Kala Drishti: A Truly Deserving Eye For Art

A creator is always known by his/her work of art and undoubtedly a true work of art is timeless in age and nature. Kala Drishti, a brainchild of Ritika Jain and Anjali Jain has truly defined the standards of contemporary art through their array of collections and creations. India still lags far behind than than the other nations in terms of patronizing art. Since art stands to be either unrecognized or unacknowledged as an outlet of creativity, Kala Drishti endeavors to focus on welcoming the several streaks of art and directing the deserved attention and appreciation to different forms of art.

Kala that literally means art and drishti which indicates the sight stands for evoking the eye of interest and appreciation for a true work of art. Though India has geared up in the recent times considering the value of art and artist, however still it is miles behind when it comes to the true recognition of art and artistry. Kala Drishti’s line of art mainly rests on traditional as well as contemporary designs like miniatures, madhubanies as well as Kalamkari paintings. Brought into practice long time back by Raja Ravi Verma and the Bengal School of Artist, the true worth of these styles went unnoticed.


Kala Drishti thus aims to champion art and offer the genre its true value and worth. Built with the creative spirits of a few artists, it is through Kala Drishti that the mother dauighter duo Anjali and Ritika Jain envisions to spread the word of art in its deserving channels. Indeed they are all set to spread this creative buzz through different shops and outlets spread all over.

Hats off to this beautiful line of thought nurtured by the two true patrons of art, Anjali Jain and Ritika Jain.


Anjali Jain has involved in art from childhood.  She used to see forms and figures even on the cracks and spots on the walls and other places too. She used to get flashes of images and situations in her mind at the spur of the movement and get inspired by them. Even today, most of her paintings are a result of these flashes. Her biggest interest is Metaphysics and the search for self.  Her most rewarding posting was in Dilli Haat, where she was the (O.S.D.) looking after the working of the project’s.

It is here, that she was able to use her creative skills, imagination and organize various programs and functions, festivals etc. Which were really appreciated. She is very creative, artistic and a passionate lady.


In 2002, she opted for V.R.S and took an early retirement. She went for formal education and did her masters in history and some management diplomas like advertising and marketing management from FMS and Delhi University diploma in journalism from BVM. After completing her education she has also joined Delhi Tourism. She has attended lots of workshops, appreciation courses and had taken part in exhibitions in galleries like Lalit Kala Academy. (AIFA). She has visited art galleries in places like Paris, Barcelona(Spain), Rome and even Singapore.

Ritika Jain co-trustee of Kala Drishti and the daughter of Anjali Jain, stays in Singapore is a passionate dancer, choreographer, teacher, arts enthusiast, promoter and collector. She is (Bachelor of Arts) in Kathak (an Indian classical dance) from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, India. She has undergone certification courses with Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts and other certifications in western and Indian dance such as SFDF from ACTFA Singapore.


She has received numerous awards in dance and cultural performances. Her teaching experience includes conducting Bollywood and Kathak courses in India and Singapore. Ritika developed interest in art and crafts watching her mother Anjali Jain. Who is passionate about Art. We may say she is vivid, articulate, enthusiastic, who travelled prominent art galleries across the globe and has collected art works from various cultures. She is promoting art works of upcoming artists in India as well. Her passion & experience in visual as well as performing arts puts her in a very unique and strong position to cultivate awareness and an eye for art.

Ritika is a youth icon for so many girls as in a very short time she achieved so much. She has worked in multiple fields and has been successful in them. She has learnt so many dance forms and had received so many awards like Sangeet Prabhakar in Kathak (Indian Classical Dance) from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, India. Best Dancer award from Shaimak Davar Institute of Performing Arts, New Delhi, India.1st prize in Kathakfrom Bhartiya Sanskriti Prerna Sangthan, New Delhi, India.
 1st prize in Kathak from Sangeet Sadhana Sansthan, New Delhi, India and Won numerous awards in dance & cultural competitions

Further, both mother and daughter are planning their own shops and outlets where the works can be displayed, seen and sold. The group also proposes to organize exchange programs for artist as well as tours artists and enthusiasts in India and Abroad. They are determined to achieve the maximum and give the upcoming artists their rightful place in the sun.




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