BBQ Beach: The Mash of Great Barbeques with the Splash of Exciting Beaches

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bbqbeach12Barbeques and beaches always top the favourite list of party animals. A cozy, serene beach and some hot, grilled, smokey barbeques, nothing better than these can better define your party nights. If Delhi and Delhites had always been in craze for the enthralling party swings at the beach sides, BBQ Beach, a new entrant in the city has made it possible. With colours of the blue waters and flavours of the exotic food trails, BBQ Beach is all set to make a mark in the hearts of the Delhites. So let’s hear some “beachy” gossip about the coolest, sassiest and trendiest foodie beach affair in town.


To begin with as soon as you move into this cool and trendy place, the urban chores and chaos of metropolitan life fade into the background. A peppy affair sparks off with the beautiful beach artefacts and props spread everywhere. The soothing blue seems to rule the ambience and take you through a session of overriding fun and frolic with some foot-tapping music and delicious barbeques served right on your plate.



Beachy Foodie Affairs

The food trail at BBQ Beach started with some soothing mocktails. The Nutty Balls mocktail punched with enriched ingredients like ripe bananas, peanut butter, milk as well as ice was undoubtedly an appetizing sight to the eye and definitely to our treasured foodie tongues. The fine and exquisite mix of the peanut butter and bananas made sure that we look forward to more such sumptuous mocktails from the chef.


My second choice went in favour of a sex and sassy one named “Bikini Oreo Swips”. The love of Oreo and the desire to view this exquisitely named drink made me agree to this and undoubtedly this too like its former one had lived beyond my expectations. Bikinis are not only visual delights, but treats to your taste buds too. 😉

The tryst with food turned out to be equally exhilarating. Starting with the White Grilled fish with Pok ckoy garlic soya and lemon butter prawns proved that the chef has mastered his Barbeque culinary skills to perfection.


The Masala Maggi Pizza and the assorted Sushi platter were irrestible treats for their curated presentation and devised innovation. To witness their expertise in the vegetarian niche, we had some dal tadka, naan and Paneer gravies and yes to our sheer surprise, BBQ Beach has mastered the Desi tastes too.


The spacious and party loaded “beachy” setting is undoubtedly a catalyst to any Barbeque beach freak.

Thanks to Monu Talwar for curating this BBQ masterpiece with the mash and splash of the beach setting.


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