Mi Air Purifier 2: The Perfect Device For Health-Friendly Homes

With the rising trends in air pollution, it has indeed become difficult to maintain a safe and secured health. Especially when it comes to metropolitan cities like Delhi or Mumbai, the pollution trends seem to be excessively hazardous. Keeping in mind the growing pollution and the risking of lives, Xiaomi has brought forward an innovative smart air purifier that ensures you the best of health eliminating the risks associated with polluted air. The Mi Air Purifier 2 witnessed its launch a few days back in the National Capital and indeed was a stunning piece that proved its credibility for every home in India.

Quoting the words of Hugo Barra, the global Vice-President, “Mi had always believed in making the right product available in the right price” and thus this smart, sleek air purifier is priced at only an amount of 9,999 INR.

Mi’s involvement with the Ecosystem has been established by its sub brand Mi Ecosystem long time back and the Air Purifier 2 is an extension of Mi’s interests with the environment, making it a better and healthier place to live.


Coming to its features, this intelligent device lives up to its smart features. During the launch session of the product, Mr. Hugo had mentioned “It’s not about making a physical product but making the product more intelligent.”

Exclusive Smart Features:

Your smart phone is transformed into a remote by which one can easily exercise a control over the operations of the Air Purifier. The Mi Home App downloadable from Android Play Store or IOS exhibits the complete liberty to keep the purifier working at the tip of your fingers.

In its Auto mode, the purifier is capable enough to adjust its speed as per the quality of the air, thus keeping you free from the hassling changes in settings for the air.

Without any sort of added efforts, the Mi Air Purifier 2 seamlessly is capable of connecting itself to the cloud via Wi-Fi. This feature is facilitated by the Mi Home App, that is the backbone for all sorts of home products from the family of Mi EcoSystem.

With its amazing speed, it takes only 10 mins to circulate purified air in a 21 square metres room.

Moreover, the life of the filter is also determined by the Mi Home App and it by default transmits a reminder when required.

In fact, Xiaomi is the one of its kind smartphone brand that is capable of integrating Air Quality Index into its MIUI Weather App. This means that the air purifier would be capable to measure particulate matter air pollutants sharing diameters of 2.5 microns or even less than that.

The best part of the Air Purifier is it is absolutely kids-friendly without any sort of noise interruptions. With an energy consumption to charge 2 I Phones, approximately 4.8 Watts, this is also super economic and home-friendly. It’s advanced aerodynamics is responsible for its noise reduction and wind resistance. The noise produced by it is as low as 30 decibels making it almost a negligible interrupting affair.


Servicing Possibilities:

Since the product is so smartly made, it indeed shares a very limited scope for servicing possibilities. Therefore the Mi Air Purifier 2 is indeed free from any sort of servicing requirements.

However if in any hypothetical case, any technical or physical issues disrupt the operations of the Purifier, then the unit would be replaced after significant investigation. This entire process would not demand any waiting time since the chances of the failure of such units are almost minimal.


The only limitation that this incredible Air Purifier comes with is that it has a plastic base body that makes it susceptible to scratches easily.

Apart from this, this new product from the family of Mi is indeed an incredible gift for all Indian families where pollution seems to threaten every life.

As per the statistics portrayed by WHO (World Health Organization) almost 22 cities of the World’s most polluted cities are in India and thus it is quintessential to take an initiative in regard to that.

Hugo Barra, Vice President, Xiaomi, said: “Air pollution is becoming an alarming public health concern in India. It is heartening to see more conversation around the situation, but there is still a big gap when it comes to consumer awareness. We believe that we are able to play a role in increasing awareness about air pollution by including AQI data into our MIUI Weather app, and by introducing Mi Air Purifier 2 to India. At this game-changing price, Mi Air Purifier 2 is set to disrupt the air purifier category in India, enabling us to bring these technological innovations to everyone.”

Mi Air Purifier 2 is thus all set to redefine the Indian scenario making it a more pollution-free and health-friendly country without sacrificing too much on the pockets.

For more technical details on the device please check http://www.techtrablog.wordpress.com



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