Delhi is Afflicted with Diseased Diwali

We indeed had a superb diwali yesterday. The opulent show of fireworks along with the company of those extravagant lights is indeed a sight to steal the show.

A glimpse of how Delhi celebrated its Diwali last night through our lens

But did we really have a safe diwali enough? Monday morning proved it wrong enough, especially in the National Capital.

Monday, 31’st October morning turned out to be an exceptionally smoggy one for Delhi. Though winter is still late, the smog had almost occupied the city alarmingly. Thanks to yesterday’s crackers and our irresponsible Delhites’ celebrations which were responsible for the same.


Pollution levels had alarmingly crossed the usual parameters yesterday night and Monday morning turned out to be a choking one for Delhi. On the Air Quality Index, Delhi air today measured 999. And do you know what safe count for breathing healthy air? It’s only 150. Indeed Delhi is not only the rape capital but also proved itself to be the Pollution Capital in India.

Thanks to team 2wenty7Incorporate who took us to a tour of Choking Delhi through their lens.

Picture credits go to Mr. Raman Barwal RK Images whose snapshots had given us a vivid glimpse of the Mnday morning in Delhi.

Areas like Hkv, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan were trapped in the hazardous smog, resultant of yesterday’s fireworks.img_6269img_6276img_6278img_6322img_6303img_6359




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