A Saviour For Parents of School Going Children:Shikshasudhar

Are you the one who is tormented by those advance payments of three months for your little child’s school? Do the admission fees and the hassles involved make your child’s schooling a deadened factor? Say Goodbye to Schooling Hassles with http://www.shikshasudhar.com/ at a Nominal Price of 999/year

The first thought that comes to one’s mind after becoming a parent is the proper education of his little one. However getting your child admitted into one of the top-notch institutions also does not ensure that he/she will receive a seamless academic life and herein comes the malpractices or complicated nuances on behalf of the school. Unreasonable practices like charging of huge admission fees, payment of three months’ fees in advance or any other irrational activity on behalf of the school often retard the flow of our finances as parents. However with limited resources and rising anxieties we have no other option than to surrender to circumstances. Here comes a saviour: www.shikshasudhar.com

Schooling Hassles Diminished with http://www.shikshasudhar.com

Om Info Logic LLP has ventured into a completely innovative realm of its kind: Shiksha Sudhar to arrive as an immediate saviour to all those parents who have been overburdened by the malpractices on behalf of the school. This one of its kind website has all its services catered to the parents of Nursery to the 12th Standard keeping in mind the essential hurdles that come during these years of schooling.


The best part of this enlightening website is it is one of its kind. It aims to deliver assistance to those helpless parents who cannot approach the institutions in the fear of getting crushed by overwhelming authorities and financial drawbacks.

www.shikshasudhar.com has an innovative way to help you out. As you register yourself as a parent on this online platform, you not only enjoy an experienced access to information about your rights as parents against the school and also the school’s obligation to you as an institution for education.


In an exclusive bite with Social Connoisseurs, Mr. Manan Vasisht the co-founder of Shiksha Sudhar was of the opinion that this platform is backed by the strength of layers, administrative and legal authorities who will assist each parent to sort out the malpractices executed by any institution. Your solution to your problem is just an e-mail away. With rigorous dedication and endless support from the customer support team, your areas of detestation will finally be resolved.


This brilliant initiative by Om Info Logic LLP was indeed a thoughtful initiative on behalf of parents.

Log onto http://www.shikshasudhar.com/ and register yourself at a nominal price of 999/annum today.


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