Anamika Yaduvanshi’s ‘ASTITVA’: A Platform for An Independent Identity

A few days, I came across Astitva, a NGO, reaching out to women of the underprivileged sections, trying to make them capable and independent of living a better life. In the present days of women empowerment and emancipation, many a women are coming out of their domestic shells in order to redefine their lives or attribute their identity a dignified living. However while women of the upper classes or upper middle classes or even the usual middle classes can cross their domestic barriers easily for their education and standards of living, it becomes a problem for the deprived sections of the society.


During my blogging career, I have met various personalities and dignitaries; however the tryst with Astitva and its members had left quite indelible imprints on my memory. Anamika Yaduvanshi, the lady behind this beautiful creation, has tried to bring together the like minded girls who would be keen to ascertain an individual identity. With such inspiring minds as members, Anamika Yaduvanshi’s Astitva seeks to reach out to those girls and women helping them to discover a true identity.


Most of the times, we come across deprived women who due to their inconsistent educational background are not able to attain a financial stability. The result is they have to dependant solely on their husbands or the earning guardian of the family. At Astitva, they are extended a platform to learn vocational skills like crochet crafts, handiworks and other professional skills that would enable them to pitch a source of financial income in the long run.

Anamika Yaduvanshi, a celebrated life coach and Tarot card reader has been able to rekindle a new hope amidst these women by directing their dreams. A glimpse through their works and their indomitable spirits made me understand how privileged we are to enjoy a comparatively smooth and seamless life.


The bag of credits definitely goes to Anamika Yaduvanshi who by her serious and strong efforts have moulded better hopes for these beautiful lives. Astitva has put up exhibitions and their products have received great response. A day in the company of Astitva has been indeed a memorable one witnessing so many hopeful smiles brought about by a super woman like Mrs. Yaduvanshi.


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