By Adab: The Best Pick For The Gifting Season

With Diwali and Bhaidooj festivities around, gifting is the flavor of the season. Moreover with the  wedding ceremonies nearing soon, you must be brainstorming about a great gift, that is unconventional as well as extraordinary. If clothing and accessories have become too stereotyped and usual for you as a gift, we have the best solutions curated for you.

By Adab: The Perfect Partner For Your Bed and Bath Linen Choices

Recently We chanced to come across By Adab, a signature brand of bath linen and bed linen. A visit to their Greater Kailas Store turned out to be an indeed cherishable experience considering the wide range of products they have.

Not to disregard any popular brand, but most of the colossal home furnishing Indian Brands fail to live up to the expectations of the consumers. Either the colours fade out soon or may be there is a sudden roughness observed and sometimes even the textures start showing signs of dullness. Surprisingly, By Adab fills none of the aforementioned flaws.

By Adab, though the name signifies an Urdu way of greeting “Adab” actually here pertains to the joined nomenclatures of the founders, Aditya and Abhinav Aggarwal.


An interaction with the founders helped us to understand the features of the products better and these are the top 5 features for which we can proudly choose it to be the best gift for Diwali or the wedding season:

  • By Adab’s bed linens share a rare quality, “the more you wash, the more it becomes soft and polished”. In fact this is probably the first unique brand of its kind that could proclaim such a feature in home furnishings. We were shown a few samples that have been washed almost 25 times and the finish as well as textures remained to be exactly the same of a new one.cherry-berry-bamboo-stripe
  • A wide and classy variety is another USP of the brand. You have the choicest of collections like Mrs. Select, Mrs. Rajputana, Mrs. CherryBerry,Mrs. A++ and definitely the Bunny Bath bath linen collection. From your bespoken furnishings to your regular use, By Adab can proudly fulfill all your demands. Some of the collections are such user-friendly that you can fold them and carry them easily during your travels.fountain-flower-brown
  • A special word of appreciation should definitely be given to a signature collection named Mrs. Eucacel. This collection made from absolute eucalyptus plant cells is a great partner for skin care. Apart from the medicinal properties of eucalyptus plants, it is also enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, that is a soothing friend for your skin without an iota of doubt. Moreover this special collection, being bio-degradable in nature makes you feel warm in winters and cool in summers. Isn’t it a perfect pick??mrs-eucacel-leaf-green
  • Their quality guarantee is another feature for which we would highly recommend them. The 200 Threads/Sq to 1100 Threads/Square is a rare feature that bed linens share. In fact most of the bed linen manufacturers do not reveal the threads/square information because of their flawed qualities. By Adab’s transparency about their quality was reinforced by their detailed product showcase and descriptions.
  • The best part of By Adab is they are completely environment-friendly. In fact without the use of any feathers for their quilts and towels or pillows, they have not harmed the interests of the animals at all. This makes the products friendlier towards children’s skin as well as allergic skins too.

So if you are concerned about making the best pick of a gift, By Adab can surely be your perfect choice. It is not only the premium choice for gifting but also a promising option when it comes to your personal home décor. After all who would not want to have a skin-friendly bed linen at his/her place?

Our Pick

Well, if we had to make the pick from this signature brands, our personal favourites would be:





Mrs. All Weather


Mrs. Select and of course


The Bunny Bath Collections

So hop onto this premium store today and gift yourself a lifetime bed and bath linen experience.

Where: Shop No.8, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1

Shop Name: By Adab

You can also visit their personal website to make the perfect pick.

Don’t forget to thank us later.




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