My Daily: A Fast and Innovative Meal Replacement Solution For All Those Skipped Lunches or Breakfast

Are you the one who often fails to take a breakfast or a lunch due to demanding work regimes? Does your hectic schedule often prevent you from taking a proper 4 course meal a day? Well, then we have just come across a solution for you.

Since I belong to the aforementioned category, I had been in search of a product that helps me to satiate my hunger as well as does not tale much of time to prepare or consume. Due to my stringent daily routines, I often had to settle down with a bun or a wrap. I knew it wasn’t healthy enough but fate and time didn’t leave behind any more options for me.

And then I chanced to come across this Meal Replacement Shake “My Daily”. A packet filled with health and the fastest solution to you meal skips.


After trying a pack, these were some of the benefits I came along and indeed prompted me to order for some more on Amazon

  1. The Best part of this shake is it is easy and fast to prepare. I presume the preparation time is lesser than even a cup of Maggi. All one needs to do is to pour the contents of the entire packet into a shaker and pour some normal temperature water into the same. Shake it for sometime ( I did it around a span of 15 secs) and it’s ready to consume. For office goers or working moms like me, nothing better than this can suit a hunger pang in the fastest way.
  2. Another recommendable feature I would like to pen down is that though Daily Meal promises to sustain a single meal through one pouch but undoubtedly it has the capacity to replace two meals. I had consumed a bottle for my breakfast and even during lunch hours I did not feel enough hungry to take my lunch. However every metabolism is different and thus the need may be variable.
  3. Comes in two flavours chocolate as well as Vanilla that makes the buyer choose as per their flavors.
  4. Coming to the ingredient detailing, it promises to have no added preservatives and definitely contain a natural colour and undoubtedly free from any sort of transfats.
  5. A pouch priced at 175 INR when a pouch of 115g suffices the hunger for two meals, nothing can be a better economic and healthy option.

And after all these honest reviews of mine, if you want to bag a pouch of My Daily, just knock on to their website or the Amazon link posted above.

Trust me my dear readers, it isn’t going to disappoint you.


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