Sarita Bazaz’s Preview of The Food Affair’s New Festive Menu: A Show That Must Go On

Delhi has always been the land of foodies and perhaps there lies the reason why it is also the home to some of the iconic figures of the food and beverage industry. One such lady is definitely Mrs. Sarita Bazaz and her creative baby “The Food Affairs”. Beginning a journey from a single kitchen, with her culinary skills and her magnificent entrepreneurship abilities, Sarita Bazaz had established her profound catering networks to not only national but also to international destinations. And this time, this master professional presented an exclusive preview of her finely curated gastronomic menu for the upcoming festive and wedding season.


Sarita Bazaz’s name has always been synonymous to class and polished catering and The food extravaganza organized by The Food Affairs indeed turned out to be a reflection of the same. Veda Farms Luxury Wedding Destination, being an ideal venue for the preview was bespoke in not only the hues of celebrations but also versatile in the colours of grandeur. It seemed Sarita Bazaz has mastered the entire art of dinning the hearts of people through her exclusive choice of the flavors of grandeur.

A Tour Through a Luxurious Evening

As you step into this luxurious venue, every nook and corner of it breathed the presence of royalty and unadulterated sophistication. With her enriched experience, Mrs. Bazaz knew that the backdrop plays an essential role during a dining session and thus it was ensured that the venue spoke of unabridged majesty and opulence.


However the beauty of The food extravaganza was not restricted to only the picturesque venue and the showcase of royalty. Indeed The food extravaganza justified its name to the core with versatile and almost ceaseless sessions of sumptuous food. The delectable and versatile range of almost 21 kitchens of India made sure that the guests of the evening enjoyed adequate chances to relish all the exotic flavours as per their taste buds and customised desires.

sb3Nevertheless none of the kitchens ran short of variety since all of them were equipped with a plethora of options to satiate your taste buds to the maximum. An added feature of this exquisite foodie fiesta was indeed the presence of street food variants cooked with absolute hygiene and the purest of ingredients.

The Punch of Health and Taste

The splendor of The food extravaganza is rooted in the fact that every delicacy was crafted with organic ingredients, keeping in mind the health parameters of the guests. A wedding or a festive season can witness guests irrespective of age barriers and thus it is quintessential to club taste and health on the same platter. Unhesitatingly Mrs. Bazaz had achieved the same.

From cuisines of the extreme coast to the delectable of Thaaro Padharo Rajasthan or the mesmerizing royal aromas of the Nawabs, The food extravaganza comprised of everything. Even international cuisines had their exclusive provisions with dimsums, sushis, lasagnes, ricotto and many more to the list. The Food Affairs ensured that there lies each and every access to the most versatile cuisines of the world.


Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

Every memorable food affair is incomplete without the presence of delectable desserts and The food extravaganza boasted of as many as almost 21 variants of desserts. From jalebis to faloodas, rasmalai to gulab jamuns, the desserts list seemed to be never exhausting.


The glorious part of this “culinary magic in a new avtar” was definitely the tantalising array of delicacies that are perfectly eligible for any event of grandiose. Whether it’s a special engagement occasion or a destination wedding or even a festivity, The Food Affairs’ menu is impeccably perfect for execution.


A Journey From A Single Kitchen to A Connoisseur One

It is indeed inspiring and appreciable to see a woman who had sparked off her passion for cooking through hosting an office party of only 100 guests now leaves behind a legacy of finesse and royalty with some amazing curation of culinary delights. It is true that when personal touches of experience and passion infuse with the aromatic flavor’s of an art like cooking, the outcome is indeed extravagant and unparalleled. With meticulous detailing about every food, Raskriti, the baby of Mrs. Bazaz and Arti Kalra ensures that every Food Affair etches a mark of perfection in the minds of their guests. After all, “Atithi Devo Bhavah”.


The preview of the exclusive menu was accompanied by unlimited servings of drinks and beverages and ceaseless sessions of starters with live music made every visitor of the evening murmur in their minds “The Show Must Go on”.




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