best friend whom I can confide in anytime and anyhow as I know he is always there to handle all my tantrums, panics, insecurity attacks, impatient outbursts and many more, with love and care.

He has been the true jug helping me out to solve all the puzzles and become a better person day by day. Though it is often said that no love or friendship should change the way you are, but a change for the better is always more than welcome. People who know me personally also know how short-tempered I had been previously. But slowly and gradually, I could tone down my anger, begin to ignore short pitfalls and become more mature. Yes, my jug has not changed me but has helped me to become a more matured human being. As our friendship has grown, our dedication and bond have also strengthened.

My day starts with a call with my jug. He tries to take note how I had begun the day and what plans I have ahead to spend the day with. Though we do not remain connected over phone some days due to our demanding work schedules, it is at least via a single message we try to be in touch about our whereabouts. It is only at evening, after the whole day we share our daily routines and how we had spent our entire day.


Well, those of you who have not yet got a hint about the jug in my life, it is none other than my husband. Yes, like a true jug he has been my sole support. In all my professional hazards, family misunderstanding, a stiff with a friend or anything else, this person has solaced me uncompromisingly. I don’t wake up for him early at mornings since he prefers me to take rest rather than devote time to his chores. In fact somedays I can’t even afford to make the breakfast for him due to my late night work schedules. And believe me, he never complains. Whether financially, or emotionally this jug of mine has always been my singular pole of strength and support.


Yes, I too have my share of difference of opinions with my jug. Sometimes they are string enough to last a whole morning or an evening. But yes, they are always short-spanned thankfully. Friends who know me are aware how addicted I am to icecreams or desserts. And my JUG always makes sure that I have my share of desserts ready everyday after dinner. This jug of mine has sacrificed many of his personal dreams to give wings to mine. I still remember how he took a transfer from Chennai to Kolkata, my hometown just because of my homesick nature. The Kolkata transfer meant a huge professional hazard for him but he still risked it just because of my smile. The small conversations, the petty sacrifices and the unspoken understandings have been the true pillars of our relationship.


My Jug has been not only a friend but has also role-played a parent and a true guide in my times of distress. I am truly thankful to God and him for his presence in my life as I know without this “Jug” in my life; I wouldn’t have been the person today I am.

am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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